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Hi everyone, this is Nelson (name changed) from Goa and my cousin name Fatima (name changed). I just wanna narrate a true story about us. My...

Foreplay With My Cousn

Hi everyone, this is Nelson (name changed) from Goa and my cousin name Fatima (name changed). I just wanna narrate a true story about us. Myself Nelson I work and play football for the clubs I am 21 years old and my cousin studying in the college, she is 17years old With a good figure.

It’s been 1 week since this incident, my cousin came to my house to stay for Christmas vacation. So we had a great fun enjoying the Christmas days with the Santa Claus and with some traditional program.

On the 26th December 2016, my cousin requested me saying will go for outing and while Cuming home will see the Crib’s too…So it was a late night at 10.30 we reached back home after having look on the Cribs… So soon my cousin went to have a bath and I was waiting for my turn ..after 15 minutes my cousin came out from the bathroom she wore night dress and she was looking damn hot with her wet hairs with the towel.

So when I entered the bathroom, I saw my cousin panty hanging from the hook, soon I closed the door, and I hold it in my hand, wow it was a black panty with the white stuff sticking and the smell of pee on it. My 7inch dick was hard soon when I was smelling it and the fact was I liked that white stuff, it was so sticky and smelly .i kept it as it was hanging on the hook but I controlled my masturbation and I finished having a bath and came out of the bathroom.

My cousin asked me by smiling did you saw my panty?
And I said yes, it’s in the bathroom.
Cousin went soon in the bathroom. and I was waiting for her outside. She came out from the bathroom by smiling and I too smiled and she went in her room.

So we wished her good night and we went to sleep, I went in my room and my cousin was in her room. I was not getting sleep because I was thinking of her panty and my dick was hard. Ummmm

Soon I got an idea in my mind just to check if my cousin is sleeping or not… I had texted her on WhatsApp, and she replied saying hi,

Me” -hello Fatima you’re not sleeping?
Cousin”- no
Me”- why???

Cousin “- I’m feeling shy for my panty and you saw it in the bathroom. Tell me the truth do you touched it?
Me”- yes but how you got to know? With emoji.
Cousin”- smiling emoji.

Me”- it was so wet and your white stuff was there on it and I said I liked your pee smell with emoji
Cousin”- smiling emoji
Me*- dear have you ever masturbated?
Cousin “- yes but sometimes.
Me”- wow I also masturbate.

Cousin”- ummmm did you ever had sex?
Me”- no never, and do you had sex?
Cousin”- no but I only masturbate when I shave my pussy.
Me”- can we have sex?

Cousin “- shut up
Me”- please ,please ,please
Cousin “- no

Me”- can I come in your room?
Cousin”- yes come but don’t get caught
Me”- OK by smiling emoji

Soon I went in her room and my cousin was on the bed wearing night dress. And she was feeling shy and was smiling and I too was blushing, I locked the door and I went to her bed to sit
But my cousin was jus blushing and was shy. I had held her hand and I said you look sexy and hot, she smiled more.

Then I told her what I did with her panty details when she was listing she was curling her head hairs and enjoying. And my dick was getting harder by looking at her.

I kept my hand on her thighs and me started my motion up and down touching her thighs..she was like smiling and it kills me I soon kissed her lips and she too hugged me tight and I kissed for neck, ears, forehead while kissing I was pressing boobs and she was hugging tighter. I slowly removed her nightdress top, she didn’t wear bra but her boobs was round and soft, I pressed them and I sucked her pink nipples and I kissed on stomach and shoulder.she saw my dick was hard and she had put her hand in my shorts and started to play
And I was just pressing her boobs. Then I had put my hand in her panty and wow it was so wet and slippery I soon took off her panty and I started to lick her juicy pussy and it was like a gush of her white cum .. When I removed her panty I saw her pussy is pink and wet with the gush of white cum. And her panty was wet and I asked my cousin why you get so much white stuff? She replied early morning I ate dark chocolate..mmm I smiled

I stretched her legs and started to lick it, was so wet and slippery while licking I had put my finger inside and she was just moaning aaaaaaaahaaaaa aaaaaaaahaaaaa aaaaaaaahaaaaa ahhhha. But I continued licking her pussy fast and she was just pulling my head hairs. I fingered her so hard that my cousin started to pee while fingering and she was moaning badly aaaaaaa aaaa ah and her pee was yellow and warm. When my cousin peed I stopped fingering and asked her, why do you pee? my cousin replied I couldn’t control the way you was fingering and it was paining but I was enjoying it she smiled. Then she took my dick out and started to play and shake it. But my cousin didn’t suck it she only jerked it off and my sperm was all over her boobs.

We didn’t have sex but we enjoyed what we did. And on the next day, we just smiled at each other as if nothing happened.

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