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My father died when I was 12 years old and after that me and my mom were living in our house alone (my mom has a white skin curly hair she i...

Mom After Father’s Death

My father died when I was 12 years old and after that me and my mom were living in our house alone (my mom has a white skin curly hair she is about 5.5 and her assets are all very huge her boobs size is 38e and 34 hips and 38 ass are her sizes.She has a very calm face with beautiful black eyes)

My father when he was 34 years and then my mom was 32 he died in an accident.My mom was a nurse in a private hospital back then and my father was a real estate agent.After my father’s death my mom would be very sad all the time I rarely saw her cry but she was very shocked from it for about 1 month she was excused from her job but after that they asked her to come back and join her job and she joined back as we needed money and even I started going to my school again,days went by like that and after 2 months or so one day one day my father’s friend came to our house when my father was alive back then he would visit us many times but after his death it was the first time he came…

After greeting me he and my mom were talking and I went out to meet my friends and when I returned home after more than 1 hour he was just leaving the house and when I went back inside my house my mom changed into a nightie and for some reason she was not as sad as she usually was I didn’t even think what would have happened and was just happy about my mom not being sad and from then I saw my dad’s friend come to our house very often but he always left the house whenever I came to our house.Few weeks passed like this then one day after I was returning from my friends house and my dad’s friend he was struggling to start his bike and after he tried few times he started pushing it and then he saw me and greeted me and told me that his bike was broke down so I said him to come to our house so we went to our house…

My mom was surprised to see me bring him to our house at that time(it was 8 o clock at night) and after that we had dinner and he decided to sleep in house itself as the mechanic said he would come and repair his bike the next morning so I went to sleep in my room and slept and after few hours I woke up and went out of my room to drink some water and I saw something in my parents bedroom, my dad’s friend was fucking my mom from behind my mom was moaning I didn’t know anything about sex at that time so I didn’t even bother them and drank water and went back to sleep.Few days after that happened 3 men came to our house at afternoon in them one uncle was neatly dressed and two others were little rough looking,then my mom answered the door and one guy told her something she was shocked and she came to me in a hurry and told me to go out and play so I went to my friend’s house and as he was not there I returned back in 30 mins or so then when I went to my house my mom was begging the neatly dressed guy and when he saw me he told my mom then he will come tomorrow and left, later I knew that my dad has a debt that he owed to this uncle that he took for building our house so he just came to take his money back but we didn’t have any money.

Then next day that uncle and his men came to our house again at evening and my mom again told me to go out and play I went,I came back after 1 hour then I saw the two huge men who came with the uncle were stand in front of our door and the door was closed and I the uncle was inside with my mom so when I went near our door to go inside they stopped me and said I can’t go inside, I asked them why can’t I go they told me “You mom is getting fucked inside so wait outside” In telugu(nee amma lopala dengichukuntundi bayatane aagu) but I didn’t understand what they said ( I was 12 years old) but they were scary so I went out again and came back after 10-15 mins uncle and the two men were inside my house and were saying to my mom that they will come to our house every 3 days till she pays the debt and they left.

My dad’s friend came and went to my house, as usual, he would come 3 or 4 days a week.So after 3 days, it was Sunday so I was at home then at 12 o clock afternoon they came but this time with an uncle there were 2 more men they were fat and black they were even uglier than the two men who came before also.When they came my mom was wearing a saree she opened the door and all 5 of them came inside and the last guy came in closed the door and locked it from inside.Then uncle brought something in a cover and gave it to my mom and said something in my mom’s ear and my mom looked at me but the uncle said that the other guys will take care of him and after saying that my mom went inside and uncle sat beside me in sofa and the other men were standing, and uncle was asking me which school was I and did I study well and he wrote his number in a paper gave me and said me to call him whenever I needed…

Then my mom came out she was wearing a nightie pink color it was only till her thighs and her big cleavage was totally visible in it, then uncle saw her and said she looks very nice and told her to sit beside him and she sat.I was sitting on his left side and my mom was sitting on his right side on the sofa and then the uncle was saying that they will be here until tomorrow morning my mom was surprised and then he said that she has to make lunch dinner breakfast and snacks for all of them,my mom said ok and then uncle went inside our bedroom and my mom said to me to play with these guys here only and she has to talk with uncle and she also went into the bedroom and closed the door.
The other 4 guys turned on the tv and sat on other sofas and they were talking among themselves and laughing and watching tv like I was,then after 30 mins or so they muted the tv suddenly and we all heard moaning sounds from the bedroom so one guy silently went near the door and saw that it was not locked peeked inside and came to other guys and said “Boss is fucking her very hard” then one guy told him to go and open the door fully,he went and opened it the uncle saw it but still didn’t say anything and my mom didn’t even notice that the door was open the uncle was fucking her from behind we could hear slapping sounds till the living room and after few seconds only the uncle took out his dick and poured it on my mom’s ass.

Then she saw that all of them were looking at her but still she didn’t say anything uncle wore only his pant and came out of bedroom shirtless and sat on sofa he was covered in sweat and when he came one guy asked him that they all also wanted to do it with my mom,then the uncle smiled and called my mom she wore her nightie and came out then uncle said “These 4 little boys also want to talk with u and if u agree all of your extra interest on the debt will be canceled”Smilingly.My mom said ok and then uncle said “Before that cook lunch for all of us” and then she cooked for a half hour and they all ate a lot and after they all completed my mom and one guy went inside the bedroom this time he didn’t even close the door.

I didn’t see inside the bedroom as I was eating and after I finished my lunch the guy who went inside came out and this time the fat and ugly guy went inside I came back and sat on the sofa with uncle then after 10 mins I was hearing very loud moaning sounds and then the boss signaled the fat guy and the fat guy while fucking only lifted my mom and came to us in the living room and then I could see everything.Then he put my mom down and she was bending on her knees and he was fucking her very hard and her boobs were shaking very much and while he was fucking the other 3 guys and uncle they all were spanking on my mom’s ass and her asscheeks which were pure white became red with their hand marks…….

It is not the end many things happened after that if you guys want me to continue it say it in the comments (or) mail me.I just want to see if you guys are interested at all or not.My mail id is purmarama@gmail.Com