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First of all, let me introduce myself. I am 31 years old tall, above average looking guy with well built and a good enough penis size to sat...

My First Encounter In Noida

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am 31 years old tall, above average looking guy with well built and a good enough penis size to satisfy any girl, bhabhi, lady or aunty. You can contact me on to have a good time. Let’s come to the story.
It happened to me five days back when I was returning from office. I work in a software company. When I was about to reach home, I saw a lady who was having pain in her leg and finding it difficult to walk and she suddenly fell down. As I was passing from nearby, I helped her. When I saw her, oh my god she was a bombshell. She was like 36-28-36. I hold her hand and gave her support to stand.

To my surprise, she couldn’t stand on her own so gave her hand a support on my shoulder. I asked her about her address so that I can take her till her home. Her house was nearby only. So I thought of accompanying her to her home with good intentions. While we were walking her boobs were touching my chest in that position but I ignored. We reached in front of her house. After dropping her on the main gate, I waved bye to her.

Initially, she didn’t said anything but suddenly said “Excuse me” when I started walking. In a soft tone, she requested me:

She- can you please help me going inside my house as there is one in the house and i can’t walk.

I-sure. I will.
I-my pleasure.

She gave me the key and asked me open the house. As it was the first floor, so she was looking at me for help so that I can help her in climbing the stairs. Again I put her hand on my shoulder and started helping to climb the stairs. She was not able to climb the stairs and started crying. I consoled her and said don’t worry.

She-what don’t worry. I cannot even walk properly.

I-don’t worry I will help you and I lifted her in my arms.She also put both her hands around my neck. She was looking so gorgeous. Her boobs were touching my chest. My hands were holding her. I was looking straight in her eyes. I was thinking of kissing her but controlled myself and said to her in a soft tone, ” you are looking gorgeous”. She didn’t said anything.

As we entered her house, she gave me a tight hug and started crying again.

She-my husband doesn’t care the way you are doing for me.
(by the time I was also in the excited state)

Without saying anything I planted a smooch on her lips and held her tight from her back. It went on for at least 5 minutes. She was very hungry for love. My one hand was now exploring her boobs which she was enjoying and other hand was on her but and pressing it. She was moaning in pleasure.

I again lifted her in my arms and took her to bedroom made her lay on the bed. Now I was over her and again smooching. Meanwhile, my penis was erect and she could feel it as it was touching her. I kissed her all over the neck and gave bites on earlobes. She was enjoying every moment as her eyes were closed and breaths were heavy.

Now without wasting time, I removed her top and then jeans. Oh god!!! She was wearing a black bra and black panty and looking stunning in it. I held her. Caress her thighs, her legs and making circles around her belly. She was on cloud nine. I could easily see that her panty was wet. She removed my shirt and pant.

She sat on dick and started feeling it, kissing me on my cheeks, my hands, my neck. She was making me mad with every passing moment.
I couldn’t hold myself now and grabbed her under me and made her mad by kissing her all over her body. She was completely lost in me.
That’s when I saw the opportunity to remove her bra and panty. I removed them very quickly. Oh, my god!!!! She was looking damn hot and I grabbed her boobs and started sucking. She was moaning…..Aaah ahhh….Please suck it…..Aahh…Ouch……

Suddenly she took my penis in her hand started jerking it. I changed the positions and we were now in 69 position. My penis went straight inside her mouth and she was sucking it slowly. As I touched my tongue on her vagina, she shouted….Aaah…..Please do it, baby…..Aahaahh….Ohhh….Aahhhh and I gave her the best ever pleasure by licking her cunt deep inside.
Now she came above me and started giving me a blowjob and-and oh my goodness…..She was too good at it….Later I mouth fucked her and released my sperm inside her mouth. She drank it completely.
Later I asked her to be in doggy style. She said…Wait and opened the almirah…Vaseline as a lubricant and asked me to use it. “You are too good! I want to get fucked for a long time” she whispered in my ears.
I put the vaseline on my penis and lay her on the bed and parted her legs. As soon as I put the tip of my penis inside her vagina…She shouted….Aaahhhhhhhh……I closed her mouth with my hand and suddenly inserted my complete penis inside her.

“Oh my god you are still like a virgin and its tight,” I said.
She smiled. “Baby please fuck me hard. Please!!!!!”
I started jerking…She was making good sounds….Aaahhhh……Uhhhhhh….Uhhhhhh…..Ahhhhh……Oh, my baby…..I like it….Fuck me….Fuck me…… I fucked her for a long time and when I was about to release….I told her….She said…Release inside me…..I cum inside her and she was looking satisfied……Now slept over her for some time….

When we woke up…It was 11.30 pm……She said let’s have one more session. This time she was over me dancing on my dick and her boobs were oscillating back and forth in the air. I grabbed her boobs and sucked them. She was in heaven as I was sucking her boobs and my penis was inside her. She could easily feel the heat of my penis. I kissed her on every part of her body. I fucked her whole night in different positions and gave her pleasure of life.

After this, she used to call me whenever she needed sex. After some days she introduced me to her friend Teena, who was also very hot.She told me that teena also want to have a good time with you. I will tell in the next story how I pleased teena…

Thanks for reading my story. If any girl, bhabhi, lady or aunty in Delhi Noida Gurgaon NCR like my story and want to have a good time with me. Please write me on