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Hey guys and girls this is the story for every brother who wants to fuck their sister, my name is rakesh I am 17 and my penis is 6.8 inches ...

How I Forcefucked My Sister

Hey guys and girls this is the story for every brother who wants to fuck their sister, my name is rakesh I am 17 and my penis is 6.8 inches long enough to satisfy a woman.

The story starts when my sister hits puberty I started getting atraction towards her as she became super hot, she is 16 and has big boobs and a very sexy big ass , all the guys in the street and in her school wants to fuck her and so was I. I start seeking fir moments to fuck her but never got one, she is my cousion sister and I visit their house atleast 3-4 times in a month as it is close.

One day I went to deliver something , I called for mamiji but she was not there but my sister (sonali) heard my voice and asked who is there.

Me – sonali its me rakesh, where are you?

Sonali – I am in the room changing clothes.

Me – ok, I just came here to leave some stuff I am going now.

Sonali – ok, bye bye

Me – bye

But the same moment when I was going to leave I thought maybe this can be a chance of me seeing her nude , then I started searching for some holes from where I can see her changing lucking there was a hole in the batroom door to which the room is attached I went in the batroom and started peeking at her she had her back at me and was removing her pants , I got so excited I started rubbing my dick , now I could see her ass but not completely as she was wearing panty but that seen itself made me cum in my pants and then I ran away.

Its been 4-5 months I was jerking off thinking about that moment only and did not got any other chance , but one day neary around january 5th my parents decided to go on a tour to shimla but I said no because I do not like mountains ,but asked them to go and said that I will stay at mamiji’s house, they said ok, I got excited I thought maybe now I could get a chance to fuck my sis , they leave the house at 5pm and leave me at mamiji house , my sis was happy as she thought we would watch movies have fun and all that shit but I was more happy as now I could get a chance to fuck her , so nearly around 7pm mamaji asked me and my sis to go and buy some stuff from the market , we went to the market on my bike I said her bring some chips and cold drinks that we can drink while watching movies all night she said ok, as she was going in the shop I saw her ass and got turned on I started thinking of ideas to see her naked so I thought of buying some deep sleep medicines and giving it to them, so I told her to shop I am just coming in 2 minutes so I went to medicine shop and asked him to give me medicine that can help me to deep sleep as I was having paroblem in sleepin , he gave me 2 dose and said take one today and one tomorrow I said okay then I took my sister from shop and went home.

As we planned to watch tv whole night mamaji and mamiji decide to sleep together in different room while me and my sis shared same room then we ate dinner and started watching tv at around 2am I noticed that she is feeling sleepy I asked her

Me – sonali are you feeling sleepy

Sonali – no just a little bit

Me – ok let me make some milk for us both so that we can watch this movie without feeling sleepy

Sonali – ok

Then I went in the kitchen boiled some milk and add one medicine in her mug of milk but then I thought what if one medicine wont make her go in deep sleep so I added another one and mixed it quiet well , I then gave her the milk she drank it in pace now I was just waiting for her to go sleep

After half hour I could notice that she had slept so I tried to her up she did not wake up but I wanted to make sure so I tried to wake her up again and again but she did not wake up I got afraid what if medicines has over reacted so I checked if she was taking breath and she was taking breath so I just got excited because now she is in deep sleep and finaly I could see her naked so I first went it her blanket she had worn leggings and a tshirt the leggings were so tight that her ass was like popping out of them as she was sleeping with her back facing me I slept near her and put my hand on her ass then I started moving my hand it felt so nice like my dream come true I got an erection ,so I took my dick out and started rubbing to her ass now I wanted to suck her boobs , so I straiten her up now she was lying straight then I gently lift her tshirt , and gently removed her bra , oh my god her boobs were so big and hard I wanted to bite her nipples but I controlled my self I gentlly placed my hand on her boobs and start rubbing them then gently sucked then now I wanted to see her pussy so I throw the blanket side and gently removed her leggings and her panty her pussy was shaved I wanted to fuck her as I was still a virgin I wanted to fuck her badly but I was afraid as I was paretty sure that she is also a virgin and the pain might wake her up so I just rubbed my dick on her pussy then I turned her because I wanted to see her big ass, I turned her and widen her ass I started jerking off fast and I cum in few seconds and rubbed some of my sperm on her asshole then I took her pics on my phone then I dressed her up the medicines worked quiet well but my dream of fucking her was not fullfilled yet

The next morning when wake up I she was showering I started watching tv mamiji cooked for me I was afraid to talk to her but she was talking normally so I thought she dont know what I did to her I was happy at around 8pm that night mamaji and mamiji said that they are going to ‘jagrata’ (night function) nearby and asked us if we wanna come we were not interested so we said no then they asked us to lock house as they will come tomorrow morning at 5 or 6 am we said ok I was happy as I thought I might get a chance to fuck her but how?

