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So little bit about me !!!! To begin with, I have been a regular reader of Indian sex stories and love some of the stories posted here(mainl...

Best Train Fuck With A Damsel

So little bit about me !!!!
To begin with, I have been a regular reader of Indian sex stories and love some of the stories posted here(mainly in English).

I am not the guy that would objectify woman but actually worship their body but yes I do love beautiful woman life all guys in life…..I am 26/5-10 /well to do/fair/medium to long hair/ medium built and finally 7inches of cock from Mumbai…..I am well read as well as spontaneous at most times …However, I do become speechless on seeing and amazingly hot woman but fun to be around in general. Anyone wants to know me can hit me up on jsammy2134@gmail.Com.

So now coming to the story… I was traveling from Kolkata to Mumbai and booked the ticket at the last moment so got a waiting e-ticket to Mumbai…Which was ridiculously useless …..So I anyhow needed to reach Bombay boarded the 2nd a/c compartment. In the beginning, the tte refused for a ticket so some time passed being strong headed and adamant I stayed at the place and sad at one of the vacant berths…..It was a side berth and there… As time passed near Kharagpur people started entering and after a while when the train was about to leave this amazingly gorgeous sexy girl entered and came near my seat and asked if it was my seat knowingly with an evil smile….

I explained her my situation and agreed to let me sit until things settled down…

About Naina (name changed): she was like in her early 20’s 36-24-36 / milky white skin/ also she was wearing a baby pink crop top as well as3/4th blue skirt which was unique and literally sexy as hell ….It was like an instant boner situation and literally, the beautiful sight of her made me speechless…..And her voice was seducing as hell…Her face had black eyes, round and voluptuous lips

So first we just got to know each other but as few minutes went by she got her train clothes out as well as a face wash from her bag as she had directly come from a meeting and was going to Bombay for a conference … Then she bent to keep her luggage under her seat showing her fuller curvy ass as well as a little peek of her sexy titties….So being a similar line we started chatting about stuff from singers too …Corporate bullshit….Etc …. Slowly I did notice her legs touching my thighs as she got comfy like it was her couch and I was like damn I will have a very hard boner soon and we started laughing, was like the dammm band was going good and we had dinner …..Later the tte came so they pushed me to a regular compartment and told to settle there so then (I was like damn tte and cursing him in my mind) but then the tt said will confirm my ticket later and the night passed.

In the meantime, I realized I forgot to take her no….It was whole night but no seat sadly …..Finally at 10 in morning got a seat for few hours and exhausted as wake an all nighter …So decided to crash anyway….
Now the main story starts it was around 2 and I noticed her passing by so said what the hell just let me try!!!!

I went by her seat and offered her some Nescafe…. Well, she gladly accepted and we start chatting again but this time was naughty as well as curtains were closed and she said she was tired so could not change up and stayed in the same dress ….And she was sexy as hell and I started flirting with her a bit …..And to my surprise, she flirted back and it just made fucking hard as hell and did not know what to say as I wore tracks in the night with a t-shirt and no undergarments….We chuckled and I kissed her instantaneously (which is not normally me) but she was one cock tease….1st thought was she may hit me or call the rpf but she kissed me back more passionately and I slowly started caressing her boobs gently and gosh was just dick hardening feeling…I grabbed her by the hair in such way that I can kiss her like no tomorrow and play with her at the same time she was rubbing my cock with tracks on and we played with each other and cuddles for a few minutes…And me feeling her but now my hands under her crop top….Now I ask her to remove her top (she did as I commanded in a split as both were extremely horny) and let me tell u Ohh boyyyy her melons were just gorgeous was like I was seeing a woman and feeling for the first time and juicy as hell …..

I started sucking her titties like a dog licking a bone…And they were milkyyyyy ….And she took my cock out of the tracks and started jerking it up and down the momentum and was like for 10-15 minutes and me lost in kissing and biting her neck/ears/ boobs and exploring her upper body.

I was about to load off but told her to stop then I stripped her skirt and could see her black transparent thong and was sexy so started to rub her pussy but noticed that she was dripping wet as if she had a boobs sucking orgasm once or twice(but due to kissing think did not hear her moaning sound as when she did I kissed to avoid noise)…..And kissing her simultaneously…..After few minutes I ripped her thong apart…
Her pussy was eccentric shaved, white and inner was pink and was like one of the best pussies I have ever seen and tasty as I start licking her now and making her squirt all over my face…And she tasted yummy like a desert…..Both almost ready to fuck each other brains out but I ask her to suck my cock as I love to see a girl do plus it feels amazing. She did as I commanded like a puppy in 69 but so I could taste her more.

After a while, I was so hard and horny that I could fuck anything on earth so I slept and asked her to ride me cow girl so she guided my dick into her pussy and slowly started riding me.Her pussy was soo warm and wet and medium tight !!!…I literally could not believe I was fucking a 10/10 in a train and without a condom as was unintended !!!!! She started moaning a bit but before she raised her voice I started kissing her she increased the pace slowly and faster like to 5 th gear and fucked me like for 30 minutes and I said was about to cum and she told is ok to cum inside her and as she cummed over and over it was like her 3 rd orgasm and 4th she was near she asked me little longer and finally I was like ahhhhhh…..And loaded her pussy and cum was so much that it literally was dripping outttt of her pussy and was actually was the best fuck of my life……

More will follow in part 2…..Do hit me up with your reviews as this is my 1st story…..Thaks for all your support in advance