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Hi, friends, I’m big fan of indian sex stories , love incest. It is always a sin-loving your sister and having a desire to fuck her, but wha...

Didi’s Affair Part – 1

Hi, friends, I’m big fan of indian sex stories , love incest.
It is always a sin-loving your sister and having a desire to fuck her, but what can be done, it is always difficult to control yourself if you have a sexy and hot sister.

Anjali her name she is 32, 5.7 height, big boobs and sexy ass, little bulky, but toned figure, a perfect body which a man dreams for and yes a young guy looking for. She is damn hot I’m hard while writing. Oh, love you didi.

Most attractive part of her body is her big ass and sexy thighs, I love her when she wears tight leggings and salwar, she looks awesome in it, I have jerked millions of time thinking of her in salwar. Oh god, save me. She is independent, bold and beautiful. I’m in love from the day I became an adult.

We live in Nagpur, my jiju is a software engineer, due to project work he has go to us for 6 months. The only couple and the 5yrs old kid were there in the family and no one to take care of them after jiju, so they decided to shift to Nagpur, a flat was vacant and for sell in our society so they decided to shift to Nagpur.

After 2 days jiju moved to us, didi was alone so they were mostly living with us. I was happy because was now able to check out the sexy and curvy figure of my lovely didi, I use to spend more time at home specially with my didi.

As didi was very cautious about her fitness so she decided to join a gym with me.

Wow! Great my heart beats were fast. I jerked whole night that day.
Morning next day.

I was amazed , my mouth remained opened, my eyes stopped blinking, she was in tight 3/4th leggings and t-shirt, oh god she was looking dam hot, my dick started reacting due to her sexy and hot body. I went close to her and said oh didi, sorry but I must say you are looking hot.
She blushed, slapped with love and said kuch bhi, dint you have manner’s how to talk with elder sister.

We moved to the gym, as due to kids school we scheduled our time as 8;30, it was the first day of her so to take admission we went to the office, head instructor Rakesh was there in the office. I introduced him with my hot didi and said she wants to join a gym. I was looking at Rakesh, he was checking out the body of my didi, a lust was seen in his eyes.His eyes were stuck on her big boobs we did all the formalities.

Rakesh, he is 40 yrs. Around 6fit tall, amazing physics why not he is the instructor. He is an inspiration to all the youngsters.

So we started the gym. Rakesh mostly gives personal couching but today he himself came to train didi.

I already guessed what is in his mind, I have seen a smile when he came to know that didi is going to join a gym. A week passed, I was seeing a happiness on didi’s face she was talking more about Rakesh. Even they have exchanged their numbers and use to chat on whats app. I use to check their chat it was formal chat no any objectionable in it.
Even did was happy actually she got a good friend. But I was knowing what is going in Rakesh mind, he was trying to get closure with didi, and he knows how to do it.He doesn’t miss any chance to praise the beauty of didi.

Rakesh was giving personal couching to her, as we were going late to gym so very fewer people were there it was good chance to spend time with didi, even Rakesh rescheduled the time of another trainee for didi
In these 2 months, change was noticed in didi, how I don’t know but Rakesh was succeeded to attract didi. I used to taunt her, she always ignores the topic with a sweet and lovely smile.

Due to personal training from Rakesh, she was looking sexier now. Her body was more toned, I used to stare her when Rakesh is giving couching to her. Oh her thighs, I must die she is dam hot lady. When she bends oh god.

I use to check out her chats, they have now started crossing limits, all the massages sent from Rakesh was describing the beauty of her curvy and sexy body.

It was 4 moths jiju was away from didi, but here affair was begun, even Rakesh was now become more bold, when she lifts dumbbells he use to stand behind her for support to lift, basically he was doing it intentionally so he can feel her sexy body and didi was also loving it, I was helpless.

