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Hello, Thank you for all my readers for suggestions and feedbacks. Getting a lot of mails, thank you all. I am here with my another real lif...

Becoming A Slave To A Couple

Thank you for all my readers for suggestions and feedbacks.
Getting a lot of mails, thank you all.
I am here with my another real life incident, hope you like it and give your feedbacks at or kik – swapnilfun.

So starting the story,
I stay in Mumbai and just completed my engineering.I was traveling in Mumbai metro and going for some work.

Everyone knows how crowded mumbai is and how crowded are trains and metros.So I was going to andheri at a peak time and it was full crowded and was getting jam packed and I was standing and after 2 stations it became more crowded and there was this guy who came behind me, as it was crowded so we get touched by others and evrything.

So his name was rajat ,he was in 40s and he was behind me.As it was getting crowdier I was not able to move and he was behind me.
He suddenly started touching my ass.

Let me tell to you about me, I am good looking, cute looking guy, fair skin, average build, and nice round ass, bisexual guy.

So he was standing behind me and started touching my ass and grabbing it.Initially I resisted him and then due to more rush he was taking advantage of it and started grabbing my ass again.This was turning me on, he was grabbing my ass pressing my ass nicely and I was getting aroused by this, because I have been with guys but dominated mostly.

So for few minutes he did that and then he asked for my number which I gave him and he told me to stay online and I left the train as I reached my destination.

Within few minutes from where I left the train, I received a message on my WhatsApp and he told me his name, we had few chat and messaged me to come to his place.

His name was Rajat, in the 40s and average build.

So after getting his message I went to his place, it was nice well furnished apartment and he was married to a gorgeous wife Anjali.
Her age was about 38 and he was 42.

So I rang the door bell and Anjali opened the door and she was damn hot and sexy with big boobs and ass to die for.Thought she was not fair, she was dusky but heavenly figure.

She greeted me and I went in and I sat on couch with rajat already sitting their.So we had normal chat and we were having drinks, I just have cold drinks and while serving by anjali it fall on my pants.So to wash anjali took me to washroom and she herself started washing and started to grab my cock and press it hard, I was getting excited.
Then she told that’s what you are here for and I was shocked that she knows about this.

So she undressed me completely and ordered me to sit on my knees and kneel down and lick her feet.

I started licking her feet naked and she told me to follow her to bedroom on my legs like a dog and I went behind her and in bedroom her rajat was standing naked with his nice 8 inch big and thick cock and anjali ordered me to suck him hard while she was kissing him and slapping my round ass.

Rajat told Anjali isn’t that ass great to have fun with.
I have been with bisexual couples but never been a slave and also never been fucked in my ass.

So I was sucking rajat and he was choking me, deep throating me and I was liking to suck his cock hard, I sucked him for about 20 minutes then anjali came to me and slapped me and told me to lick her feet, she was lying on bed.

I started licking her feet and slowly she ordered me to come up and lick her pussy and maker her squirt, while she was sucking rajat.
I was in heaven her pussy was sexy brown and I love to lick pussy and ass, I licked her pussy and fingered her hard and she squirted and got orgasm while in between rajat had already came on her boobs, she ordered me to clean her boobs by licking his cum from them and rajat ordered me to swap cum with anjali .

I had never ever done it so I licked cum and cum swapped with anjali and kissed her with both of our mouth filled with rajats cum.
As both had an orgasm they both started to play with my ass.
They started fingering my ass hole grabbing my ass, pressing it hard, slapping it as my ass is round and sexy they liked it very much and then anjali came near my face and told me to lick her ass clean while rajat was just slapping my ass and I was loving it.

Then rajat came near the face and I was sucking his cock again, deep throating and he was slapping me and my ass hard and spanking it and I was feeling like a slut.

While Anjali had gone for some time and then she returned and also was playing with my ass and fingering it.

As I was sucking his cock, suddeny I felt something rubbing on my ass and I saw it was anjali with a strap on of about 10 inches and thick was rubbing on my ass hole,

I told her I have never done this and I am anal virgin ,I pleaded her not to, but she was not going to listen and she started to insert in my tight virgin ass hole and rajat was deep throating my mouth.
She fucked me hard, by using a lube and then rajat went behind her and was fucking her and so the position was anjali was fucking me and at the same time rajat was fucking her and he came inside her pussy, she stopped fucking me and told me to clean her pussy and as rajat was done and tired he went to bed and slept.

I cleaned her pussy and asked if she’s was done she said no and again started fucking my ass, she was fucking me wildly and spanking my ass hard.

Then she was done and again ordered me to lick her whole body.
I licked her full body from her face to armpits, then sucked her boobs, licked her navel, her pussy, her ass, her feet and then fingered her and gave her an orgasm.

Then she was also tired and she said now I am done and she went to sleep and I also slept.

Then after some time we got up and they told me that they enjoyed a lot and want me to be their slave, I accepted it and now they both dominated me regularly together as well as alone when they want.

Will share more incidents ahead.
Thank you.

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