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In that crowded bus, I would have never imagined would become aroused and get my mouth fucked by not one but two guys. It was Sunday so was ...

A Hot Bus Ride And The Two Strangers

In that crowded bus, I would have never imagined would become aroused and get my mouth fucked by not one but two guys.

It was Sunday so was going to market to see if there are new books arrived. My tight jeans showed my curvy butts they aren’t that curvy but well if you see it, you might like it. I boarded the bus, it was crowded and I have seen most of the buses today like that maybe due to Sunday. It was jam packed and somehow the ticket collector comes and takes the ticket, I said to myself “lucky guy, get to caress everyone and still demand money”. So another hour or so I will be stuck here, the traffic in this city is growing at alarming rate. I put on my headphones and stood there, one hand clasping the upper bar and another resting on it.

Suddenly I felt something hard against my butt; I ignored it and adjusted myself so that it won’t happen again. After two minutes it repeated and now I felt a tinge of feelings thinking it is a big one. I turned and gave the guy a smile, which is nothing but an encouragement. Others were dozing and some were too busy to see around so the thrill of public sex made me too aroused and I started to push my ass to his cock.

To confirm I took my right hand and caressed it and a jerk of current flow through me. It must be bigger than 7” I thought and my cock twitched for that sensational thoughts. I rubbed it for minutes and then let him dry hump me.

He was enjoying and I too was enjoying, you don’t get these kinds of chances to be loved by a stranger. He having big dick was a bonus and I thought this ride would never end. After an hour or so I felt my crotch area being wet with precum and I am sure he was damn wet too. If there was nobody I would have sucked him right there might have bend over also. With a jerk, the bus stops and I come to my senses and looked around. Everybody seems to have a good sleep and now they are alert. So I wished he won’t hump for a while, a bead of sweat drop caressed my cheek and fell onto the floor of the bus.

The conductor was yelling to give space to people who are getting down and it was pretty intense. Suddenly the guy who stood behind me held my hand and dragged me to the door. I was dazed and just followed him to the door and we were the last to get down from the bus. I wished no one saw the wet spot on my jeans. I was looking at him and he was looking at his watch. He was handsome, no mustache and had red lips. I thought, he must have used a lipstick. He was average not a greek god but I wasn’t interested in his body, his dick already enchanted me and all I need is only a signal to go on my knees and suck him. He introduced me and we exchanged our number and few courtesy questions. Ugh, now he is not a stranger, he said he was attracted to my butt and he just had the hunch that I might be into men and he was pretty damn right about it.

He took me to his room which was a walkable distance from the bus stop. I looked around and the area was bit posh. He was living in a two bhk flat, the flat was maintained well. He welcomed me and handed me a glass of water, I needed that. Gulping water I surveyed around and found out that he wasn’t alone who lives there and he is earning well too. After about ten minutes of me lounging around, he comes back from his room but there is another figure accompanying him. He had a mustache and was already half naked. His chest was hairy and flat. Seem this new guy is working out and maintains a diet.

I sat on the couch and the next thing I heard made me shiver as well arouses me.

“strip for us babe”

Wow, it was requested yet I felt it as a command. I obliged and shyly started to remove my clothes. They were pro’s so they insisted me to move my body around and remove clothes one by one slowly. I never done it but being ordered and being in control of other person was my fantasy and here I had two. I moved my waist and unbuttoned my shirt, showing little at a time. I was smooth and got small man boobs. I teased them squeezing it and then circling my index finger around my nipples.

They were enjoying and my eyes went to their crotch areas and I could see a tent. I was anxious to see those cocks. I stood there stark naked displaying my skin to tow hungry people who are looking at my body as if I am a freshly made ice cream. They had many requests like to spread the cheeks and show them my hole, stroke cock slowly, squeeze my boobs, lick my finger with my precum etc. I enjoyed all but I was getting desperate inside to have their cock in my mouth.

One of them got up and came close to me, his big cock dangling inside the shorts, the site was mouth-watering and I did lick my lips to make the wet to get ready. He pushed me down and I slide the short. Without waiting for a sex I started to suck his cock like I cock hungry sucker. I was aroused so much that my cock was hard and was dripping with the precum. I enjoyed his cock and then the other guy came and I rubbed him on the short. He was the guy who humped me earlier and was waiting for his cock to go into my mouth. I left the other guy and slide his shorts and was shocked to see a curvy big cock of 8 inches. My jaws dropped seeing it and I pounced on it. My saliva was dripping and I could resist sucking him. The other guy came in and shoved his cock in my mouth. It was the first time to take two cocks in my mouth and they were pretty happy the way I did it.

They kept fucking my mouth one by one and at times two. After an hour or so their balls stiffened and their fresh warm cum sprayed on my face. The only thing I felt was a satisfaction and I wanted more of their cocks. I sucked both limps cocks till they said go clean yourself slut, we have more things to try now.

Swaying my ass I went to the bathroom.

“what a sexy ass that is. This slut is prize catch” was the last thing I heard before closing the door of the bathroom.

Ps: it’s a fiction and would love to hear your comments on here or on here
— > and will try writing next part.