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This is a story of my friend and I will be narrating from his view. And this describes how he became a slave to one man who made him a gay s...

Making Of A Gay Prostitute

This is a story of my friend and I will be narrating from his view. And this describes how he became a slave to one man who made him a gay sex slave.

This incident occurred when I am 18 yrs old.I usually watch porn but I never got interest in gay porn until then.I was going to college after my holidays and after I got down from my bus, I took an auto until almost midnight.The driver seems to be drunk but there are no other autos there at that time, I got into that auto.After going for some distance, he said”I need to give medicine to my wife, home is just near from here and if you don’t mind I will give her” and I accepted.He took me to his home and the surroundings are plain areas.After he stopped, he went inside.I thought how can he stay here with no neighbour houses and little far from the main road.Now he came out of his home and put a knife on my neck.I was shocked and I knew that he is gonna theft me.He said”Come down, otherwise I will kill you”.I mainly tensed about the fees that I am carrying in my bag.He asked to open my bag and when I did he asked my money, but I requested him that this is my fees and my family is very poor and please leave that money.Now he instantly said okay satisfy me with sex then.I was shocked and said I am a boy and how can it’s possible and he laughed and said I enjoyed 4 men till now otherwise give your money.I understand that I don’t have a option and I agreed to do.He said now you are my slave, do whatever I say and I nodded in order to save my money.

He is full sweating and he removed his shirt and pant, now he is naked and his cock is almost 8″Long and fat.That may be the biggest cock I have seen and he is fatty with huge belly and ass and sweat was poured on his body.He asked me to remove my dress and I was naked and he hugged me and his sweat is smelling like hell.But I am liking that smell and when cock touched mine , I felt a unique feel which made me think I am in heaven.He kissed me on lips like a wild animal and that’s my first kiss.

Now he made me to suck his cock and my mouth is just sufficient for that but he is moaning and enjoying.He cummed in my mouth and he made me in a doggy position and he started to fuck my ass.I was moaning like anything but I was enjoying it.He fucked me for 10 mins and he asked to suck his balls and I sucked for 5 mins and now he gave a chance to fuck him and I put my cock in his ass and started to push and he is moaning.I then increased pace and hitting his asshole very hard.Suddenly he screamed loud and said to stop and said”Now I will show my full power” and made me once again in doggy style and started to hit my asshole with his tool.He started very low pace and suddenly he increased it and he is fucking my ass at his full power and he cummed inside my ass and the cum is full in my ass and I can’t assume I can bear that much pain and my asshole is fully damaged and I was unable to stand after that.After he stopped and asked me to clean his sweat with my tongue and I started to do the same and he was enjoying it.And finally he asked me to dress up and asked how was it.I replied it was great and I enjoyed it.He now took a camera from corner and said the entire thing is recorded and you have to come whenever I called you otherwise I will put this in internet.He dropped me at college that night and took my phone number.

But my first sex was a gay sex but I felt great and it pain too much.After a week he called and asked to come to outside the college and he was waiting and shave all the hair on your body.I shaved all the private hair and my body is clean.He took me this time to another house and I asked whose place is this but he never replied.

When we went inside there are two men and then he said”This is the guy I said and he will be with you until evening and I will come then”.Then I realized that he made a male prostitute.One of them stood and asked me to remove my dress and I did the same.After looking at my naked body, the other said”We got a young cock john, lets bang it.By the way, I am shyam”.Now both removed their dresses and became naked.John set a table and asked me to lay on backwards that and I did the same .Now he started to put his cock in my ass and started to push it slowly and shyam came to other side and put his cock and started to fuck me.Slowly john is increasing his pace and he is banging my asshole very hard and shyam is hitting my mouth even harder and both cummed.Now they exchanged their positions and did the same and I was unable to stand after that hard session.They fucked me till evening and the driver came and took me from there.

I was very tired and very painful that I can’t even sit properly.The driver took me to a construction site and I asked why did he bring me here and he replied that more fans are waiting for me and I said that I can’t bear anymore but he didn’t listen.Now he took me to a large room where 10 people are waiting for me and I was shocked to know the number of gays.All are the workers in that construction site.Those fucked me for almost 2 hours very passionately and made me suck their cocks and banged my asshole that I can’t even stand and my body is full of cum.Finally the driver dropped me at the college and said get ready next sunday too and he left.