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This happened a few months back and I wanted to pen it down. Please feel free to write to me on my mail or hangouts id w...

Lonely Visitor Seeking Company

This happened a few months back and I wanted to pen it down. Please feel free to write to me on my mail or hangouts id with your feedback. One request, don’t be desperate and ask me for the contact details of this lady or any other lady. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

“there you go, one more mail,” I said to myself as my screen displayed the new mail notification. Ever since I placed an ad in the classifieds, it has become a routine for me to get mails inquiring about things that I wrote and then they chicken out. A couple of days back, I placed an ad in the “men looking for women” section – my ad is targeted towards the single women in the city and women who are visiting Bangalore or Bengaluru, as I should now call this lovely city.

My ad was about me giving company to the single women in the city or the visitors to the city. The company could be a chat over a coffee or wine “n” dine or a sensual massage to take out the stress or sex – it’s purely up to the lady to chose. The best part being that there’s no money involved from both sides.

The mail was from mona and the mail had only one sentence “I’m interested. Contact me today on ”. Now I wasn’t sure if it was a serious response or a prank. I didn’t want to take a chance. I responded back after a few minutes saying “I tried calling but the phone isn’t reachable – would you pls call me on ?”

Thirty minutes passed and I didn’t get a call. Yet another fake inquiry, I said to myself. The phone probably read my thoughts and rang immediately. The number flashing on my phone was the same as that given in the mail.

I answered the phone “hello, who’s this?”

“it’s mona here, hi. I emailed you this morning in response to your ad and you gave me this number,” said an intoxicating voice.

Me: hi mona, nice hearing your voice. How are you?

Mona: I’m fine, adi. And you?

Me: fine as well. Tell me, how can I help you?

Mona: I’m on a business visit here and have some spare time this evening. Would you be free to give me some company?

Me: sure. What are your expectations? Would just want to have a drink or some massage or something more? Sorry for being so straight – just that it’ll help me prepare and understand the time commitment expected from me.

Mona: well, I’m expecting to chitchat with you over a drink…nothing more. Would you be able to meet me at the gadang bar in the park plaza on the outer ring road at 6 pm? I’m asking this though you mentioned in your ad – are you expecting any money?

I was a shade disappointed but didn’t show it in my voice.

Me: certainly. I know that place and it’s not far for me. I’ll be there by 6:30 pm. And I need no money…I wouldn’t mind picking up the tab for the drinks or we can share. The choice is yours.

Mona: awesome, see you then.

Me: see you at 6:30…and by the way, you have an intoxicating voice.

And I ended the call.

As it was 5:15 pm, I wrapped up my day early and left for the location. I gave my car for the valet and headed straight to the bar. By the time I went in and settled in a corner, it was 6:15. I messaged her that I reached the place and she just responded “ok”.

There I’ve spent the longest 20 minutes of my life. Around 6:35 pm, I can see a lady walk in. About 5’5, dusky, pleasantly plump with shoulder length hair, brown eyes and dressed in a black skirt with a sleeveless top. The way she was looking around, I could sense she was mona. She came over to me and said “adi?” I got up, smiled, extended my right hand and said: “nice to see you mona”. She smiled and we shook hands.

“you look very pretty, mona” I couldn’t stop myself from saying that. She graciously smiled and said, “thank you”.

As we sat down, I passed on the drinks menu to her and asked her what would she like to have. She asked for a mojito while I ordered a classic margarita and something to munch.

She started off the conversation by saying, “are you really 42? You look younger.” I said, “compliments are hard to come…and I grab everything that comes my way, thank you”. We both laughed at it.

We began chatting and slowly we started feeling comfortable with each other’s company. We got to know each other reasonably well. During the conversation, I occasionally flirted with her – more subtly rather than being direct. Though I didn’t know whether she liked me flirting with her, I was certainly sure that she wasn’t offended.

As we were having our second drink, the bar started getting crowded and a bit noisy as well. After we finished our second drink, she said: “it’s noisy, let’s go”. I was disappointed that the evening is ending so soon, so I said, “I know a nice place, let’s go there”. “no, I don’t want to go anywhere” mona said.

We asked for the check and I insisted on paying it. As we stepped out, I extended my hand and said, “it was nice meeting you, I wish to stay in touch”. She said, “if you’re not in a hurry, we can go to my room and have another drink” and without waiting for my response, she began walking towards the lift. She probably realized that I wasn’t so dumb to refuse it. I happily followed her.

