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Hi, this is rishi from Hyderabad, I am a regular reader of Indian Sex Stories. I am writing my fantasy story with real characters as I wasn’...

Me And My Two Angels

Hi, this is rishi from Hyderabad, I am a regular reader of Indian Sex Stories. I am writing my fantasy story with real characters as I wasn’t lucky enough to have a real sex encounter, hope this story will make everyone excited.

Now coming to the story the two angels of the story are Aparna aunty and Divya aunty. Aparna aunty’s stats are 36 26 34 with age 31 and Divya aunty’s stats are 36 28 36 with age 29. Both are my neighbors in my apartment. Both talk to me very closely and treat me as their brother as they were not of much age.

I am a jovial guy so they like my company very much. Aparna aunty’s husband works in Mumbai and visits her once in a month, while Divya aunty’s husband works in Dubai and visits her once in 6 months. They both were recently married, since their husbands don’t live with them they really used to starve for sex.

Once my parents have gone to our village for a function for 2 weeks. My mom used to be very close with Aparna and Divya aunty, so asked both of them to take care of their brother which is me in the absence of her. They both said we will take care you please don’t worry. My mom felt happy and left to our village. But from that day I got busy in my work, then came the weekend, I usually wake up late on the weekends. I heard someone one was ringing the bill, it was Aparna aunt, my 1st angel, she said that as I was too busy these days, she didn’t disturb me. She said she will make breakfast meanwhile asked me to fresh up.

I went to the washroom and got freshen up, when I came out I saw my 2nd angel Divya aunty also in the kitchen, I asked her when did she come, she gave a small slap on my bum and said obviously when you were in the washroom. I gave a smile and said ya right. We three had breakfast and Divya aunty asked me to get chicken, she was an expert at it, I went out and got chicken, while she was cleaning under water, I was standing opposite to her, suddenly she started spilling water on me, to which I have also done the same, Aparna aunty has also joined us, soon we 3 got drenched in water. I could see both their bodies drenched in water and they were looking so sexy, I don’t wear underwear at home, so my night tracks got stuck to my body and was showing all my parts to them. We got up and said let us change our dresses as again we would get cold.

Both of them said that it would not look nice to go out like this and asked me to get their dresses from their home and gave me keys. I went and got their dresses gave it to them and asked them to change in my parent’s room and I came to my room to change my dress. Then Aparna aunty called me, I went and Aparna aunty asked me to check if the shower was working or not. I went inside and opened the shower, it was working suddenly both of them came inside and again started playing with me, in between Divya aunty pressed my bum very hard and I shouted to which both started laughing. I became angry and I had pressed both their bums hardly to which they have also shouted loudly. This time I laughed. Aparna aunty said to Divya aunty to pull my night pant to which I got shocked and said please don’t do that as I am not wearing underwear also. Aparna aunty said we knew that long back only when Divya had touched your bum then only she said to me that you haven’t worn underwear.

Both of them took me outside washroom, Aparna aunty said to Divya aunt that she will catch my hands and asked her to pull off my pant. I was pleading her not to do so and said till now no one saw me nude. Divya aunty said then we will see and pulled off my pant, Aparna aunty pulled off my t-shirt and I was standing nude in front of them. They said that today they will teach me sex and made me lie on the bed and both my angels got nude and it was my first time to see a girl nude. They both said that they would teach me sex, to which I had readily accepted. They asked me to lick their pussies, asked me to suck their boobs. I was doing to whatever they were saying.

Then both of them came on top of me, Divya started sucking my dick and Aparna was making me press her boobs. Divya asked me to turn back side and started licking my asshole, while Aparna was sucking my dick. They both made me cum and they both have enjoyed my cum. Aparna asked me to fuck her and I started fucking her while Divya was sucking apart boobs, then I started fucking divya and Aparna were sucking Divya boobs. Divya was an ass lover so she started licking my ass, asshole, I was getting very much aroused with this and started licking Aparna ass. We finished our act and went to the bathroom, in the shower while I was applying soap to Aparna bum she got aroused and started giving me a lip to lip kiss, we both were enjoying the kiss meanwhile Divya started finger fucking my ass, I was pressing Aparna ass and I had cummed again. We finished our bath, finished our lunch. Again after dinner, we three slept in the same bed nude. I kept my head on Aparna boobs and slept while Divya kept her hand caressing my bum and slept.

Next day morning when I woke up Divya already started licking my ass and Aparna was making me suck her boobs, I was sucking them like a baby and Aparna was also doing like that. Then again we had our breakfast, saw many websites and tried all the positions we could in that whole week. They both asked me to fuck them in open in the terrace, to which I obliged and fucked both of them on the terrace in the night. After that Aparna gave me her underwear and asked me to wear that, Divya got very much aroused looking me in her underwear and started slapping my bums. My bums became red, Divya only again started applying oil to my bum and Aparna was giving love bites to my nipples.

Not only they had fulfilled their sexual desires with me but also made me their sex buddy forever.

I thank everyone for reading my story, any aunty’s or girls interested in sex chat please ping to my mail id, we will definitely have a good time.