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Hey guys and girls, This is Rahul from Chennai, writing about a true incident that happened recently, about 2 weeks ago. I am a 26-year-old ...

A Noon Of Passion With Hot Neighbor

Hey guys and girls,

This is Rahul from Chennai, writing about a true incident that happened recently, about 2 weeks ago. I am a 26-year-old guy with a good, athletic body (kept up by regular workouts) and a long and thick cock. I work in a web portal in Chennai, and any girls/ladies interested in meeting, please feel free to mail me at :) coming to my story, having been a fan of iss stories for over a year now and seeing people with such exhilarating experiences.

I often used to wonder and hope that a similar incident should happen in my life. The answer to my prayers came in the form of Kavitha, my neighbor angel who moved into my apartment 3 months ago. She is a 30-year old doctor who looks at least 10 years younger, with a fair complexion and a slender body to die for. It all started with a string a co-incidences when we used to run into each other while going to work or coming back, often in the elevator, and we would formally greet each other.

One day, I volunteered to help her out with a few shopping bags she was carrying home.

Kavitha: thank you so much! I am sorry but (chuckling) I don’t anything about you apart from your name.

Me: (smiling) I live on your floor and work in sales, which means I need to sell my soul on a daily basis. (we both laughed) all settled in with the moving?

Kavitha: yes almost, just my daughter is finding it a little difficult as she is just starting her school…kindergarten. My husband is an investment banker and he is away for half the month in the Bahamas, but it was pretty much solo work for me, moving in!

Me: ha ha! You should have asked me and I would have helped for sure.
Kavitha: actually, I might need your help moving a little furniture, are you free tomorrow? My husband is away and I could really use a hand. Hope I won’t spoil your Sunday!

My mind went spinning with a million fantasies, but all I could say was,
Me: of course sure! Ahem..Not a problem at all (not trying to sound too enthusiastic) I will drop by around noon?

(we reached our floor, got out of the lift and exchanged numbers) while she was typing my number onto her phone, I could see her perfectly shaped cleavage and droplets of sweat running down them. She was dressed in a beautiful saree and her hips were shown well, perfectly complimenting her boobs that were literally bulging put. I got an instant hard-on which formed a tent, even in my jeans. She briefly saw it and turned her eyes away, with a silent grin.

Kavitha: perfect! I will see you then! O by the way, do you eat non-vegetarian?

Me: ha ha, yes I do, why do you ask?

Kavitha: ‘cause my daughter at my mother’s and it will just be the two of us for lunch tomorrow. (smiling)

I replied in the affirmative and went directly to my room that day, hardly speaking to my parents, reading as many iss stories as I could which had “neighbor” in their titles and jerked off thrice thinking about my sweet Kavitha that night.

I could hardly wait for the clock to strike 1 pm when I found myself ringing her door bell, after having made suitable excuses (friend’s birthday lunch) to my parents for stepping out. She opened the door and there my angel stood in a black saree, which made no effort to hide her voluptuous boobs and hips. “come in and just lock the door no..”, she said and turned around, wiggling her tight, firm ass as she went to the kitchen. She brought back some lemonade for the both of us and I quickly got to work, helping her move her dining table, chairs, etc., while moving, I deliberately, but casually brushed her ass with my dick and she gave little or no response. I took it as a green signal and got a little bolder, holding her arm when speaking or wiping off the non-existent dust off her hair and face, to feel her completely. She seemed to enjoy it, till a call came from her husband and it was as if she was jerked back to reality.

She finished the call and looked at me, her eyes telling a tale of war between lust and loyalty, between me and her husband. She became a little self-conscious after that and we finished work, ate lunch (throughout which she made little conversation) and sat down to talk on the sofa, mere inches from each other. She looked a little sad and I gently placed a hand on tip of her thigh asking her what was wrong. She kept telling hospital stories of her patients and I came closer to her and in an uncontrollable moment of passion, kissed her tightly on the lips. She pulled herself from her and glared at me, but did not utter a single word. She took my hand and slowly looked up to my face saying:
Kavitha: I can’t choose between you and my husband.
I came closer to her, kissed her again and said “you don’t have to, you can have the best of both worlds”

These words from my mouth triggered off her suppressed libido and she pulled me closer and started kissing me wildly. We were sucking from each other’s lips and exchanging saliva like wild animals. I started kissing her on her neck and she started moaning, letting her saree fall to the ground. I undid her blouse and took off her bottom, leaving her in just a bra and underwear. She grinned naughtily and quickly helped me take off my t-shirt and jeans. She put her hand on the bulge in my underwear, slowly feeling it and then pulled my last remaining piece of clothing off, revealing my hard and stiff cock. She stared at it with greedy eyes and then wasted no time as she started sucking on it effortlessly and licking my balls from time to time, drenching them in her saliva. I started moaning heavily, and just when I was about to cum, I bent down, picked her up and undid her bra. The feel of her soft, juicy boobs with erect nipples, against my bare and hairy chest, was the best feeling in the universe. I slowly went down and took off her panty, revealing a perfectly trimmed pussy waiting to be eaten.

Me: time to return the favor. You were quite prepared, weren’t you?
Kavitha: (moaning heavily with closed eyes) always, dear.

I ran my tongue over the outline of her pussy, slowly teasing her with entering the glory hole. She held my hair on the head tight and kept saying “yes, yes.Please”. I finally inserted my whole mouth into her pussy: licking, drinking and eating to my satisfaction. Her pussy juices were so sweet and bitter at the same time, and I kept licking until she climaxed and spurted out a whole load literally onto my tongue, which I drank happily. I slowly went up and hugged her tight, enjoying the warmth of our bodies against each other. She held my cock slowly and lead me to her bedroom. We were on the bed in no time and I suddenly remembered…

Me: I forgot my condom at home, shall I rush and get it and come back??
Kavitha: (slowly pulling my head to hers) I am on the pill sweetie, don’t worry.

I slowly inserted my cock into her pussy and while caressing her boobs with my hands and kissing her lips madly. We both made such loud, moaning noises and were totally lost in the ecstasy of the moment. I started moving up and down, feeling her pussy’s wet warmth all around my dick and we both were moving our bodies rhythmically to match each of our fucking movement while kissing any part of each other we could get. We were sweating so much but didn’t care. It was as if, all my body was receiving an overdose of sensations and then we finally cummed, matching each other perfectly at the same time.It was like our bodies exploded and we were in heaven..We both gave out long, guttural sounds at the end and dropped back on the bed, resting for 10 minutes in silence with loving glances and passionate kisses. She ran her tongue through my body while I gently tweaked her nipples and played with her navel. She caught a chest hair of mine in her tongue and spat it out naughtily, and smiled like a little cute teenage girl.

Me: (smiling naughtily) another round?

Kavitha: (smiling back) I thought you will never ask.

After that, we spent three hours on the bed in 69, reverse cowgirl and missionary sex positions, progressively enjoying the next one better than the previous. I returned home that day and knew that this was a relationship that would grow, and I am being proved right even now, as I receive texts from her when her husband is away, saying “furniture-moving day today :)”, and then you can guess what we do for fun, on that day.

Hope you all enjoyed my story and I will also write more on other categories, depending on the support I get for this one. And like I said before, any girls or ladies wanting to reach out to me, please feel free to mail me at jabberlord2297@gmailcom; and we will catch up for some fun!