We entered her room. Apart from the bed, it had a two-seat sofa. I chose to sit on the sofa while she settled down on the bed. I walked up to the mini-bar and asked her “beer, whiskey or vodka?” she wanted a beer and so did I. I picked up two bottles of kf premium and opened them. Handed over one to her while I walked back to the sofa with the second one. We took the first sip of the beer after saying “cheers!” from the distance.

As she took the first sip, she kept the bottle on the side table and said: “doesn’t it taste different?” “no, mine is perfectly fine,” said I. She picked up her bottle, walked up to me, tapped on my thigh asking me to move and sat next to me. As it wasn’t a large sofa, we had to snuggle up against each other. I could feel her softness and it was a nice feeling.

She handed over my bottle to her and said, “taste it and tell me”. I took a sip, looked at her and winked at her saying, “hmmm…the beer has become very sweet after touching your lips” in a flirty voice. She’s pinched me on my thigh and said, “stop flirting and tell me seriously”. “no, it tastes the same” I replied. She said “choro…tujhe kuch nahi pata (leave it, you don’t know anything)”.

What followed next came as a shocker. She took another sip from the bottle, stretched her right hand to hold my head, pulled me closer and engaged me in a long lip-lock. Our lips were pressing against each other and she passed on the beer into my mouth…” now tell, how does it taste?” mona asked. I gulped the beer and said, “ummm…didn’t really get the taste, can we do that again?”

As she blushed, I tried to pull her again for another kiss. She pulled back…I looked at her eyes and could see a kind of hesitation in them. I got up, stood to face her, lifted her chin using my index finger, bent down, kissed her on her forehead and said “don’t worry. You’re safe with me…I’ll only make love to you, will do nothing to harm you. If you’re still uncertain, tell me and I’ll leave immediately.” mona stood up and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back with one arm on her back and another on her waist. We stood like that for long.

As she started relaxing her grip around me, I started caressing her back using my palm, moved it up to her neck, pushed my fingers into her hair, gently pulled her head back and planted a kiss on her lips. At first, it was a peck, then a kiss where I firmly planted my lips on hers and then I gently grabbed her lower lip with both my lips and gently started sucking it. As I did that, I tightened my grip on her waist and pulled her closer. She stepped on my toes so I can get better access. We had no space between us now – her thighs touching mine, my groin around her lower abdomen and her boobs pressed against my chest.

The warmth of the exhaled air from her nostrils is hitting my face and is turning me on…I’m sure that’s the same with her.

I pull her head a little back by holding her hair and planted a kiss on her neck. “ummmmm” she let out a loud moan. The kiss was followed by many more kisses – first on her collarbone, then on the soft flesh joining her collarbone with the neck, on her neck, just under her chin. I was sometimes kissing her, sometimes nibbling, sometimes gently biting, sometimes pressing her skin hard with my lips and at times licking her. With each kiss, it was becoming more and more uncontrollable for her. She was moaning at times and at times hissing – oh adi, you’re killing me…please stop. I was relentless…continued to focus on her neck while my left hand was behind her neck holding her hair. My right hand came onto her chest and grabbed her boob…gently caressed it with my palm over her top. It moved on in search of the buttons of the top…and as I found them, I started unbuttoning her top.

As I unbuttoned all the buttons, mona stepped back from me and removed her top. I turned her around, moved her hair over her shoulder and started to kiss her back all over her spine. As I approached her bra strap, I unhooked it and continued to kiss her spine. I then removed her bra and she’s now topless. I took her to the mirror, made her stand to face the mirror, came behind her, hugged her from behind, cupped her breasts with both my palms, began kissing her neck as I was caressing her boobs and said “look in the mirror…see how sexy you look.” “do I look like an angel or a slut?” she asked. “angel” I replied. “thank you, I don’t like my man to use abusive language in bed,” she said. A valuable piece of information, I thought.

I continued kneading her boobs as I was kissing her neck. Going by the look on her face and the way she’s moaning, I could sense that she is just loving it. I gently slipped my right hand onto her thigh and lifted her skirt. She was taken aback by my move – I could gauge it by her facial expression. I right hand went under her skirt and began rubbing her pussy over her panty while my left hand continued to knead her left breast and I was kissing her neck.

