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We both knew about this and wanted to have some fun before marriage and there we were happily fucking around. One fine evening we both we ou...

How I Fucked My Ex Who Became Engaged

We both knew about this and wanted to have some fun before marriage and there we were happily fucking around. One fine evening we both we out on a drive in my car and she got a call from her mom saying that a boy’s family is coming to see her the next day and that she should take off from work.She was ok with that and hung up the call and she told me the same and said she wanted to have sex with me before her meeting the boy. It was already 10 pm and so it was difficuilt to find a place for us after that. So we just wound up with some foreplays and oral sex. I’d asked her to meet the guy and then tomorrow night if she can come out, we’ll have sex.

She was happy and so I dropped her off and came back home. Reshma then called me around 12 in the night and she sounded little nervous about meeting the guy the next day and I got her convinced and she sounded ok after an hour’s call.Eventually, our talks went towards sex and we had a good phone sex for some 2 hours.The next evening I got a call from Reshma saying that family liked her and so does she. Both of them had got along really well and she said that she thinks this would work out.

The families decided and arranged for the engagement the day after and that she was so desperate in meeting me before that.But as bad luck, we couldn’t meet up and finally the night after her engagement she came out to meet me. She had come directly from the engagement hall and so she was in her saree with the jewels. I picked her up from the usual spot and once inside the car, I hugged her to congratulate her and her in return kissed me on my lips.

She said that she wouldn’t get back home that night, without having sex with me and that she had already booked a room in the resort which is on the outskirts of our city under the foothills of a mountain. I then drove her to the resort and we checked in the resort and ordered some food and drinks for us.reshma was looking so beautiful in the dress with all the jewels.

I then took her in my arms and lifted her to kiss her lips. Her hands were around my neck and her fingers were playing with my hairs. We kept kissing for another 20 minutes when we broke the kiss on hearing someone on the door. I went and let the room service in, and was waiting near the door for him to get back after placing the food and the drinks.I closed the door behind him and also put the DND tag on the door. Reshma was standing right behind me and once I turned around, she jumped on me and we started our kissing again. I carried her to the hall and sat down on the couch with she still kissing me. I then broke the kiss and told her that we’ll have some food before we have the fun.

She was fine and then first she called her mom to tell her that she had to work the entire night to solve an issue at the office as she had taken 3 days off without prior notice. Her mom believed whatever Reshma had to say and she had no problem with that. Now that she needs to give the exact same excuse to her “to be hubby” too. Reshma called him up and initially, the guy was really happy to have got a call and he started with his talks. It was more formal as being the first time and it went on for some 5 minutes and Reshma couldn’t hold any longer that she hung up saying she’s getting a client call and that she would call him back once she’s free.

By then I had served food for both of us and also had the drinks ready.Reshma then came to me and said she would eat from my plate only and that she wants to sit on the lap as well. We then had our food, feeding each other and Reshma, had gulped down 3 vodkas. I then carried her to the bed and whispered in her ears” babe, I want to enact the first night scene, where you would come inside with the saree and jewels”.

Wow, that feeling is so awesome even though she had given me blowjobs like numerous times. She was getting better with every time and now she kept sucking my cock and playing with my balls too. Reshma sucked my cock for some 10 minutes non-stop that I spurted out my cum in her mouth and she even sucked me dry. I came on top of Reshma bent down to take her nipples in the mouth. Slowly I moved to her toes and came up from there lifting her saree and petticoat. I stopped at her inner thighs and was kissing them and took my hand to her panty pulling it down.

As always Reshma had her pussy clean shaved for me and seeing that I parted her pussy lips and started to lick it from top to bottom. Reshma’s moans were getting louder with every passing second and that was driving me crazy. My lickings went deeper inside her pussy and at the same time, my left hand was playing with her clitoris. After some 5 minutes of licking, I pushed in my middle and index finger inside her cunt and was stroking very vigorously. I moved my fingers up and deeper and finally after so many fuck sessions, I touched her G-spot.

I found that with Reshma’s moans. She was moaning like hell and at the same time enjoying my act. Soon Deeps came in tons, her juices were flowing out like a water rushing out when the dam breaks. Reshma pulled me up and we had an amazing kiss which lasted for so long.Reshma broke the kiss and asked me ” oh dear, you have been such an amazing lover to me. now tell me what is that u want from me? anything under the sky I will do it for u”. I smiled at her comment and said ” oh deeps, you have shown me the wonderful world of sex. there’s nothing more I can ask. but that I would want to have sex with u all through my life. will u be mine?” to which she said ” I can never think of leaving u behind. u know that very well. now that tell me your fantasy in sex. let me do that for u”. I then told her that I have lots of fantasies to be fulfilled by her and one of that is I want to RAPE A GIRL. Reshma laughed at me and asked me ” how do u want to proceed?”. I told her the theme and we set off with that theme.

I was sitting on my couch watching TV and there came Reshma again wearing the same saree and as a matter of fact, we both were dressed up again. Reshma was walking around the room as if she was walking in the outdoors and I was sitting on the couch as if I was watching her from a shop in the street and I set out to follow her.

