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Hi friends, your Night Rider is back with the new encounter, firstly let me thank you for your lovely responses, I am thankful to Indian Sex...

Hyderabadi Angel On New Year Night Part – 2

Hi friends, your Night Rider is back with the new encounter, firstly let me thank you for your lovely responses, I am thankful to Indian Sex Stories , for creating such a nice platform to share our experiences and to meet new friends. For new readers, let me introduce myself, I am Night Rider (nightriderforhornybabes) from Hyderabad. Any unsatisfied Ladies from in and around Hyderabad/Vijayawada want to have a secret relationship can contact me at, I am just a mail away for you.

This is continuation of my earlier story for people who don’t the earlier part can go with the mentioned link to understand the previous part, without any late, let’s jump into the story

She started handling me like a wild pussycat, and scrolling her hands on my entire body and by playing such things, we finally reached her home, and parked the car, and I totally jumped on her and started, smooching her passionately, I am pressing her boobs very hard and biting her lips and out lips and tongues are speaking to each other and there is no space between our bodies, I now slowly went on to her neck and I adjusted her hair to right side and started kissing on left side of the neck and she is going mad by this time and her fingernails are pressing my back and I have done vice versa on her right neck, while kissing her neck, I pressing her navel and belly, she is shouting by saying you animal, eat me, just eat me, I am waiting for a male animal to eat me from a long time, while kissing, I opened the car door and took her into her home, I am carrying her on me, she is quite opposite to me, we are kissing each other, while her legs on my ass, while carrying I am beating on her ass and making her hornier. She is shouting with pleasure aah, uhh, ummmm, now I have opened the door and locked the door and placed her on the door, and kissing her … That day it was the best day, as I have kissed her for so long time, now she guided me to her master bedroom

In the bedroom, I have thrown her on the bed, and she shouted auch, now I moved towards her leg and kept her left leg on my chest and started kissing her right foot toes, I kept her toe in my mouth and I am sucking it very nicely and she is enjoying the act, and I did with the other leg in the same wise, meanwhile I am pressing her legs gently and playing with my fingers on her leg, now I started moving my tongue on her thighs and sucking them gently, and she is shivering with pleasure and moaning softly, now the act started, I went on to her navel and started rotating my tongue on her navel by pressing the side parts of navel very roughly and shouted… hey handle them with care, and she playing with my hair and she is enjoying every movement of the act.

I then turned her back and started licking her back and kissing her back, then slowly I turned I her towards me and then slowly inserted my monster into her pussy, she shouted with pleasure, then I slowly started doing the action and she is enjoying and then increased the pace after doing for some time we took rest, then later I lifted her and took towards a handless chair, I sat on the chair and made her sit opposite to me we are now facing each other and we started kissing passionately, then I went towards her neck and then kissed her neck, kissed her neck and then went on to her boobs and kissed her boobs and bitten her nipples, she shouted with pleasure umm….. raj they are waiting for a rough handling handle them, my body is all yours do what all you want to do, then I was biting her kissing her and meanwhile my hands are playing with her body parts, then we have done chair sex, I inserted my dick in her pussy and she was riding me, the chair is shaking with the moves we are doing on the chair, she is moaning heavily after doing this she rested on me in chair, then I made her sit in the chair and went towards her pussy and I have done a kneel down position and started eating her pussy.

I licked her pussy for 10 minutes, then I took under shower and I have in the shower and while the water is sprinkling on us, I am kissing her, our body is fully wet and we are busy In kissing each other and then we had stand and deliver position and I fucked her for a good time and then took bath and I took the soap and kept on her body and made her bath, I moved the soap on all her body parts and then I washed her, then we went into the bedroom and we slept that night, next day morning, we woke up and inner fire of us was not completed and we again started kissing each other very passionately now she sat on me and kissed me each part of my body and took my dick into her mouth and sucked it very well, trust me that was the best cock sucking I ever had.

Then she sat on my cock as a cowgirl and we have done cowgirl position she rode me damn good then she went to prepare food for us, as we got exhausted and we were not having the energy to do more, then when she went to kitchen she was nude, that day we roamed all her home in nude, then she called her maid and said not to come and take leave, now while she was preparing food, I went back to her and hugged her tightly and planted kiss on her back she got electric touch feeling, then I went to her back neck and started kissing her neck, then made her sit on the kitchen tile beside stove and made her close to me and kissed her, then I took my dick and again inserted in her pussy and fucked her for some time, then we had our breakfast then,  we had sex in her dining area, then I took her on to her bed and at the edge I made her sleep, while her legs were down half body on bed again I fucked her hard and we did many positions…. Like in 69 position, then I made her face sitter position where she sat on my face and I eat her pussy well, then we did elevator position where I stood and she kneel down in front of me and took my dick into her mouth and she first kept her tongue on my cock and rotated her tongue on my dick, then done two and fro and then

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