Her moans got louder, her body stiffened and she began trembling. She’s nearing her orgasm, I thought and continued to rub my hand over her pussy. “ahhhhhhh….Adiiiiiiiii” she shouted and began breathing heavily as her head collapsed to a side. Seeing her state, I paused. The look on her face was awesome, something that’s hard to explain. Her panty was wet and my fingers could feel it. I brought my fingers closer to my nose and loved the way her juices smelled.

She opened her eyes as if she just came out of a coma, gave me a deep & a long kiss and said “I want you inside me”. “what’s the hurry, baby?” I said. She gave me a puzzled look. I unzipped her skirt and pulled her panty down. Boy…she’s gorgeous and sexy, an amazing figure she had. Perky boobs, super sensitive nipples, curved waist with a little bit of tummy, deep navel, a butt that resembles an apple that’s sliced into half, a clean shaven pussy, fleshy thighs and nicely shaped calf muscles. She knows how to take care of herself. The area around her pussy was shiny…not sure if its sweat or the juices that were secreted a few moments back. Nonetheless, it was a sexy sight to watch…real turn on!!!

Mona turned around and said, “not fair, your clothes are still on!” “it means that you’re not doing your job properly”, I quipped. “really!!!” she pouted as she said that and began kissing me again. She was unbuttoning me as we were kissing. Even before I realized, I was out of my shirt. Her hands ran over my bare chest and went all the way down to my trousers. She unbuckled by belt and in no time, my trousers were separated from me. She gently inserted her hand inside my jockey, held my dick and ran her hands over it as if she was gauging its size. She disengaged from me and said’ “hmmmm…I like it.” “all yours” I replied. She pulled my jockey down and said, “we’re even” with a naughty smile. I bent down, inserted my hand in the pocket of my trousers, took out a condom, showed it to her and winked…she blushed looking at it and looked away from me.

I held her hand, led her to the bed and made her lie down on her back. I kneeled near her legs and began kissing her right thigh while caressing the left one with my hand. “ummmmm…” she moaned in approval and separated her legs. I got between her legs, looked at her pussy and gently caressed the area with my hands. With my hands over her lower abdomen, I began massaging her clit with my thumbs in a circular motion. “aaaahhhhh…” she shouted. I paused, looked at her and asked: “is it hurting?” “don’t stopped” she almost yelled at me. I bent down and began kissing her pussy. My tongue was playing with the clit while my lips pulled her pussy lips while my thumb was still giving the top of her mound a massage. I dipped my tongue into her honey pot to taste the nectar while my thumb was vigorously rubbing her clit. “aaahhhh…aaaaaaahhhhhhhh…..Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” she shouted out loud as her body began shaking vigorously before passing out. The waves of pleasure inside her subsided and there was a glow on her face.

“can’t take it anymore…please fuck me” she pleaded. I rolled on the condom over my fully erect tool and asked her “what’s your preference?” “you on me…I want you all over me, crush me in the bed but be gentle” she replied while spreading her legs further in anticipation.

I got between her legs and gently pushed the tip of my dick in. ”aaahhhhh…slow” she said. I paused for a moment and let her adjust before resuming. As I was pushing in, she wrapped her arms around my back, holding me tightly and her nails were almost digging into my back. As I entered her completely, I laid on her for a few moments allowing her pussy to get used to my dick.

I began pumping her slowly when I saw her a bit relaxed. I bent down and started sucking her nipple while continuing to pound her. In less than a minute, I could see another orgasm getting built up inside her. Her moans were getting louder, her body began trembling and I could feel her pussy walls tightening. Even before I realized, she broke into another orgasm. She was profusely sweating inside an ac room.

She pulled me close and held my tight. I paused for a moment and began where I left. As I continued to fuck her, in some time, I could feel that I would be cumming soon. I whispered in her ears “baby! I want you to cum with me…yes baby, cum for me…cum…cum…cum.” she began shaking once again as I myself was losing control. “aaaaahhhhhh….” we both almost shouted together before cumming. She held me tight and said “stay in…don’t take it out”. I laid over her for a moment but as my dick began to get back to its original size, I was worried about the condom slipping inside her so I got up and removed the condom. The entire room was filled with the smell of our sweat, juices and our lust.

That was the first of the multiple sessions we had that night. Mona still meets me whenever she comes to Bangalore.

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