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had.She was very much impressed by my dad who is a renowned lawyer of the town and obviously filthy rich.She became my girlfriend this story...

Dad!!! Please Don’t Fuck Her

had.She was very much impressed by my dad who is a renowned lawyer of the town and obviously filthy rich.She became my girlfriend this story is written by

I never wanted to be a lawyer and left my education, I pursued my dream of being chef.But as soon as I left my college, Madhu left me as she was considering me a mule to arrange a job for her.My dad mad at because of my rebellious decision and she knew he would never keep some intern on my recommendation.Even when she avoided me.I loved her a lot and as time went by with help of my dad’s associate I procured to fix her up in my dad’s company.

Then something change, I assumed that my crush would be mine again and welcome me whole heartedly with open arms but instead, she started ignoring me.

I was busy with my passion (this story is written by

She told me that, everything is good and she is loving the work and is also trying to start some online business and(this story is written by is felling short of 5 lakh rupees.She very well knew I could help her.She also told me that I can steal it form dad’s office as she did a week before.I was speechless, my GF is asking to help her by stealing from my dad as she has already done that.She promised with innocent face to keep a total of 6 Lakh rupees back as soon as she gets the payment.

As my dad transact loads of money this was not a big deal.So I decided to do as she said.I made a duplicate key to dad’s office when he wasn’t around and reached his office one evening to take the amount.

But when I reached his cabin. I hear his voice and Madhu pleading, so I hid inside his office almirah.I kept on wondering, what these two are doing when no staff is around.Is something wrong?Why is Madhu crying and pleading so much???

Perhaps dad came to know about the money she was stolen???My train of thoughts came to a halt when I saw the door of his cabin slamming.

Dad furiously shouting” Come here, I teach you a lesson”

Madhu: ” Please sir, I will repay u, I was about to tell u”

Ahhhhhhhhhhh she screamed.

Dad was siting on his executive chair and pulled her towards him.

I could see her beautiful dusky round ass facing towards dad’s face and her tummy resting on his thighs, with her white shirt forced open her broken buttons were hanging with her shirt.(this story is written by

Dad was shouting” Who’s gonna Pay for my loss?? bitch, I gave you job and you stole from me!!!!

and dad pulled up her skirt to the waist and spank her ass cheeks covered with pink satin panty.




she screamed AAUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,please sir, leave me.

and tear was almost ready to roll out of her eyes.

Dad pulled her panty furiously till her knees and slapped again on her bare ass.




and he pushed his thick fingers in her pussy.I could clearly see his pushing his fingers hard into her pussy as her tight virgin pussy wasn’t able to accommodate his thick fingers.

With another hand, he was squeezing her boobs that were a handful in pink lacy bra.

My love was been ravished in front of my eyes but I kept mum as she lied to me and used me to grab the job.

Dad took off his tie and used it to tie both her hands behind her back tightly.Dad stood from the chair holding her hair bun and rubbed her beautiful face on his cock.She was ready for anything, her body language was confident and this assured me that she was a player and had been in similar positions much time before.My dad is a strong tall 6’2″ man with some extra pounds.Deep inside my heart, i was happy for her plight for ditching me and screwing my dad for her own interest and started enjoying the show still hiding inside the wooden almirah.

He made her sit on the knees and snapped her bra straps and her 34″ firm brown boobs with dark areolas were pointing towards dad and nipples were quite hard.He pulled out his phone camera and made videos.(this story is written by

He shouted,” Accept you made mistake!!!”

Madhu” I made a mistake”

DAD: ” Say I will pay, no matter how for this”

Madhu: ” please sir, don’t be so rude to me, ”

Dad slapped her face.

Madhu” I will do whatever you say”

Dad: ” Say aloud, I am your slut, master”

She reluctantly said so. As she said dad grabbed her by tummy and pulled her, He smooched her lovable lips, which she never let me kiss.and pushed her on the desk.Her bun was loosened now and her silky brown hairs were all over her shoulders and boobs.He grabbed them and made her lay on the desk like a whore.

I was very excited.My dad taking my revenge from such a cheap girl.

He pulled out his cock which a very hard and erect and rubbed it on her lips, while her head was hanging down from the desk.

Dad was playing with her boobs and very horny, he pulled and tore her bra open and choked her throat with his 7″ cock.

“Yeah like this, like you do always, roll your tongue on it, yeah baby, daddy is so happy.” my dad exclaimed.

I understood everything, my dad used to screw her up and she was ignoring me coz she used me as a bait to work for dad and kicked me out of her life once her purpose was solved.

She was now all hot and horny” Mr. Khana, you are so well.I wish I was your wife.I want to be your mistress” what a whore she was.

Dad pulled his cock out and pushed his balls on her face.She was softly sucking them and licking them like a pro.

She was a bit uncomfortable as her hands were tied.but rolled and tried to lick dads asshole as he made some space by keeping his leg on the desk.

She was so greedy, she happily pleased my dad by sucking his dick and balls and knew how to please him by licking and teasing his asshole.

Dad then pulled her on the floor and made her stand with her ass facing him.He untied her hands and pulled (this story is written by hairs.

“keep your hands on the desk” he commanded.

She kept her hands on the desk and shook her ass, teasing my dad.My dad 52 yrs old was easily manipulated by sex drive of young 23 yrs old intern.

He pulled her ass up and massaged her pussy by his hand wet with his saliva.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Mr. khana please be gentle.

SPAANKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, say daddy” dad commanded.Perhaps dad wanted to fantasize fucking his daughter in law.

Yeah, daddy, yes fuck me, fuck me. Madhu was enticing my dad, and I was watching everything like a loser.

Dad held her waist and placed his cock head on her love hole and held her pony tail and pulled her over cock.They was dad handled her was not like a lover does, his experience and lust made him very aggressive.He tried to put it in one shot.



OHhhhhhh god. Daddy, please don’t stop, please don’t stop.

Madhu was dancing on my daddy’s tune.

He held her ass cheeks and split them open while fucking her pussy and inserted thumb in there.




Offfff, gosh, you are cock is so fat.

She was moaning.

Then he pulled out and she quickly sat down and licked cum off his dick and sucked it dry but it wasn’t over yet.

He laid on the floor and asked her to ride him.She quickly jumped on him and planted 3-4 kisses and love bites on his chest. and then she guided his cock to her love hole, it easily went in it was well moist and lubricated.I could see her well toned back from behind and dad’s cock disappearing in her cunt as she jumped on it.She was jumping on his cock like there is no tomorrow and her hairs were totally unmanageable and jumping on her shoulders and back as I could see.

She held his hands and placed them on her boobs and he started to squeeze them hard and she was holding her hairs above her head.

Her ass was slapping on dad’s thighs and momentarily she would slow down and move her ass round as she is kneading his cock.

I couldn’t see dad from that angle but his moans confirmed he was in ecstasy.

Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, with a loud grunt, he came.Ahhhh I am coming.

Madhu” Please seed me, daddy!! fill me up, I am on the pill, keep pumping” she said like a shameless whore.

Then they stood up and dad softly slapped her.U have to work with me for 2 years and serve me like this whenever I need, that’s your punishment.

“It’s my pleasure,” she said with a grin.

Dad cleaned him up with tissues and left the office ordering her to clean the mess and fuck off.

She also left soon after and I remained silent, hurt and hidden in the almirah, pondering whom I was stealing from, and for whom???

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