Then at night when we were watching tv around 11 pm I askeed her casually

Me – sonali you got any boyfriend

Sonali – noo, why are you asking me this?

Me – dont lie you can be open to me I know you have one I heard somewhere

Sonali – ok, but where you heard , I am quiet sure that bitch vanshu had told you

Me – yes, so you have boyfriend

Sonali – yes, but please dont tell mom and dad bahiya

Me – no dont worry I wont tell and also vanshu was telling me you guys had kissed also ( vanshu did not tell me anything )

Sonali – yes , but only once please dont tell anyone

Me – ok ( after a long pause ) have u guys had sex yet?

Sonali – yeww noooo thats gross brother why are you asking me such questions you are my brother

Me – I am just being frank , so can I guess you havent even watched porn yet?

Sonali – no I have not watched porn yet and stop asking me such questions

Me – be normal and I just thought you should have watched porn till now your friends might have watched already

Sonali – oh yes I have heard some of my friends talking about porn

Me – so you wanna watch?

Sonali – no way , with you, no

Me – whats wrong with me who else with you watch it , with your boyfriend ?? That would be awkward

Sonali – but you are my brother

Me – I am also your friend

Then I opened porn site and asked her what kind of porn would she like , she had no idea so I started random porn and made her hold the phone and got in her blanket , after some time with my right hand I started jerking and asked her if she had ever played with her pussy she said what?? No never

She got nervous and said I think first you should watch this then I will watch and tried to get up I made her sit I wrapped my left hand around her she was nevous I said feel comfortable then I started taking my left hand toward her left boob ( as my hand was on her shoulder ) now my hand was touching her left boob she had worn a tight top and shorts , she felt uncomfortable and moved a little down I know I had to take some action so as we in the same blanket I gently took my dick out of pants then waited for some moment and then suddenly take her right hand and placed it over my dick and paressed my hand over her hand so she could not take it of and started paressing her left boob with my left hand she got nervous and started resisting and said bhai kya kar rahe ho yeh? Chhodo mujhko or jor jor se chilane laggi

Mnne kaha chupp karke baithi rah , fir wo khti chhodo mujhku or chilane laggi khti ki m mummy or papa ko bataungi

M khta thik h m bhi bataunga ki tu porn dekhti h or tera ek boyfriend h or tu us se chuddi h

Sonali – kitne jhuthe ho aap ( rotte hue ) mnne kiss ke alwa kuch nahi kia , app gnde ho choddo mereko

Mnne uski ek na sunni or uski shorts utarkar uski pussy chusne lagga , usne phle bahut resist karra par baad me usse bhi majje anne lagg gye , mnne pucha kssa lagg raha h

Wo khti bhai yeh sbb thik nahi h

Mnne kaha kissi ko patta nahi chlega or jor se uski pussy chusne lagga,usko bhi mjja aa raha tha

Fir m khda huaor uski chut me apna lund dalne lagga uski chut bahut tight thi ,jsse hi mnne thoda sa lund dalla wo chillai ‘ haye re maa mar gyi , aah ahhh ‘ nikalo nikalo bahiya isko bahut bdda h yeh merese na liya jaega. Fir mnne usko kaha ki isko muh me dalkar gilla karde fir lenne me asani hoggi.

Wo mnna karne laggi mnne uske baal pakde or uske muh me lund daal dia or uske muhh ko chodne lagga fir mnn kitchen se jldi se oil le aaya or apne lund par lagakar ek saath hi poora de dia uske, wo chilane laggi mnne uska muhh apne haatho se bnd kar dia thodi der baad usko bhi mjja anne lagg.

Fir mnne usko dogystle me kia or chodne lagga uss gaand jor jor se hill rahi thi m usse or jor se chodne lagga par uski gaand ko dekhne ke baad m uske gaand ke ched ko bhi chodna cahata tha …. Mnne mera lund uski chut me se nikala or uskagaand ka ched chatne lagga usko majje aa rahe the par usko patta nahi tha ki m uski gaand mmarne walla hu mnne fir appne lund par oil lagaya or uski gaand ke ched me de hi raha tha ki itne me usne mujhe rok liya khti bahiya isme matt daalo please m khta thik h fir mnne uske muh me daala or wo chusne laggi fir thodi hi der me mnne uske muhh me apna sperm chhod diya wo sarra pee gyi

Fir hum dono bed par laet gyi fir mnne pucha majja aya wo khti haan , par kissi ko batana matt m khta thik h.

Wo mere liye ka best din tha ab uss baat ko ek saal ho gya hai , jabb bhi uske ghr par koi nahi hotta wo mereko phone kar deti h or m usko chodd aatta hu, bss abb meri do bhen or bachi h jinko m chodna chata hu ek na ek din unko bhi chodunga

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