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Hi everyone this is mike here this is a series of my story there are main three characters as follows Mike- with 7-inch cock Jessy- 35-30-36...

First Time Sex With Sleeping Girl

Hi everyone this is mike here this is a series of my story there are main three characters as follows

Mike- with 7-inch cock

Jessy- 35-30-36



We all work together and stay in the same house this story is about how sex fired between us. In this part, I’m going to tell the story of how I found Sonia fucking her boyfriend.

That day I and Jessy went to office but as I forgot my id card I had to get back home as I have my own key I opened the house and found no one to be there so I went to my room and took my id while coming out of the room I heard someone speaking in the other room. I just overheard and found that it was Sonia and her boyfriend. As we had a common bathroom with two door access I went into the bathroom through my door and peeped through the gap available in their door.

I found Sonia sitting on her bf’s lap and were sucking each other’s lips. Her bf was squeezing her ass nicely.

Then he removed her top and she was in her bra and then was pressing her boobs continuously. She started to moan aaaahhhhh mmmmammmaammm suck my nipples. Then he removed her pants also and started to suck her pussy. She moaned in pleasure. I got an idea took my phone and started to record what all was happening. He started to insert his tongue into her pussy and was licking like a mad dog and she was in pleasure and was moaning madly yayayayayayaya please faster faster faster lick it like a dog you bitch. After continuous licking her pussy he unzipped his pants and pulled her closer and inserted his dick into her mouth. She started to suck his dick like a pro. She was licking it like licking an ice cream. The conversation they had as follows.

Soniya- your  dick is too dirty I’ll lick it fully clean

Bf- ya bitch lick it like you licked your  ex-bf

Soniya- your  dick is way better than his

Bf- how many dicks did you suck you bitch

Soniya- not much but your s is the best

Bf-u bitch licks it properly suck it keep it inside your mouth.

He then held her hair and started to fuck her mouth and give her deep throat, he fucked her mouth like fucking her pussy. She was gagging his cock, his precum was all over her face still she didn’t stop sucking his cock and he kept abusing her as bitch sucking cock.

Then they started the real session he kept her in missionary position and started to hump her. He was rubbing his cock in her pussies entrance. She was moaning a lot and was shouting fuck me you bloody mother fucker give me your cock.

He then inserted is a dick into her fully she screamed ahhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuu he started to hump her with full speed. That was the first time I have seen somebody having sex, in reality, that to a person whom I know a normal girl acts like a slut in bed with her boyfriend unbelievable. She was moaning like mad heee aaa uuuu yayayayayay fuck me fuck me fuck me me after some time they changed their position. Now she was on four, they started in the doggy style he was so crazy humping her continuously her moaning filled the entire house. After fucking for 15 min he was about to come so her told her to turn and cummed on her face she licked his dick full and ate all his cum. Then they both slept for some time and she started to lick his dick and it started to raise. She was so in love with his cock she was licking it like a baby licking an ice cream.

When his dick was on peak he put her in doggy style. But this time he did something that was unexpected, he shoved his dick straight into her anal, it didn’t go first only his cock head entered she screamed from all her lungs. But he didn’t even give a damn he kept pushing his dick inside slowly after some hard pushes his entire dick went into her ass hole. She was screaming in pain aaaaaaa please leave me its paining but he didn’t stop he kept humping her continuously.

After some time he started to increase the pace a little bit he started to hump her faster she was also ok now shouting started to change as mourning, every fuck he gave she was making mad sounda like yaaaaaa uuuuu ya baby fuck me fuck my ass cum inside my ass all her saying was encouraging him more and he burst inside her ass and came there itself, there was full of mess all around then they both slept there only in went out of the house to work. But all the way I was thinking of them fucking.

As I have the recordings in my mobile I kept it for future use somewhere it will help in something. I reached office did regular work then it was time to come back home I took Jessy we reached home and saw those two fuck couples they were watching the movie as we both were tired we had food and went to sleep. As usual, I was waiting for jessy to sleep after she slept I slowly put my hand on her and started to press her boobs to my surprise she has not worn any bra inside it was so smooth to touch such a big and soft melon. I was slowly rubbing her soft boobs my dick was at its high end it was ready to go for a heavy fuck. Suddenly I got an idea. I woke up and went to the next room where the couples and rani were sleeping I slowly opened the door and went inside and found all were deep asleep. I slowly went near Sonya and started to touch her there was no movement so I started to press her boobs slowly I found her nipple in more amazement I pinched her nipple she got pain maybe and woke up before she turns I went into the bathroom and locked.

After some time I went again and saw she was facing the other side and sleeping. This time I went to rani and started to feel her boobs it was already poky I was amazed this girl is always horny after some time of rubbing and pressing her, my cock was so hard if I had a condom I would have fucked her for sure. But I don’t want to fuck her with bare cock as I was afraid and as I wanted Jessy. I went near Sonya and started to pinch her nipples she was in full mood she slowly woke up again I escaped into the washroom. She opened her bf’s pant and took out his dick and started to shag it slowly, he also woke up and saw her and kissed her, they both got more intense and woke up she gave him a blow job same time he was pressing her boobs well. After some 10 minutes he cummed on her mouth she also drank her cum and slept. I also went to my room and saw my babe Jessy sleeping I went near her and slept that day as I didn’t feel like doing anything even though I was in full mood for a good fuck. So I have to make a plan to fuck someone in the group because my cock is daily suffering from these girls.

In my next story is about how I fucked jessy with my full cock when she was still asleep and how rani gave me a blowjob and how Sonia gave me a blowjob blindfolded thinking I’m her bf.