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Hello.I am going to share my fantasy which has also been a part of my life. I am going to share it with u in different ways with each person...

Milky Adventure – The Beginning

Hello.I am going to share my fantasy which has also been a part of my life. I am going to share it with u in different ways with each person’s perspective way thinking as them. I hope you like it. It’s bit an incestuous one hope u people don’t get offended by it.

My story aka fantasy revolves around the lady by named Riya Sharma. Few things about her. she is a typical Indian lady in Indian tradition. She is in her late 20s. Got married to a wealthy businessman by name Varun Sharma. She is actually his second wife with his first wife shamitha being elder sister of Riya itself. Shamita and Varun have a young handsome kid by name Shreyas. But unfortunately a few years back shamitha had a tragic death by road traffic accident. Later riya’s parents considering Shreyas safety married away Riya to Varun.
Coming to present Varun and Riya have a cute seven-month kid tarun. Varun being a business man has to look after his work abroad sk basically he is out of the home most of the time and visits home occasionally. Leaving behind Riya, her kid and her stepson Shreyas. So this finishes the background of my story. Now on this ll be continued as an experience shared by Riya and Shreyas themselves , with new characters getting added later on.


Hey, myself Riya. I am happy to go lucky kinda lady who loves to enjoy My life. I am having a very happy life with my husband and kids. I am a homemaker and look after the daily household. Everything was going on good expect one thing that my stepson Shreyas never considered me as his mom and would always doubt of me being an evil mom
My relationship with my step son was not good. He never used to consider me as his mom and would not talk to me much either. Since my husband works abroad he mostly stays away from home and come home once in a while or so. Thus I had to stay with my stepson alone. My stepson would consider me as something evil kinda and ignore me a lot. I would try my best to friendly with him but all was in vain and he never considered his mom.

But I had noticed one peculiar thing in him that whenever I used to breastfeed my baby he would peep me hiding. I saw it many times and even asked him about it but he would get tensed then and run away. This continued for many times. Later I started to ignore him as he was still a child. Daily I would notice him peeping on me while I was feeding my kid.

Then one day when I was breastfeeding my baby in the couch I saw him peeping from his room. I saw that and called him here and told him that I know he was peeping me and not to run away. Then he came towards me shying. I told him not be afraid and that I am his mom now and was feeding his little brother. so I made him sit beside me. He then started to stare at my breast. I was a bit harassed and gave him a smile with my baby suckling on me. I ignored him and started to watch TV but he was sitting beside me seeing my baby suck on me.

Then suddenly my stepson said, ” MOM I am your son na, but I have not sucked your breast, I have not even seen your nipple nor played with them so being your son I should have done that na?”
saying that he kept quiet and stared at my breast.

I was amazed at it. I didn’t think he would speak like that. For the first, he called me mom. But I didn’t understand what to do. I quietly got up and placed my baby to sleep in the room. My step-son was still in there. I was in a fix and went to the bathroom.

I then thought to myself as to what should I do now? Should I feed him or no? But he was old enough to my feed. I didn’t understand what to do. I was in full dilemma. Later I thought to myself that nothing wrong in feeding my stepson as he was like my son now and didn’t suck my breast and also I thought it would have been a good way to make bound with him and make him feel like my son so I decided to feed my stepson and make him happy.

I then went close to him and smiled at him but he didn’t respond. I then told him ” if I feed you then will you consider me your mom??” he said yes and would call me mom and would love me a lot.

Hearing this I slowly opened my saree and exposed my left breast which was full. I was wearing saree and a blouse that time. Seeing my breast I could see his smile. I then sat on the couch
and told him to sit beside me. He readily sat beside me. I made him sleep on my lap.

Then I asked him to suck his mom milk. He took my nipple in his mouth and started to suck me. I was an amazing feeling for me. I just loved the feeling of him sucking me. It was bit painful because
of his teeth but I enjoyed it a lot. My stepson was gulping my milk and sucking it like a cute baby. Within few min, he emptied my breast and was now dry suckling on me. I then smiled at him and said
he can suck my right breast too. He then took my right breast and start to empty it.

My Right breast already emptied soon as it was sucked before by my baby. I then told him that milk is empty and to leave me. But he continued to suck me dry. I allowed him to suck as he wanted but later it started to pain me so I told him to stop. He then stopped and went to his room directly without even seeing me. I then got shocked as to why he went like that.

