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Hi folks, Here I am with my new story and awe-inspiring experience that I will be sharing with you.I am a personal security in charge of ban...

Flight Attendent Shana

Hi folks,

Here I am with my new story and awe-inspiring experience that I will be sharing with you.I am a personal security in charge of bangalore base millionaire and I am always with him on most of his trips.He of course has many properties in india and abroad,humongous pricey possession and great deal of super cars.My boss always travel with his own personal jet.Being responsible for his security, I most of the time, accompany him.Well, I am 31 year old male, 5,10″ height and some great muscle to deal with most chaotic situation.Well, my boss always hires the best and his crew members in private jet have always young and charming faces to take care of him and his guests.

This year a new team of air hostesses joined our crew and since my boss travels a lot I spend a lot of time with him on plane.I have seen many bfull faces on his plane from models to celebrities as his guests to which I was indifferent.But this year out of other staff member, there was a new girl in her early twenties, very bfull fair and pious as snow and big smoky bfull dark brown eyes who took my breath away.She had a pretty innocent face and depth of her eyes was enough to entice beast in any guy.She had round white cheeks and a bfull pout on her upper lip.She wore a tiny nose ring that complemented her beauty and gave her a little naughty look.

She was wearing a blue trouser and a matching blazer and a golden silk shirt underneath, her trouser was well fitted and her bubbly ass grabbed all my attention,(this story is written by it would juggle as she walked down the aisle in her heals.I was totally crazy when I saw her.I asked many colleagues to know about her and finally came to know about her name “Shana”That joyful moment when I realized I have to make her mine.I caught her often stealing glimpse of me and knew she liked me.We often talk during flights and finally fell in love with each other.

Shana is witty and humorous and very passionate, she being little reserved we never get chance to get physical, although I was dying for it.Many times we went out on date when not on duty but she would always be well dressed and fully clad giving me no chance to see herself fully.Many times in movie of during flight I would grab her hand to touch her but she would often shy away.I was totally in love with her and emotionally satisfied as she used to take very good care of me but I was starving sexually and she knew it but maybe she needed some time.Finally, on 1st April her birthday arrived, I was planning for a great surprise but I was asked to bring some very precious artifacts from Delhi, so I had to fly from Bangalore to Delhi and Bangalore.I was totally dishearten not been able to spend a leave with my beloved shana.But then all of a sudden, an idea cheered me up.

I quickly checked duty roster of flight attendants and put shana on duty without letting her know, I am traveling and no one else is there to accompany her.(this story is written by since the artifacts were very costly, I was asked to bring them in boss’s plane, which was an excellent carrier with a sofa, satellite tv, office desk and 4 seats and could easily accommodate 8 people.

I bought a good present for her as I knew she won’t be happy working on her bday and a cake.Well, on that day she was surprised to see me as the only passenger and only 2 pilots except us.She was delighted and we took off.After take off she completed her regular flight procedures and went to ask pilots for their requirements (food and beverages).It took her sometime in the cockpit and I quickly placed the cake on the desk and was ready for a surprise as she came back.

“Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, happy birthday!! ” I shouted and she was surprised and touched by my planning and beautiful gold ring as her present.I pulled her up and came behind her held her hand and we cut the cake.She gave me first bite with love and tears in her eyes and was a most memorable moment for me to be able to please my darling.

I was emotionally aroused and I pulled her up in my arms and she grabbed me well too.My hands were caressing her back over her uniform blazer and I unbuttoned her blazer and took it off.She was shocked and confused with an idea (this story is written by of making out in airplane 30000 feet above the ground.

Shana: what if pilots call me?
Me; don’t worry I will be quick.
Shana: but…………….

Before she could utter a word I planted my burning lips on hers and kissed her hard.I held her cheeks and licked her plump lower lip and bit it.


She grabbed my shirt tightly.When my hands explored her sexy voluptuous body I realized her figure was 36-30-34 and I loved it.I was rubbing my lips on hers and our hot breaths were exchanged.I licked her upper lip and sucked it tight.She was shivering with ecstasy.I held her hand and placed it on my crotch and she felt my 7″ long fat cock and her retinas widened.I held her blouse and in a jerk split it open in a go.I was hungry for her boobs.She was wearing a black bra under and it was struggling to keep her fleshy boobs intact.I grabbed her hair bun and pulled her to me.She was speechless and effortless as I was a beast.
He hairs fell open and look beautiful covering her plump breasts, I sat on the sofa and make her sit on my lap, so she could feel my monster on her ass and her soft ass massaged it nice.I took off my shirt and grabbed her boobs.I slide her bra straps and pinched her lovely nipples.I pressed left one and sucked right one and then I swapped.
Babyy what do u wanna do….
That’s enough,

U r so hard, oh u making me crazy.She was moaning.