At one point I went and hugged her from behind closing her mouth with a cloth and put her on my shoulders(actually it should have been that I dragged her into my car drove to my house) and walked towards the bedroom as if I was walking inside a house. Once inside I let her down and latched the door behind me. Reshma was running all around the room to save herself and I jumped and pulled her pallu stripping her saree and throwing it away. I then pulled the cloth from her mouth and she was screaming for help and at the same time pleading me to leave her alone. I wouldn’t listen to her cries that I pulled her by her hairs and put her on the bed.

I jumped over her and started to kiss her lips and she wouldn’t open hers. My hands went behind to strip her blouse off and tore off her bra. I then caught her face and tried to push my tongue inside her mouth and she didn’t allow. I then bit her upper lips and she opened her mouth to scream and with that, I put my tongue inside and started to play with hers. I got up removed my pants and took out my hard dick out. I then pulled Reshma to stand on her knees and took her face to my cock. She was hesitant to take it in and didn’t open her mouth. I forced my entry inside and started to push my entire dick inside her mouth which she couldn’t take it. I kept fucking her mouth for some 5 minutes and then sprayed my cum on her face.

I now pulled down her petticoat and tore her panty as well. I wanted to tear open her blouse as well but she didn’t allow as it was her engagement dress so I was left with tearing her bra and panty only. I tweaked her nipples hard so that it really pains for her. I moved down to her cunt and rubbed my fingers over her pussy and found that she was wet.I told her ” u fucking bitch, so u enjoy the act huh. now come on. go ahead and take my cock inside u” and with that, I positioned myself in between her legs and entered her pussy without any warning. She did not expect that move from me and I kept fucking her cunt really hard. I fucked her for some 10 minutes and made her stand on all fours and entered her pussy from behind.

She sucked my cock for some 20 minutes and then I discharged my load in her mouth which she swallowed happily. She even took some in her fingers turned to the camera and licked her fingers dry giving sexy expressions. I got super excited that I took off the cloth and made her do it again in front of the camera which she did.After that, I blindfolded her again and put her on the edge of the table and she was showing her cunt, arse to the camera and she was even fingering her cunt. I took the phone in my hand and was showing her whole body boobs, navel cunt, arse, and her face and put it back on the stand. I came to her pussy and at first, I inserted my forefinger into her cunt and she was playing with her own clitoris and I was licking it at times.Soon I put my middle finger too and reached out for her GSpot and was finger fucking her really hard. I wanted her to moan as loud as possible which she did for me. I get excited hearing her moans.

Soon she had her orgasm and again this was also big as the first one. I then climbed up on the table and got in between her legs and positioned my cock at her entrance and kept rubbing it there.Reshma then put her hand and guided my cock into her cunt and she wrapped her legs around my hips pulling me towards her. I bent down to kiss her lips and she opened her lips wide and we kept sucking each other’s lips and I was fucking her in a slow rhythm. After some 5 minutes I rolled back and freshman came on top of me and she started to ride me shouting out my name and talking in the local language all dirty stuff.I turned around so that she faces the camera and I was holding her hips. Reshma had her own hands playing with her boobs, shouting, and giving and sexy expressions to the camera. After some 10 minutes, I stopped her and pulled out my dick and again turned around so that even in the reverse cowgirl position she faces the camera.This time I wanted to fuck her arse and made her sit on my cock in that position. My cock after a lot of efforts found its way completely inside her arse. Reshma was jumping up in the air riding my cock. I pulled her towards me and she bent backward, lying on my chest. I then made Reshma to finger fuck her own pussy and I was thrusting her arse from the back.

It was so good experience for both of us and Reshma went really mad that she was shouting ” fuck me fuck me. give me your baby… ooofffff yeaaaa…. mannn…. ” and all this was in our local language which was even more exciting for us. Both of us climaxed at the same time after some 10 minutes of hard core fucking. I had no energy left that I just lay down on the table and Reshma was on top of me with my dick still inside her arse. We dozed off like that and we woke up at around 2 am. I carried Reshma in my arms and she took the phone from the shelf and we went to the bedroom. We transferred the video to my laptop and set out to watch the video.

Seeing the video both of us were aroused that I did not wait for anything that I made Reshma to stand on all fours and started to fuck her arse with the video still running. I rammed her arse for god 15 minutes and pulled out and shoved it in her pussy from behind. I held her hairs back and was all the time playing with her nipples, licking her back, neck, earlobes.She would turn her face sideways at times wanting me to kiss her. I fucked for again for another 10 minutes and sprayed my cum deep inside her pussy. Reshma then came on top of me and we had a conversation about sex life and our relationship and all. Reshma told me that even if she is married to that guy for society am her hubby for herself.I told her I want to fuck her as much as possible before her wedding which will happen in another 4 months as after that I would have to share her with her official hubby and that I would get a chance to fuck her occasionally. Reshma said that I can fuck her anytime even after marriage as she had put a condition that she would work after marriage and that she can always make her way out from the house to meet me.

She even said that she too wants to spend the maximum time possible with me before her wedding. She even mentioned that she wants her first kid to be mine and not her official hubby’s.It was around 4 am and we were not in a mood to sleep so set to another session of love making and this time we were very romantic like we did not rush things up but rather had a good love making session lying sideways facing each other and the thrusts too were very slow in a romantic way.


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