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Hi ISS Readers and Members. Myself SuryaRaj,Age:23,Middle Class Person From Coimbatore. My Any auntie...

A Social Service Via Sex

Hi ISS Readers and Members. Myself SuryaRaj,Age:23,Middle Class Person From Coimbatore. My Any aunties or divorced women or girls who are starving great for a satisfied sex can contact me via my email. I will be available all the time. I’m currently working for a computer company and by the time in satisfying the above mentioned ladies very secretly. All those type of ladies can contact me if you want a confidential and satisfactory sex.

And the root cause for my services to the married women and divorcees started in my childhood. Because during my childhood all of our family members that is me my father and mother will be sleeping in the same room, Thinking that im slept my parents will have most erotic sex in that same room itself. On one day as usual while they are having sex I woke up and saw that. From that time onwards I had an intention towards sex. When I reached my 10th standard public exam in 2005 my sex journey started. Let me tell about my body im a normal coloured person with a damn fat 6″ dick and also im a heighty one.

Let me go into the story. During the study holidays before the public exam I Used to study in my neighbour’s house. That neighbour she is my first sexmate. Her name is madhu. She is white in colour with a nice big glowy boobs which will be very attractive even dressed or undressed. She used to wear normal dresses. She is a divorcee. I forgot to say, this incident happened in Coimbatore and now also im in Coimbatore. I donno how she managed to live without her sexual needs satisfied. During the second day of my study leave it’s a rainy day. And it was the evening time. I was just revising the subjects lessons and madhu told that she will be going to the veggie shop nearby and come back. When she came back her dress was fully covered by dirty water. I asked her why its dirty for that she said a car while going through the road near the shop just made the stagnant water to be sprayed over her. After saying this she said that she will clean herself and come. So I came to hall and then sat in a chair.

After long time I doubted that why its taking so long time for her to clean and went to her bedroom it was closed partially and when I tried to open the door she asked me that can I come and clean the dirt on her back side since she was unable to clean that. I said ok and she switched off the light. Even though the light is switched off I closed my eyes and went near her and started cleaning. Because of the cool climate she tried to switch off the fan but accidentally switched on the light. In that light I saw her back side with few water droplets in her bareback that made me aroused and I hugged her tightly. Since I was wearing only my track trouser and a light t-shirt she also felt my hot body and got aroused. Then I smooched on her back and neck for a long time.

After that she turned towards me and we shared our lips via a kiss for long time. That kiss was very forceful and that aroused my dick and her totally. Then I licked all over her bare body. After that I made myself completely nude. By seeing my very fat,thick and 6″ dick she came and took it in her mouth to make it more strong. Then the blowjob for my dick by her mouth went on for 10 minutes. After that I got a strong dick. Then she said to lick her pussy. Even though she is a divorcee and not had sex for 5 yrs she maintained her pussy in a very clean manner. Keeping my two hands on her two fully aroused boobs and pressing it, I started to lick and suck her pussy in a very hard and forceful manner. And moreover she using her hands spreaded her pussy wide open in order to pave me a way to get better and deep access into her pussy. So that I inserted my tongue into her pussy deeply. And used my lips on her outer part very hardly.

She was moaning intensely in pleasure that surya this is more super than fucking with dick my pleasure is getting bigger and bigger than this earth. Adding to it she just moved up down like doing crunches in gym since she s not able to get hold of the ecstasy. This gone for 15 mins with her moans like “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh come on come on this is greattttttttttttttttttttttt”. She came and while she came I just took a sip of her love love juice and that tasted good. After the she told your licking and sucking was so good than fucking with dick. She and myself even don’t know that my fucking with dick will be more ecstatic and pleasureful than licking.

Its now time for kick ass. She spreaded her legs and then her already wet pussy with her hands. I just placed my dick on the entrance of her pussy and rubbed it hard. That created a current shock in me and her. So I decided it to do for 5 mins and done that. That made her to have her second orgasm and this time she exploded her cum in a large amount.

Then I inserted my strong rock hard dick inside her slowly slowly. In 1minute my dick completely went inside her pussy. After that I kept my dick inside her pussy as such for 5 mins and done lip kiss and the hard boob press to her In order to arouse her hardly since she had two orgasms hardly.

Then after arousing her I slowly started moving in and out. Her expressions went very horny,hot and hard after sometime. She whispered that come on surya slow and steady increase the speed come on come on you are making me so horny you are making me so ecstatic. Its very pleasureful da come on do it do it. I done the slow fucking for 7 minutes and then suddenly with one hard stroke as a start I just in a rapid moment started to increase my speed. Its like 3 strong strokes in a second.

She then again started to do the gym crunches due to her inability to bear the ecstasy. Her moaning got louder and louder. She told do it daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its very happy happy do ittttttttt. Then in a few seconds she came with a loud moaning and a great explosion of her love juice. After 15 minutes of speedy fucking and in one final hard strong stroke I exploded in her that is I poured my nourishing whitey loads of cum inside her.

Then I asked her about the danger of coming inside her for that she told I will take pills you don’t worry. Then after that I took out my dick outside. Then covered her whole big right boob with my mouth and started rubbing hardly the nipple of her boob with my tongue. With the right hand I was finger fucking her in a speedy manner with my middle finger. And with the other hand I was squeezing the other boob hardly. In this ecstasy she was shaking her body rapidly. This went for 10 minutes and then again she had a hard orgasm.

Few minutes later we lip kissed again hardly for 10 minutes. And then I told her that this is time for another ecstasy. Hearing this she nodded her head like saying ok. Then I inserted my middle finger deep inside her pussy reaching the inner end. And I placed my thumb on the upper part outside her pussy. That is the opening for urine. After that I started rubbing my middle finger in the inside wall and the upper part using my thumb. I was doing it hardly. After 15 minutes of rubbing she came again.

Finally we kissed hardly again each other hardly. And she told that I will give you a very satisfactory pleasure if you keep this secret and confidential and then you should also focus on your studies well. This is like a great help or service you do it to me. Because sex is one of the greatest tool for one’s good health. Its like a exercise. You have done only 75% of a couple’s real sex but later if you do your exam well and win in it. Later I will teach you remaining in that. But im astonished your 75% is giving me much pleasure. Then if u r 100% means it will be much more great.

After that I returned to my revision. And done my exam well. When my result came she congratulated me and gave me another day to satisfy her and me as well. After well we continued to have our sex sessions frequently from my college first year. She introduced me to the other women in Coimbatore like her whose life are like desert without this sex. I gave pleasure to them also but by wearing condom. With her only she takes the precautions not me. And also with the other woman i gave the multiplied orgasms like 10 per sex session. Still they ask for my service when needed. I hope you all got quite interested with my story.

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