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Hello, friends, I’m back with a new experience, my last story is in indian sex stories under the username annajoseph529. Those who don’t kno...

How I Became A Proper Bottom

Hello, friends, I’m back with a new experience, my last story is in indian sex stories under the username annajoseph529.

Those who don’t know me, I have an average body with an average dick but a big ass. Wheatish skin tone and mild hairy with short hairs and subtle beard!

I was introduced to pr and I found some friends from that, from one of them I find a top guy. Tall, dark, athlete body, soft ass, and a huge dick with the length of about 7.5 inches, and somewhat curvy!
I call him at my friend’s place, who also happens to be a shy gay.
I’m having a little soft sex with my friend since I can’t sleep tonight, worrying how I will handle anal sex since big dicks are very painful to me in the end! I started to play with my hole for a while using my spit on the fingers! I am all focused on a good sex I am going to have tomorrow in a long time!

There was a knock at the door in the morning, it was him! We meet, and directly go to the bed! I really like to talk less when in moment! I go to washroom to freshen up! Early morning sex is good and staying hygienic is sexier! I finish it up quickly and came outside in full clothes! I like getting undressed, especially by others! I sit besides him and give him a smile.

I start to move my hands around his waist, and he gets a little comfortable since my other friend is in the same room too, and he is shocked when I directly kiss him! He is shy about my friend but I assure him that it was okay!

This makes him somewhat relaxed and he starts kissing me back! He is all cold because of the winter and I am warm because of the blankets that I had been sleeping into! We hug each other while kissing, to create more heat between us! I run my hands slowly towards his waist and I rub it very softly, as if my fingers were like a feather! I exhale hot breathe on his neck and rub my subtle beard while kissing it, I decide to run my hands a little lower and feel the curves of his manhood. My eyes widen as I touch it, it is huge and hot, firm enough to break my insides! I undress him fully while he undress me! We are in our undies now!

Not waiting for long, I run my tongue on his chest and nipples, smooching and biting his nipples every second, he let me do whatever that I want! I bite it a bit and then rub it with my tongue in a quick manner! I kiss him in his navel, belly button and then I kiss him around his pubic! I bite his thighs, and I bite his dick along with the underwear, it smells pretty nice so I pull his undies through my teeth and unleash his gigantic monster! It is quite a shock since haven’t touched a big dick like this! I start to lick his balls as if I am putting grapes in my mouth! I lick them and put them in my mouth and repeat! I lick his curved dick up to the shaft and with a wide open mouth I suck the huge monster deeply and slowly into my throat! It is as hot a burning rod! I pull back and drop a big load of saliva upon his cock!

I start to suck it hard, as if every single inch of it is mine to use! I spit, and I swallow. I rub his shaft with my palm madly, so that he feels a little hot rubbing on his skin, this makes him moan loudly! I look at him and laugh, and continue to do this anyway! He is at mercy of my sex drive! I cover his dick with my saliva and extra spit! He is all ready, to fuck now, but not me yet! I have a tight hole and this was about to tear me apart! I am a bit tensed!

But I lay in doggy style, I tap his thighs, it is time!

He doesn’t bother to do some fingering with lube! He applies gel on his condom and I explain him how to do! I tell him to insert his dick inside me slowly, and once entered, he would keep it inside me for a few moments, and start tapping his body on the cheeks of my butt!
I take his dick inside me, it is painful, but I have this romantic feeling that he is inside me and I am feeling him making his way through my ass nerves. No, it is still very painful and the pain seems not to be bearable and necessary. I push his dick out by my ass muscles.
I don’t want to lose the moment. I tell him to lay down flat on his back, and I am going to ride him like a reverse cowgirl!

I sit on his dick now, keeping my legs and knees resting on the bed, and his shaft on my asshole! We pour a lot of gel on his condom and he keep pouring more gel in my crack! My hands hold my legs and I adjust his dick in my ass, and very slowly I start to penetrate my ass with his dick, there is no pain at all since gel makes the nerves a little numb and I adjust the size to take! I start to ride it faster! I play with my hairs while I fuck his dick rapidly, and he spanks me softly while squeezing my other butt cheek! I realize that I took a good size of his dick in my ass! I fuck him for like 5 minutes madly, since I am enjoying the sex by my own!

I slow down a little and he starts to enter his dick inside giving gentle pushes! I feel that his dick is penetrating the very core of my system and it starts to reach my own g spot! I feel like his dick is about to enter my stomach! I start to pull his dick out, and it gave me a beautiful joy holding a huge dick coming out of my ass! We apply some more lube and I start to fuck him again! The routine was for more about 5 minutes and then pull it out again with a intense breath.

I want him to enter me again without the condom! He applies more lube and put his dick back again in my ass, this time quickly! I start to fuck him again as he pet me on my back and I make my moves faster, while my friend in the room sits behind me and watch my wet ass making the intense chaos! I start to rub his balls while I sit back on his dick and my tight hole gives his shaft enough pressure and he cums his good warm liquid inside me!

His hot and big load of sperm eases the burning and we are relieved! We are satisfied and so is my friend, who just saw a live porn! After that we take a bath together, he cleans me up while I kiss him and we dress up!
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