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Now let’s continue the story as I told my neighbour Sanjana to sleep on floor so I can kiss her and fuck her I was totally out of control an...

How I Convinced My Neighbour Aunty To Have Sex With Me Part – 2

Now let’s continue the story as I told my neighbour Sanjana to sleep on floor so I can kiss her and fuck her I was totally out of control and was kissing her so hard that I nearly ate her face with my mouth and our saliva was flowing out and I started licking it and I even lost control and tore her bra and sucked her nipples so hard and even bit her nipples so hard that she started screaming this was the last part I stopped and then suddenly door bell rang I was scared that her husband has come back and he would hear her screaming but I said not to tell anything and she started to wear her blouse and saree as her bra was torn and went to open the door.

I went and sat back on sofa and was scared but it was apartment watchmen saying something about meeting and went off but he was staring at her erected nipples as they were visible without bra and he didn’t say anything and went off and she closed the door and turned and I again went and pulled her saree off and pushed her to floor and went for kissing again but this time I spitted all over her lips and said to suck the saliva I spitted she didn’t want to do it but I started to spit directly in her mouth and afterwards told her to spit in my mouth and her spit was so sweet I again went out of control and squeezed her boobs so hard she started screaming softly ahhhhhh….. But then I removed my underwear and removed her saree and underwear and completely eat her pussy and she went out of control as I sucked it hard and didn’t even led her to cum and was eating it she was moving all around and telling me to take my mouth out of her pussy so she can cum and as I took my mouth out she started to breath heavily while jumping in her sleeping position and now I started to insert my dick inside and without waiting started to fuck her hard she started moaning slowly slowly please…..

Ahhhhh its so big your going to deep it’s hurting me ahhh ahhh ahhh ahh but I didn’t stop and was fucking her as hard as possible as I was out of control and finally I turned her around and fucked her in doggy style and started slapping her ass she now started to cry but I didn’t stop fucking her hard and after 30 mins of fucking I stopped and turned her she was looking so sexy with full sweat and tears in her eyes and said ok please stop I can’t do anymore and I cummed all over her stomach and fell on her and started to suck her lips but she was pushing me begging to stop but I didn’t listen and was sucking her lips and tongue and I wanted to fuck her ass but didn’t tell her that I will fuck her ass but told her to give me a blowjob and she said please leave me it’s enough but I said you have to do it as she took my dick in her mouth.

I held her hairs and started to push her face completely in as she now had my 9inch dick in her mouth she started to cough but I didn’t leave her and started to stroke and did it for 5mins after which she spitted out on floor and I cummed on her face and she again started begging ok now leave me I am done I said to sleep again she ask still what do you want I said her again to sleep and she slept on floor now I widened her legs and I would she her ass hole but it was to small for my dick so first inserted my two fingers where she asked what am I doing as it was her first time in ass and I started to put my 3 fingers now she started to scream stoppppp….. And I took out my fingers and her ass hole was now became little big and started to put my dick inside her ass when she closed her eyes and was scared of my cock but as I inserted my cock her ass was so tight I got even horny and started fucking her ass hard and hardly that she started to moan ahhhh ahhhh stop ahhh oh my god ahhh ahhh but while fucking her ass the way her boobs were bouncing made me still go horny and fucked her ass for 30mins after which I cummed in her ass and was tired and slept next to her and she was breathing heavily and was crying for pain in ass and finally after few mins.

I gave her kiss and drank her breast milk again when she said to stop so she will have some milk for her baby to and I left it and we started to wear our dress but this time it had already been like 3 hours of fucking after sometime she went to kitchen and drank water and was standing in there where I went and said thank you for the gift and sorry for the pain she didn’t say anything but cried for some time and asked why I didn’t like that to her and I again said her that I love her and she didn’t do anything but hugged me tightly and said that she is married and she can’t love me I said we can be like this without anyone knowing about us then she was staring into my eyes and said is it correct to do this I said yes and finally I went home and wouldn’t sleep the whole night and friends after this there is something else that happened with us which no one would ever imagine which I will tell in my next part