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Hi, guys, this is Amity from Chennai. Not a native guy, but forced to live my life here on earnings. Let me go to the story straight. I met ...

A Trip To Ecr Late Night For Adventure

Hi, guys, this is Amity from Chennai. Not a native guy, but forced to live my life here on earnings. Let me go to the story straight. I met this girl named Swetha at my office, we were doing great at our first few meetup and quickly started to share equal spaces with each other.

One fine day at the office we were discussing films and up came the film 50 shades of gray. Neither of us saw the film previously, and we started to discuss on finding time to watch it together. To be frank we had just thought it would be a good romantic love story.

One fine day right after office hours, I told her that I’ve got a surprise. She was exited at first and I slowly whispered that I’ve got the film downloaded and saved in my mobile. I did own a car with an awesome music system. So just after office hours we had dinner and parked it near our pg in omr and started watching the film together.
Right at the end of the film, neither of us spoke a word. We were maintaining deep silence, and I opened up the word. To my surprise, we both were equally horny to be dominated by each other. She slowly opened up on her nude adventures she had during her childhood, where she would keep her dress aside and used to roam around naked in the terrace and finding natural air.

I asked her whether she do that even after growing up and recently. She replied she always had her exhibitionist thoughts and flashing around but she had never tried any for the recent years as she was not having any private time in her pg and room.

It was never too late to do crazy stuff and it all depends on our age and arousals. I quickly gave her a game plan. And it follows like this.

I’m supposed to act as gray for next few hours. And she is to obey all my rules. We planned to get rid of the traffic areas and reached the ECR road in my car. A bliss would be at night time. I asked her to remove her dress and to remain in her undies. She hesitated at first, but slowly she came into the mood and started to strip. I was having a tuff time focusing on the road and to see her getting undressed. In the next few minutes, she was ready in her bra and panties. We came across few two-wheelers and buses and she started to feel relaxed and completely chill. Now came the moment, I asked her to remove the last piece of clothing and to put them in the back seat. To my surprise, she did it without hesitating. Now she was fully nude, with her 34b cup size breast in full view to me. Yet to look deep at her hairy pussy.

For the next half an hour we drove slowly, having dirty talks and sharing our sex fantasies with each other until I found a dark part of the road where there were no road lights. I decided to stop my car and play a small prank. I dared her to step out of the car, go around and get back in totally nude. She was shocked. I reminded that she would listen to all my commands and to obey them. Right after she decided to take up the adventure, I unlocked the doors. Waiting for the right time where they were no vehicles around. She just opened the door lock and stepped out completely nude, I had a good chance to view her entity naked body even at that dim lights. I asked her to close the door, quickly run around the car as get back. Just after she closed the door and started to come around the car nude, I locked the doors. When she thought everything was under control and Came near the door to open it, there comes the surprise. I lowered the window a bit to see her blush.

“Hey what the hell are you doing” she screamed.

“Just enjoy the situation honey, you said you love to roam around naked”, I replied.

“Ok it’s enough I want to get back in” she replied In a low voice.
Since I didn’t find any vehicles coming near us, I quickly got down and went near her.

“Amity what are you doing,” she asked

“I just wanted to see the complete view, won’t you show me” I replied in a calm manner.

She stood there, with her left arms crossed over her breasts and right arm covering her pussy, totally naked in an empty highway.
I said, “if you love it then why don’t we go for a little walk”
She replied, ” no way, please let me in, this is enough for today”
Right then we noticed a vehicle coming from a long distance. She urged to get back in, and I slowly asked her for a small kiss and I would unlock the doors. She was jumping on her feet, started shivering, afraid of the coming vehicle and she had no way than to accept my offer. I knew she wouldn’t resist nor get angry over me. She slowly came near me and kissed me on my lips, still covering her private parts and a great start for a romantic future. The lights from the vehicle are nearing us and when they were about a 200 meters near, I unlocked the doors. She jumped in the car quickly and slammed the doors, giggling.

I came around and entered the driver side when the other vehicle flew across us at great speed.

“With that speed, I’m sure that they wouldn’t have noticed you even if you’re standing naked on the roadside,” I said
“May be next time” – she replied

We were laughing and having fun at what happened and I planned for the next thrilling task for her. And it goes like this.

“You got to walk with me at least 50 meters away from the car, totally naked, and come back without covering your breasts or pussy. If you do so and try to cover, the walk would extend up to the next 50 meters. And everything is to be right on the highway over the tarmac”
Her eyes went wide and smiling. “I’m in” – she replied without any hesitation.

To be continued in next part, based upon the reviews.
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