He uses to hold her waist and make her do difficult exercise, many of the times I have seen him standing behind didi with hard dick, he used to place it between ass, hold her tightly and make her do exercise.
Did have changed her schedule, she use to come late now, my time of leaving and her time to enter gym was same, I know what is going on.
Last night I checked the chat Rakesh messaged her that he is going to teach her a new exercise tomorrow. Next day it was 9.30am time for didi to come. I was late today there was time to leave for me. She entered, she was looking dam hot in black legging and a black t-shirt, she said hi to me and started her exercise all the people in the gym knew that didi and Rakesh are having affair, they use to smile on me. But what can be done? I was looking both of them, they were talking with eyes, he made some signs to come on the terrace, but didi said wait till I go. I was seen and understood that some thing is going to happen. He said ok and moved to the terrace, after 5 mins I packed up and started to home, but to know what is going to happen I stayed for a little while and hide so didi can’t see me. After 5 mins she also walks to the terrace. I followed her Rakesh was waiting as he saw her, he holds her tightly and took her to the washroom on the terrace, he started kissing her passionately. He pushed her on the wall with lock his lips with her. They both were kissing each other, the heat was on the peak, even didi was missing it. His hand was moving all over her body.

Oh god, he was squeezing her sexy and big ass. Oh lovely
They both kissed almost 15 mins, now he removed her t-shirt, she was in bra, wow what a boobs she have he took her in had, kissed her and started squeezing her big boobs, he was kissing her neck her chest she was enjoying with eyes closed, she was loving his touch ,a sweet sound of love was heard due to kissing and touch of Rakesh , he was playing licking and squeezing her boobs.

Now he got half naked, he pulled her and hugged her tightly, her big boobs were pressed between, his hand was moving on her round and sexy ass.

He then turned her moved her hairs and placed the kiss on her neck, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh sound came, oh lovely, Rakesh un hooked her bra strip and started kissing and licking her back,
He was moving his tongue slowly on her back, he was going down his hand movement on her bare back was making her more excited, he reached to her waist. He was licking and placing her kisses, Rakesh was now slowly removing her legging and kissing simultaneous, he slides the legging and her panty to half of her ass, he was sliding her index finger between her butt crack.

Wow, what a scene my dick was hard, my hand was inside the pant playing with the tool.

He now slide her leggings down, she was nude now, she was standing still with hand resting on platform, he now parted legs, touched her pussy she was wet love juice was flowing through it,

He started licking her sexy thighs and inserted finger in her cunt, she screamed in pleasure aahhhhhhhhhh,
Oh, I have dreamed it, lovely, the old man knows how to satisfy women. The way he was playing with her body was showing how experienced he is.

He was licking her thighs, now he reached to her wet cut, aahhhhhhhhh she moaned, he parted her sexy butt with his hand rubbed her ass hole, he brought her nose to ass whole he smelled it …………

Oh god, he is too good, kissed her ass hole, lovely, he now started licking her ass hole, I was feeling jealous, he was playing with my love hole.

He was licking his ass as well as fingering her cunt, he was true play boy, lovely uuuuuuuuuuuuuumaaa
He got up now, started kissing on her neck, while he removed her pant.
Oh god save my didi, he has big and fat dick, he will tear her cunt, he is a true man.

He was licking her bare back and playing with his tool, it was rock hard tool ready to fuck her, now he kept his tool between her ass crack and sliding it. Lovely just lovely uuuuuuuuuummmmmaaaaaa
He took his dick in his hand guided it to cunt, with one stroke his half dick was inside. Didi screamed loudly, she exclaimed oh god, be gentle,
He another stroke he was all inside didi, she screamed more loudly now, she was not able to take him, he again pushed his dick inside and hugged her tightly, his figures were locked with didi’d figure, and squeezing her big boobs, they were tightly hugged,

He now took a dick out and again with one stroke he enter inside, oh god, didi explained again,

He started thrusting his dick in and out, didi was in pain, she was moaning in pain and pleasure aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
The sound was loud, I ejected seeing this, lovely he was fucking her nicely, he holding her tightly and fucking her hard he increased his speed, also the painful moaned was increased.
Oh what a scene it was, he fucked her 30 mins nonstops, didi ejected twice.
I was angry and jealous also, he was playing with my dream lady from almost 1.30mins, and I cant do any thing.

She was tired and in pain. She cant even wear her clothes, she some how managed and with he help of Rakesh, they got dressed up. She was not able to walk due to hard fuck oh god what Rakesh has done to my dream lady. She was having a fever and was on complete bed rest for 3 days.

Rakesh was daily enquiring about didi to me and was smiling on me.
Hope you all like the story. Will love to have feedback from all lovely readers on my id or can chat with me on yahoo messenger raju.raut656@yahoo.In thank you!!!!