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Hi everyone,its been a long time that I had just been a reader now after getting my thoughts and few experiences together I am putting up th...

Holi Mein Mom Ki Chudai

Hi everyone,its been a long time that I had just been a reader now after getting my thoughts and few experiences together I am putting up this story for your enjoyment, giving a shot at being a writer , this story is half true and half fiction and ya its an incest related story, so I would request people who are not into incest to stop at this moment and for others enjoy and do comment.

Well let me first introduce myself,I am Arjun from navi Mumbai and ya I am an incest lover be it with my cousins and other females of my family I love it all and especially I like mom-son incest,I don’t know what actually attracts me to it but every time I think about it makes my cock hard as rock.

Well enough about me,let me introduce the main lead in this story and yes that would be my mom Archana, she is a 46yr old lady with an ass to die for,she is little plum but all at right place, having luscious body, she’s more like the actress huma Qureshi but little more plump ass, she is tall and wears all types of dresses.So yes I do have hots for her and I have seen naked many time and yes this is the true part of my story.But she has never cared about me seeing her naked.Its like she doesn’t mind giving a view.

Ours is a family of three and we are very open to each other, my dad has his own business which has two more partners (another leads in the story) ravish is 48 and Rehman are 50, they both are my dad’s very close college friends, started their business together.Being partners in business even their families are close to us.Our families are quite modern and we do share a very good comfort level with each other.We all do enjoy each other’s company, their kids are among my best friends.

Now coming back to the story, the actual incident that happened was on last years holi function, it still gives me hard on by remembering it.Well, as usual, we 3-4 family has our holi function at one of my uncle’s farmhouse in alibaug,so we travel a day before to his farmhouse carrying everything required for the celebration,specially bhang,alcohol and any other stuff required.I always look forward to this day, because I get to feel up all the aunties including my mom while trying to apply color on them also vice a versa.

We three were ready for leaving for my uncle’s place, but my dad received a call saying he need to urgently leave for some important meeting with clients for some deal that was to be finalized,dad told us to carry on, he will join by tomorrow for sure.

The other three families and we left for his place, now he has a nice bungalow on 2 acres of land filled with a different kind of trees,especially mango and banana tree.There is a small rectangular pond type structure beside trees to water them.

At night we started mixing bhang in milk and had kept alcohol separately for next days.Everyone got up early the next day had breakfast,we were in all 20 people so the house was almost like a live wire,we had asked everyone to wear white,so mom had brought her tight leggings which she wore in front of me over her black panties,the panties were more like bikini and a loose white t-shirt above it which just reached her waistline, as for me I was in white shorts and t-shirt and almost every aunty was in same attire as mom.

Everyone started with having a glass of bhang-laced milk and one jalebi, I called up dad and asked where he is since we started the party without him, to which he told me he will be late and asked us to continue without him.I was little happy because I wouldn’t have to worry about drinking and also about feeling up my mom.

Till the time I finished my call everyone else already had 2-3 glasses, now we started with the applying colors normally,but after music started we started with the fun stuff, all aunties first applying color to each other then and we guys applying to each other, we then started applying color to girls my uncles daughters.I did not start initially with the feeling up part since all uncles were busy in their drinking session first.

I noticed two of my dad’s partner were continuously eyeing my mom’s ass,I thought they might be horny because of the drinks, after their drinks even uncles came down and started applying color to their wives and kids and then to others wife, for which they were taking too much time, I understood their intentions of them wanting to do the same thing that I wanted to do.All this while everyone kept on having bhang glass, and I could make out everyone having an effect, no one seems to mind what others are trying to do.

We had collected water in that pond and poured in colors and mud,so one by one we were putting everyone in that pond, including our moms and all the uncles were more than helpful in feeling them up while doing so,my dad’s partner took hold of my mom and put her in that pond, while doing so,I could see their hand moving from her hand to her back to her thighs to her ass, like everyone even mom was resisting, which was giving them ample opportunity to feel her boobs and ass.After they throw mom in that muddy water her clothes were all sticking to her body giving out a clear shape of her hot fig.

I then went to other aunt and started applying color on her but she started to run and I ran behind her caught hold of her from behind near one the tree and started applying colour on her face from behind now while doing that I kept my hands fully on her boobs and my cock buried over her leggings and in few mins of time I got to do same with my mom.After I left my mom, I saw Rehman and ravish running behind her.

Mom started running towards back of the bungalow but they caught her there,I also ran behind them to see what they were gonna do to her, what I saw gave me a hard on instantaneously, Rehman was behind mom and ravish was in front holding her hand while Rehman sticking to her hard dry humping her while applying colour on her body,his hands were inside her t-shirt going up to her bra,he started pressing her boobs hard,mom was already in a trance state because of bhang,she let out a moan slightly,her facial expressions changed like she was enjoying her boobs getting pressed hard,her ass moving back and meeting the dry thrust given by Rehman,

She stopped resisting and started enjoying, next thing shocked me,Rehman moved his one hand from her boobs and put his hand right over her legging covered cunt and started rubbing it ,she instantly moved her head back, ravish then came more close to mom and hold her leggings on the waist and dragged it down till her thighs and then removed his cock from his pants.Even Rehman removed his cock n started sliding it between my mom’s big ass cheeks,

I too removed my cock and started shagging, rehman’s cock was almost an 8 inches and a thick one while ravish would have been 7’’ but little thinner.Ravish took my mom’s hand put it on his cock,she took hold of his cock n started moving it and Rehman adjusted himself and took his one hand from mom’s boobs and applied saliva on his fingers and rubbed it on my mom’s cunt,she jerked at the instant his palm touched her cunt,then he positioned himself and made her bend in doggie and with a sudden jerk, insert his big cock into her cunt, ravish made her suck his cock at the same instant,she was gagging on his cock and getting humped hard by Rehman, it took them 15 mins before they both came in both her holes.I cum before them and adjusted my shorts back.

She had cum oozing out of her cunt and her mouth which was mixed with color.They slid her panty and leggings up and Rehman patted on her ass and said next time it will be her ass and left from there, I hid myself and later went to mom asked mom what she is doing alone here and what’s this coming our from her mouth, to which she replied she just threw up because she had too much to drink.She told me to take me to the bedroom because she is feeling dizzy and want to sleep now.

I took her to one of the room and helped her in removing her clothes and had fun, but that’s another story.Do let me know how you liked this story and if interested then should I post another