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Hi, Friends, this is Rohan here my email id is I am 32 male Mumbai I am 5’7 fair I love to travel around the world.thi...

A Trip To Australian Heaven

Hi, Friends, this is Rohan here my email id is I am 32 male Mumbai I am 5’7 fair I love to travel around the world.this experience happened when I made a trip with few of my cousins and their cousins to New Zealand And Australia.

We were 5 of us my cousin Rahul and his wife Devika and his cousin brother Abhay and his wife Krupali we are all of the same age approx one two years here and there. This trip was planned at my cousins Rahul’s residence he had a house party at Devika’s birthday and we planned to go to Australia New Zealand.

This story is about me Rohan and Krupali how I got attracted to her and vice versa and we had it.We reached Mumbai airport met each other Devika my cousin’s wife was looking very hot and Krupali was too sweet innocent looking.i some how like sweet innocent women. We met up then checked in and as it was the start of a holiday started boozing at the bar. All men and women drank and started cracking jokes. Jokes were cracked on me being single not getting married etc. To which I said I didn’t find anyone like Devika and Krupali na so it’s hard we all started laughing.

Slowly we all entered the flight Rahul and Devika together got a seat and me Abhay and Krupali got a seat together. I had a window seat and Krupali in Middle and Abhay on the other side. As we all settled and the flight took off I noticed the way Krupali was looking at me and I Just looked at her to which she started looking down. It was quite late 3.30am I had so much Vodka was a little high looking at Sweet Krupali I was almost turned on she was tooo sweet and innocent with her hair strands of hair coming on her face and me single lonely just wanted to peck her sweet cheeks. She was even looking at me Trying to hide my eye contact. I was all turned on a bit I removed my blanket and spread it to get a bit cozy she even opened her blanket and smiled a little saying it’s too cold. Her husband fell asleep I put some music on my phone and my ear phones and started hearing some slow songs.

Again I noticed Krupali noticing me and I asked her whether she wanted hear music too. She just nodded yes to which I pushed one ear phone in her ears and other in mine. I was hearing “everything I do I do it for you – Bryan Adams ” The wire was little short hence I adjusted little closer to her so she could be more comfortable hear music. Incidentally I touched her bust with my elbow and they were so so soft I can’t tell you I just couldn’t move my hand from there. She even moved slightly more closer making my elbow moving on her bust. This went on and I enjoyed it completely.

Her eyes were getting closed when I pushed a little more than usual in her boobs.I became so hot I wanted to kiss her but controlled my self just saw she fell asleep hence I got closer to her and planted a kiss on her forehead.

After a while, I saw her hand moving on my thighs I loved the feeling acted as though I was asleep. She touched my penis from above not really pressing but feeling it got rock hard. It I acted I was fast asleep. my elbow took control

Of her boobs and pressed it on towards my body slowly she was fully turned on and kept her head on my shoulder.We actually fell asleep like this till morning woke up and smiled a little as though nothing happened.

We reached Auckland with one changing flight. The weather was just Amazing.The couples both hugged their spouses I was left alone looking at that both girls came and hugged me together. We went to the hotel checked in had some snacks it was almost evening we didn’t go very far just was walking down the road here and there. Krupali was looking just amazing as sweet as a teenager I just was getting attracted to her with every hour. We finally all sat there to have wine at some open cafe. We started discussing all old school days college days past gfs and bfs etc Krupali asked me what about you didn’t you have any girl friend to which I said no,I said I was too quiet a person those days and didn’t really have any affair. Devika just pulled my cheek and said your too sweet roh you need to get hooked up can’t see you so lonesome. The wine had started working with everybody all were red because of the cold and overall it was fun I caught Krupali Starring at me again and I knew some kind of attraction she is building up for me.

She is 5’3 very sweet long hair black and nice greenish black eyes her features were amaZing she had that so called Cuteness she never used loud colour lipsticks very classy skin pink colours looking like just a gloss she wore clothes like grey and beige with earthy charcoal blue denims and short skirts where her nicely waxed legs were flashed she was very sweet over all she didn’t have very big busts she was 34 I guess nice slim waist line 26 approx very innocent. I was so turned on after having 4 glasses of wine that I decided to go to the hotel and take some rest on my bed. I told everyone that I just feel like lying down on my bed hence leaving from there will meet you ll soon immediately Krupali said guys even I am

Damn tired wanna rest for a while Roh I am Coming with you to the hotel Abhay said fine you ll carry on we’ll Be here for at least an hour or two we haven’t come here to be in the hotel rooms.
We started walking towards the hotel she smiled little and looked at me I didn’t know how to react I was tooo turned on that time. I smiled back and just gilded her hand this was so automatic and unintentional but it just happened may be. Excuse of the wine. She immediately pressed my hand and so did I we came closer and walked like couples. As we changed the road and turned there weren’t people as Auckland Is scarcely populated I just turned her on the tree branch and started kissing her hugging her tight she immediately responded with my kisses and we started breathing high I kissed her earlobes her neck her cheeks I caressed her back under her tshirt under her bra strap she closed her eyes we started smooching for at least 5 mins deep intense like never before we were so lost that we forgot everything in the world I hugged her tight post which kissed her on her forehead and walked towards the hotel.

I invited her to my room we were both so turned on as we entered we smooched for 5 more minutes she took my lower lips in her mouth and sucked for 3 mins it was my best kiss ever. I started opening her Tshirt and caressed my hands on her boobs I pulled it off and started sucking her nipples small and perky cute.I lifted her pushed her on my bed and opened her jeans pulled her panties down.

She didn’t utter a word she wanted it so badly she wore a skin colour panty and bra strap I just opened all my clothes and slept on her pulled my comforter and we had amazing sex for half an hour I pushed in her she was so tight and so nice she moaned a little and we smooched on every moan she had tears in her eyes she feel in love with me.

We cleaned up wore our clothes and I told her to go to her room in case her husband comes she never said a word just came closer kissed my lips and said love you and walked off.

This was the best sex I had ever experienced hence wrote a story here any one who wants to be loved can mail me on