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This is not the fake story. A real experience happened in my life. I had sex with my teacher. This is my 1st story please excuse me if any g...

Biology Practical’s With Priya

This is not the fake story. A real experience happened in my life. I had sex with my teacher. This is my 1st story please excuse me if any grammatical or spelling mistakes

I will go into the story

Hi, I am Arjun am 22 years and 5 years back I was studying in college. I am not athletic but ya and girl or women who see me will again look for the second time definitely. This is my first story so for any comments and suggestions u can mail me at

So this incident happened when I am studying in 12th class but I was 18 at the time . At that time due to uncle marriage, I missed some biology practical’s.So I inquired my biology teacher so she gave me some other time to complete my remaining practical’s. So I thanked her as she has
Given me extra time from her daily routine.The time is 3.30 afternoon because at that time the whole school gets empty and only principle remains and that too in her office.Our principle is also female.So I took permission from our principal also.

The next day after school I waited in the biology practical lab. Our teacher came and her name Priya ( name changed )of age about 25 years medium height and good stats. I think her stats are 36-34-38.She is fair in color and I am one of the bright students of the class, so she likes me too.We started the practical.

The practical is about flower reproduction.So she started to explain me all the parts of the flower etc.After that, she told me to bring some flowers from our garden. I did what she said.

Then she explained to me how to do the practical.During the time she is explaining me I asked her did humans also reproduce like this. On this, she started laughing and told me that no humans do it differently.So I asked her if she can explain me that too but she told me that human reproduction is not in our practical but for my curiosity she told me she will explain.I can see a different kind of smile on her face.She asked me if I want to see that live. I immediately said yes. So she said me to open my clothes.

So I opened my clothes and slowly I am naked.

She then started removing her dupatta then her kurta and I can see her white skin and omg what a nice pair of tits. Suddenly I had a hard on which she can see easily and after that, she removed her churidar too. She is like a fairy white and creamy.

Then she started to explain to me that she needs to suck my penis to further explain the human reproductive system.Sorry, I forgot to say my tool is not too big and of average size but is thicker than normal. She kissed me, licked my nipples, and went down to give me the best blowjob ever. I doubted if she was a professional.So she started sucking it. She is utterly enjoying it.After some time I can feel I am cumming.

Me: suck it… yeah. ..Like a good slut. … c’mon…

Priya:mmmmhmmm..Yes…. Dear …. I am…..Your ….Bitch…….

Suddenly I cummed on her face she liked it. She drank the remaining. Now she told me how to impregnate a female. So she told me to put my middle finger inside her vagina and start rubbing I did as she said. She started moaning. So I told her what is the need of it so she told me that it is to activate female organ.After some time she also cummed on my face I also like it. Then she told me to slowly insert my penis into her vagina and I did as she told it is a very nice feeling and I asked her not to scream, as someone may come. About one-third of my dick was already inside, I again pushed harder and it was more than half inside her. She was making expressions as if about to die. I started moving my hips to and fro. She started enjoying as her pain subsides.Now she told me to push it in and out and so I started pumping her she shouted ahh ahh ahh

Mom:oooohhhhhhhhhhh……yeahhhhhhhhhhh……fucckkkkkkk meeeeeeeee….Myeahhhh.Infrontttttttt offffff
I had never seen her like this, but I liked it. No, I loved it.
“oh god, yes!” she screamed.

“fuck me, fuck me”

She moaning and I also started moaning after some time I cummed and immediately I unloaded my penis inside her and then took out my penis from her vagina then I told her why can’t we experiment with her so I then took my tool towards her anus she started saying no but I am more powerful than her so I brought my penis to the entrance of her anus and pushed my penis inside her it was very painful she started crying and tears start rolling from her eyes but my penis didn’t go inside fully so I again pushed it this time with more power and it then went inside her whole face became red and she is screaming and crying like anything as this is the first time for her then I started pumping inside her anus and slowly she was now moaning with pleasure as I increased my speed. I was pressing her boobs while stroking harder and harder. I cummed there also its like I made her pregnant and then we both fall on the floor

Then I started sucking her boobs and she is still crying but I am in no mood to leave her so I again picked my penis and brought it toward her face she started crying again but I am in mood to listen to her so I again put my penis inside her mouth and Started stroking and pushed my penis deeper and deeper into her mouth she licked my body.After some time suddenly the gate of the lab opened and our principle is standing there and watching us naked. We became white and suddenly we started to search for our clothes and covered ourselves with whatever we both got in our hand but our principle smiled and it’s not ordinary smile it’s some kind of wicked smile that I have seen before on my biology teacher’s face. She asked what you two are doing.

The teacher said ma’am practical principle said angrily which kind of practical is this then ma’am said human reproductive system . Principle said that she also wants a live demo of this so our biology teacher said sure ma’am and told her to open her saree

Our principle is 40-45 years of age but looks younger, then our principle opened her saree and I can see her blouse

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