I make her lay on the sofa and-and came over her and sucked her nipples like a kid, I bite them a couple of times and she clawed her nails in my back, which made me even hornier.I kept sucking her neck and breast and then kissed her tummy, I sucked it hard and she was moaning even more furiously.I slipped my hand in her trouser and felt wetness down there.I pulled it off and took off my clothes too.She was now just in her black panty and a bra pulled down to her waist and I was in my jockey trying hard to cover my meat.I saw her wet spot and I rubbed it.
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, she cooed with her eyes tightly closed.

I went down and put my mouth on her love hole and licked her juice from the panty, it was so thin it sticks to her pussy and I could tease her cunt lips.She was trying to stop me now.But I pushed her and grabbed her boobs and kept teasing her.
I want to drink ur juices” I commanded
She was helpless.

I licked her thighs too and rubbed them and moved her panty to aside and poked my tongue in.

She was so excited.Two strokes of my tongue in her pussy and she came.She grabbed my hairs and pulled me to it.
“Drink it, this is what u want na, drink it.

I licked all her cum and I smelt so good out of her tight young pussy.My cock was bursting but I decide to take her to heaven.I slipped one of my fingers dry in her tight hole.
Auchhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, (this story is written by

My thick finger stretched her pussy and she jumped.I finger fucked her was rubbing her cheeks with one hand and with other I was torturing her pussy and titillating her.I put my thumb in her mouth and she was sucking and licking it good.Suddenly her body tightened and she came again with a shivering body.
“I want u now, so much” she said with an order in her voice.
“I am dying for u ,love” I answered.

I stood up and waved my cock in her face.She held it nicely and firmly in her tender hands, her face was all red after orgasm and her golden skin was shining with excitement.I gave a nice look to it and quickly kept her lips on my balls holding my cock up.I never knew balls can give so much pleasure.She was holding and pressing my cock and licking my balls at the same time.I have shaven then nicely last night.She licked my balls and drove her tongue between them and it made me a horny bull.Then she pulled the foreskin down and my 3″ fat cock head show up all red and shining with precum.I hold her hairs so I can see a fairy sucking me hard.I took the head in her mouth first.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh god, it feels great.” slipped out of my mouth.
She smiled and started licking it.Being an amateur she was trying hard to do it but it was fat and long so she couldn’t shove it all.I was getting irked I held her face and pull my cock out and rubbed it on her lips first.
“Like this like this, baby”

I slapped my cock on her cheeks and mouth.I was so mean as I am fucking a slut and in bed, she was my slut. No doubt.

I held her cheeks and shoved it back and forth in her mouth.She was not able to take it,still, I forced and gagged her multiple times.She was lick and spitting my cum and her saliva over it.

My cock was all to ruin her pussy.I cleaned my cock with her panty and make her lay on the floor ( in the aisle) and rubbed my cock head on her clitoris.
Ahhhhhhh, why u teasing me, darling ravish me. ” she demanded.

I held her hands and pinned them over the head and pushed my cock deep into her wet pussy in one go.But it was tight.
Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ,oouchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

She yelled in pain and I managed to push only my head inside.
I knew she was very young, I massaged her thighs to soothe her pain and fondled her breasts.She held my hands on her breast.
“Go on” I am ready.

I kissed her lips and pushed it inside again but now I didn’t stop.She pussy was all wet and slippery,few shots and my balls slapped her asshole.


We both were super horny and sweaty.My cock was digging her nice and well.
Then I pulled out and made her rest on the sofa with her face towards the window.I saw her ass and kissed it, I split it wide and rubbed her asshole with my thumb.

No no no, not the ass.She revolted.I slapped her ass cheeks as they were so sexy, shiny as her skin, nice firm and round.My slaps made them pinkish and I kissed them.I agreed to her plea.(this story is written by imsam0003@gmail.Com)

So I hugged her from behind and groped her boobs.I place my cock on her pussy from behind and entered again.

I pushed her head on the sofa so her ass gets elevated, giving me access for deeper penetration.
Ahhhhhhhh, u r such a great lover.
She was screaming

I slapped her ass whilst facing her doggy style.Say my name I shouted.

I love u.

She barely managed to speak.My cock was gripped by her vaginal muscles and I was about to cum in no time now.

I am ahh ammmmm cummingggggg. I managed to complete the sentence.
Not there,not there she shouted, afraid of being pregnant as I was not using a condom.

I pulled out and she quickly sat on her knees trying to pump me with her hand,she grabbed my fat cock in her tiny hands, she had to use both hands to completely encircle it, but just two jerks and I shot loads, most of it on her face unintentionally and a lot on her breast.

Ahhhh, ahh

I was all satisfied and crashed on the floor and she came over me tired and panting and kissed all over my chest.

“I am all urs and ur only mine” and she hugged me.She or I was no more bothered where we were and enjoyed the heaven,30000 feet above ground.(this story is written by

She then realized and talked to pilots over the radio for any assistance while looking for her clothes.Fortunately, she missed nothing during these 45 min act.I also dressed up and cleaned the mess we made.She went to lavatory got a quick shower and touched her makeup and became ready for landing.

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