I wore my bra and blouse and went to his room. He was sleeping. I then told him ” why you ran away?? Didn’t you like my milk?? ”
Shreyas” I liked it a lot. But I am shy to see to your face now ”
I got happy on hearing it and said ” don’t shy with me son, I am your mom na so no need to shy ”

Saying this I turned his face towards me. He was shy and didn’t want to see me. I then hugged him and kissed him. Then slowly he got fine with me. He thanked me for feeding him and told I was his
like his real mom now. I felt very Happy as my milk was not wasted.
So basically this is how I started to breastfeed my step son.
Hi guys. My name is Shreyas Sharma. I love playing games specially football and out door games. I stay with my dad , my step mom and my step bro. I call them step because my real mom died few years back and I miss my mom a lot. Now I am going to be you about my most memorable day of my life.
My step mom is Riya. She is a good lady but I don’t feel she is like my mom. She is nice to me but I fear that she might choose her son over me any day. But I love her body. She has a most beautiful breast I have seen. She wears saree in the house and I die to see the glimpse of her cleavage each and every time. She just has a best figure and shape.
Riyamom still breastfeeds her baby. Seeing her breastfeed baby excites me a lot. He always tries to see breast while the baby is suckling on it. Many a time Riya caught me seeing her but I run away

But one day while Riya was feeding baby in the hall. I saw it and it was such an astounding site for me to see. I could see her half breast and I just wanted to suck it once. Riya says me peeping at her. She called me to come. I was really shocked at it. I didn’t knew what to do I had no other option also to run as I caught red handed.

Shivering and tensed I went to Riya. She stated at me and said that I should not be afraid of her and I can’t be free with her. While Riya was telling all this I was just staring at her breast being sucked by the baby. I just had breast breast breast in my mind that time and nothing else
Riya then asked me what happened and suddenly to my surprise, I said: ” MOM I am your son na, but I have not sucked your breast, I have not even seen your nipple nor played with them so being your son i should have done that na?”

I actually said those things. I never thought I would say that. I was really very tensed and afraid. My heart beat was at a peak and didn’t know what to do. I was just sitting still sweating like hell.

Riya was also shocked by this. She just took the baby and went away. I at that time had no clue what was happening. I just sat there blank not knowing what to do.

After few min, Riya mom came outside. I was very afraid. It was a really tensed situation for me. She sat beside me. I was just sweating heavily. Riya suddenly smiled to me. I didn’t know what was happening. Riya then asked me if she feeds me her milk will I call her mom and consider my real mom?

My heart started beating like a drum it was like a jackpot to me. Obviously, I said yes yes yes yes.

Hearing this Riya mom smiled at me and started to open her saree. She was wearing a blue saree with brownish blouse. The moment she started to remove it was like a heaven to me. Riya mom soon opened her blouse and I could see her bra. My dream would come true anytime soon. I was so excited. Mom then opens her bra also for me. As soon the bra opened her large breast just popped out . That site was truly amazing. I just believe my eyes that I was seeing my mom’s breast. Her nipples were so yummy to look at. I was just amazed by the look of it. Her nipple was pointed and her breast was like looking so soft and tender. I still savor that moment.

Seeing me staring at her breast mom said ” you want to suck or no?” And opened her arms for me. I just jumped at her . First time I touched the breast. It was so soft and nice to touch. I was just thrilled by touching it. Then I put my mouth on her nipple. As soon I put my mouth I could taste her sweetness of the milk. Milk started to flow into my mouth. It was warm creamy sweet fluid. I just loved it getting in my mouth. I was sucking on her for few min like a small baby and get delicious nectar for her blossoms.

Soon her milk got over but I didn’t want to leave the breast.I continued to suck her like a small baby. I started to bite and pull to get more and more milk from her. May be Riya felt the pain so she said me to stop. I didn’t want to leave but I had to. After I stopped I didn’t have any courage to look at her eyes. I was feeling really shy so I just ran to my room without even seeing her and thanking her for being so good to me.

I just ran and jumped on my bed with my face on the pillow. I still had the taste of the milk and was really enjoying it. After few Riya mom came to my room and sat beside me. I had no courage to look at her face. He just continued to put my face on the bed. I was really feeling very shy at that moment. Then riyamom put a hand on my hand and tried to console me. She was telling me since she is my mom now no need to shy from her and be her good kid. I slowly turned towards her. I smiled and said thanks for feeding me. Mom was like why thanks to her and hugged me nicely. I felt so good at that time. I could feel her warmth of the breast touching my chest. Then riya mom kissed my cheek and I promised her that I would consider her as my mom only and would never ignore her again.
So this was the beginning of the new relationship between the two. I have tried to explain the same story from two different minds and body. Soon more characters gonna join and more views will be added. I hope u liked it. Please comment on it and give your review which would be a really great help to me.