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This is the second story in my series. In this story, I’ll tell you about how I had sex with Jessie and how rani gave me a blowjob. After se...

First Time Sex With Sleeping Girl Part – 2

This is the second story in my series. In this story, I’ll tell you about how I had sex with Jessie and how rani gave me a blowjob.

After seeing the hot session of Sonya and her bf I was so hot and wanted sex so badly. As every day, I used Jessy to pleasure myself I wanted to fuck her so badly. That night as usual after jessy was asleep I started my job. I slowly started to rub her, as usual, there was no movement from her so I continued the work. Even today I found that she was not wearing any bra inside. I slowly started to rub her soft boobs. Such a big soft boobs were getting rubbed and pressed in my hands. This time I found her nipples and started to rub her nipples also I licked my finger and started to rub her nipples with that. My cock is at its peak so I slowly went down started to remove her black panty a saw her beautiful clean pussy I slowly started to lick her pussy. I inserted my tongue and started to lick her continuously. I loved licking her sweet pussy almost for half an hour I licked her slowly made sure that she is not waking up in any way.

That feeling was the best in life with scared heart and a cunning fucking brain I was licking her pussy nicely I tasted her well I almost drank all the liquid that came out of her pussy. Now I was in full mood for drilling. I slowly started to rub my cock on her pussy lips after 2 mins of rubbing I slowly inserted my cock into her pussy I was so slow in it as I didn’t want her to wake up. My cock head entered and was entire cock was on the way inside her love tunnel, it was so warm inside her pussy. I entered my entire cock inside her pussy to my amazement she didn’t even move still she was sleeping, I slowly took out my cock and then again I inserted in. I started to hump her nicely slowly I penetrated around 10 times then she started to move so I got so scared and removed my cock and dressed her still she was sleeping I was fully confused. My cock was fully wet and was at its peak so I went into the washroom to shag and finish. I was busy shagging I didn’t notice rani has come inside the bathroom from her door and she was me shagging my dick.

She didn’t even make any sound she got turned on and started to finger herself and with one hand she was pressing her boobs. Suddenly I noticed her and acted as if I didn’t see her. I switched on my mobile cam and started to record everything. I was shagging my dick nicely closing my eyes. Rani came near me and slowly she touched my dick I opened my eyes she was busy staring my dick I slowly made her kneel down and inserted my dick into her mouth she started to lick my dick well. I took the hair curling rod and slowly inserted into her pussy it went inside easily and she was busy sucking my cock, I removed her top and started to press her boobs and mold it nicely my hands were on her both the boobs her boobs got the hardest massage ever. But she was continuously licking and sucking my dick as it was the first time a girl is sucking my cock I was in top pleasure. I caught her hair and started to fuck her mouth. She was gagging only thump thump thump thump sounds were there and she was busy inserting the rod inside her pussy I could feel my cock entering her throat. I fucked her mouth with the full speed she was fully gagging and all her spit mixed with my pre-cum was flowing out of her mouth and dripping into her boobs I was pressing her boobs.I felt like cumming.

I took my cock out of her mouth and cummed on her face. She licked my cock and she cleaned all the cum. I pulled her made her turn and inserted the rod into her pussy and fucked her with the rod.Her pussy was dripping her fluids. I closed her mouth so she cant make any noise. We both were naked I fucked her nicely with the rod and made her cum she was shaking and she came, my cock was rising so again in inserted my cock inside her mouth I felt like pissing so I inserted my half hard dick deeply and started to piss inside her mouth. As it was deep she had no option she has to drink my piss. After pissing I took my cock out and went to sleep.

Next day after everyone went to work rani texted me that she wanted to talk with me so I left Jessy at work and then went to meet rani at home she was sitting in the room I went behind her and pressed her boobs she was so scared and she pushed me then she told her story.

She had her first sex when she was 15 years old with her ex-bf, from then she was a sex addict she has even done anal and she has done double penetration also. Hearing that I was amazed but I didn’t have the wish to fuck her so we used to play and she gives me blowjob often. Then after some days, she got a new boyfriend and everything stopped after that.

Soniya was regular in fucking her boyfriend so I planned something,one day when her boyfriend went I entered her room and saw her sleeping I took a cloth and tied it around her eyes and covered it so she can’t see anything I took my cock and kept near her mouth and pushed it in she opened her mouth and started to lick it slowly I took her up and she started to suck my cock completely she was thinking that I am her boyfriend and started to suck me as much as she can I she was continuously licking my cock I felt like cumming and came in her mouth itself after cumming I pushed her away and ran away so that she won’t know whom she sucked.