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Hi everyone, I am a very old reader of indian sex stories site stories but didn’t know whether it was true or not but I always wanted to try...

How I Convinced My Neighbour Aunty To Have Sex With Me Part – 1

Hi everyone,

I am a very old reader of indian sex stories site stories but didn’t know whether it was true or not but I always wanted to try sex with some women who was elder than me but couldn’t get chance but I always waited for the right movement and one final day it happened with me I don’t know weather what everyone here says is true or not but my incident is a real one cause I was waiting for this from past 3 years and had a good plan for it.

Alright let me start my story I was living in a apartment but didn’t have any neighbour for 2 years as no one came to the next flat and to tell about me, my name is Vikas 18 years old I am 5.10 feet and well built body as I am a regular gym guy and one fine day when I was coming back from college at 12 pm I saw one family of 3 members one men women and a 1-year-old child and watchmen was showing them the flat but I didn’t care much at that time and went inside my flat but after some days that family shifted there house next to my flat still I didn’t care that much but as it was there first day of them in their new house they called us and invited to take sweets and soon my parents became good friends for them.

I was seeing that aunty actual I don’t call her aunty in fact her name is Sanjana 5.5 good structure body but she was exactly looking like Telugu actress Bhavana damn she was exactly the same I was so surprised her husband started talking to me asking my college name what I am studying etc and he asked weather I go to gym by looking at me I said yes so he said even I wanna join I said ok I will take you to my gym and you can talk and as time went we become a good friends and went to gym daily together and he started to trust me as I behaved good in front of him but I suddenly started thinking about the duplicate Bhavana, lol ,I mean Sanjana she was so good and I used to go to their house to call her husband to gym and as he would take time to come I used to play with the child for few mins and even the child liked me and even Sanjana become good friend of mine but the story starts now my friends.

One fine day I went to call sanjana’s husband for gym and rang the bell but sanjana opened the door and said he is not in home as he has gone to trip I said ok and was about to go she called me and said to wait as she wanted to give me the gym fee to pay I was sitting and playing with her child as I normally do and suddenly I taught why shouldn’t I fuck her now and went way too horny and couldn’t control myself and came up with a idea as she gave money I said it was boring to go to gym as her husband was not there she laughed and said ok and she gave me coffee and started to talk to me and said that her husband would be talking about me as I do hard work in gym and after few mins I asked her can I ask her something she said yes with full of fear I said that I love her she was shocked and was looking into my eyes she said are you joking I am married amd you will get a better girl than me I wanted to be started crying she said have you gone mad or something should I speak with your parents.

I said I will die without you she said no don’t do that and all and started convincing me and I said ok I will not do anything but you have to have sex with me. She was shocked and she started crying. I got scared and said I will die and she said why do you want me to do this I have a small baby please lev me I said once I want it or I will die she didn’t listen after that I fell on her knees and said that I want her badly then she got convinced and said ok to it and took promise to not say this to anyone and it would be done only once and she took her baby to bedroom and locked it and came to hall and I was shivering and my cock was already standing pointing she was still thinking and sat next to me then I held her face and slowly took my lips over hers and tears started rolling from her eyes I said please and she wiped it then I started pushing my tongue into her mouth and started licking it but there was no fun and said her that I want to kiss her while she lays on floor she said ok and slept on floor and I went over her on floor and with full forced push my mouth inside her and I was out of control and started kissing so hard and deeply that she pushed me and said what am I doing I again said kissing you and started kissing her hard that I ate her face while kissing and my tongue was completely in her mouth and our saliva was flowing out from side.

But I didn’t leave her and started to roll on floor all over the hall as I was kissing and I was out of control and near did this for 30mins until my mouth started paining and I wouldn’t breath properly as I was kissing so hard and so deeply and she stained me and started looking into my eyes but I was still out of control and tore her blouse and stripped her from her saree and was looking her navel that she was moaning please go slo…Ah ah ah slowly please vikas go slowly but I wasn’t in control and went up to her breast started to squeeze them and milk started to come out of her boobs as she had child which I had totally forgotten then I took the right boobs completely in my mouth and started to suck so hard that milk was flowing out of my own mouth she was again moaning slowly ahhhhhhhhhhhh…….

And now I started biting her nipples badly without control like it was something to eat and started biting it hard and she pushed me and started to run her nipples as it hurts her and started crying but by that time my cock was going crazy I without waiting put my cock into her pussy and started to stroke hard and pushed deeper and deeper as my cock was 9 inch I was pushing it deeper and deeper she again started to moan loudly and pushed me by this time door bell rang
And I will tell what happened there in the next part