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Hi. I am a regular visitor to Indian Sex Stories and now I have come up with a story happened in my life. Let me introduce myself. I am Rish...

How A Shy And Virgin College Student Had Sex With An Aunty Part-1

Hi. I am a regular visitor to Indian Sex Stories and now I have come up with a story happened in my life.

Let me introduce myself. I am Rishith from Guntur located in Andhra Pradesh. I am 20 years old and fair skin tone and height of 5’7″ and a thin and lean person. No need of introducing her because she is an outstanding aunty.

I am a person who doesn’t talk much with girls and even with my relatives. So as I am so shy I am unable to make relations with girls. I came to know that there is a paid aunty for sex. So I collected all the information and asked her for sex. Once she agreed we have planned in a hotel room.

Now the action starts as she said she is waiting in the room. I went to the room and felt so shy to open the door and then she called me that where are u. By listening to the ring she found that I am at the door. She came and opened the door and kept do not disturb board and locked the room. She asked me to introduce and asked whether I came with a condom or not. I said to her that this is the first time I am with women in a room without any other person and said I am virgin but I masturbate monthly and watches porn a lot. I said I had come with a condom. She said OK then shall I remove the clothes and start the action. I said no. As I am virgin and this is the first time. I want to do foreplay and then remaining. She said OK and there the action started.

Now she is sitting side by me and she took my face in her hands and kept her lips on mine. As it is the first time I didn’t respond well and then she took the charge and then slowly I started kissing her. Like that for 5 to 10 mins of a romantic kiss. While kissing my hands are roaming around her back and in the blouse. After that, she loosened her hair and wow long hair she is having. I started kissing all around her neck and then chick and then lips.

 By continuing that my hands went to her boobs and then she put a hand on my hand and made to press her boobs gently and later I pressed her boobs without her help. Later I removed the pallu of the red saree and started kissing on boobs over the blouse and then with my tongue removed the blouse hooks and removed the blouse and while this process my cock got erected and it is at a stage that it may cum at any time or any touch. So by removing her blouse, I came to know that her boobs size is 38C as she said it. She is wearing a red colour jockey bra. And I didn’t removed the bra and on the bra only I sucked the boobs and the nipples are so erect and it is visible on the bra. The bra became wet due to sucking. She removed my shirt and said what’s this you are so thin that I don’t think that you might satisfy me. I said that this is the first OK but I will try my level best.

Later she kissed on my chest and had a lip kiss.

I came down to her navel and rolled my tongue around it and it made her so erotic. Later I removed her petty coat and saw the heaven with a cloth covering it. The cloth too is of jockey and it is a wonderful sight to watch where no hair is present and she shaved it so well. Later I kept my mouth on it and slid my tongue on panty. I rolled my tongue on the panty and tongue fucked her on the panty. Her vagina becoming wet and also she is moaning loud and she is pressing my head on to the pussy by her hand and at the same time she holds my and making to press her right boob and on of my hand is for support. At this stage without knowing I come in my pant. She comes in her panty by the sucking of her pussy on the panty. after that, she felt some relief and said that I don’t think that I am a virgin.

Now I sucked the panty while it is on her and swallowed the liquid and then left the panty on her as I have work on the upper part of her body.

Now I went to top and then making moves on her boobs and around the neck part and kept hands on top of the boobs and pulled the bra downwards and pulled her boobs out of the bra and had a look at the boobs for a second and it is the first time seeing boobs and sucked then on the bra and now pressing the boobs with my both hands and having a lip kiss and the came down to boobs and started sucking the left boob and kept one hand at neck and got hold of her and another hand is pressing her right boob. Her one hand is pressing on my hand and pressing the boob and with another hand, she sliding on the pussy. after some time the process is vise Versa. As I came earlier my cock didn’t get erect as it is giving me time to suck and make some romance with her. Now she asked to keep my tongue in her pussy and I don’t know how to do. But I kept my mouth on the pussy and then I slid my tongue on it and then I moved my tongue inside the pussy and moving it in and out. after some time kept my finger and did finger fuck.

she said to continue and after some time I stopped doing and asked to give a blowjob and she is an expert in it as she is an experienced woman. she said you just cumed in your pant and now you may not fuck me with erect cock if you cum again. so I will give you a blowjob with a condom that she took a cream and applied it on my cock and then put the condom and then gave a blowjob. I asked what is it. then she said it is a stay long cream and it should not go into the mouth so I put a condom on it.

The main action and different things happened in my first time is so rememberable and exciting.

So guys please wait for the main action to come. As per the response, I get for this will make the second part to come fast.

Any ladies in Andhra Pradesh can contact me at rishrish104@gmail.Com. Privacy is guaranteed and I know how to make a girl satisfy as much as possible. I have read so many stories and so many topics on how a girl can be satisfied. I am now able to stand for a long time. you will know the balance in the next part. Thank u.