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So hello everyone! Myself Akhil from Bangalore. Excited from reading the numerous stories and varieties here, I have decided why not share m...

My First Experience Episode – 1

So hello everyone! Myself Akhil from Bangalore. Excited from reading the numerous stories and varieties here, I have decided why not share my own experience. And before I begin for any feedback do contact me

So as a boy I used to be so quiet, ignoring almost everyone and stay at home all alone. Concentrating on my hobbies and stuff. As the years passed and the days of sexual feelings touched me I was so embarrassed that almost regretted not being so social with others. That is when I encountered my first experience.

So now everyone will be wondering what is his first experience, as he keeps speaking about it. So here it comes, as I was so depressed for not being a social person. I used to not go out my room. Usually stay in my bed all day. Which my maid noticed (age 34, thin lady with medium sized breast) and was concerned about me.

So what she did was, she waited for a right moment and asked me one fine day when my both parents were not at home. What happened baba? Is anything bothering you?. So I was like why this lady even bothered about me and just ignored her by giving her sad face.

And days passed, one day I come out of my room to drink water. That is when I noticed her cleaning floor standing and bending all the way down. Man the ass that was projected to my eyes through the saree. I just went inside my room and closed the door. My body shivering, goosebumps all over my body, sweating and heavy breathing.

Finally, I calmed myself and went outside with my phone and sat on the sofa with my phone held horizontally with the camera on. So that she is visible completely to me and where she thinks I am playing on my mobile. Good thing that day it was a government holiday for me and both my parents went to work as they work in corporate companies.

So I continued watching her ass with a pillow on my lap to hide the sensation there. Slowly she turned towards me, which explored another world of her body. So pretty they were too look, filled with sweat they were looking so fresh. And my tent started building exponentially.

So I continued trolling her this way for few more week like this. Then one fine day to take another step forward I told her, that near the place I am seated there is still dirt. So she comes and bends right in front of me. That is when my buddy inside my pant could not withstand this and threw the pillow away. Which explored my tent to her and I was caught red handed with my phone as its camera was on.

A few minutes of silence, and then she comes sits near my legs and says, baba I understand your feelings which any other boy would get at this age but you should not let it overpower you. I do not know what I thought I grabbed her face a kissed her to my satisfaction. As she was trying to push me back during the first few minutes, gradually started liking it and was trying to grab my buddy under my pants. She was touching my buddy so gently that I forgot I was kissing her. Then when I stopped kissing her. She dragged me and put my face between her two melons. The fresh smell of sweat and milk through her clothes, it was so heaven. Then I started unhooking her blouse and she started removing my shorts. In the blink of few minutes, the scenario changed. She is lying on the floor and I am lying on her all naked.

So I started tasting her from the lips and moved gradually down. I touch upon both the melons and her tummy. Then the main event. I go down between her thighs, for my surprise, it was clean and wet. I finished all of it till the last drop and saw her. Our eyes met, she tried to speak but stopped her tongue with mine.

So I tell her this is my first time, so I do not know I am an actually doing it right. So she says wait give me a second and grabs my buddy and inserts into her hole. Wait here the question strikes you all, which hole? That is the surprise which I will mention it in my next episode. So I was like what did she do? But I was experiencing an experience I never experienced in my whole life.

That is when I attained my ultimate climax of all these time.
But for my surprise, my buddy was still straight and hard. She gave a smile to me said to want to do it again? I said why not. This time she sat on me with the buddy inside her hole and started moving her body up and down. You should have seen that picture of her moving up and down. With both melons shaking like balloons. Suddenly she came close to me and said start drinking milk from my breast. I am closing in on my climax. As I did she attained her climax. Sooner I too attained my climax but this time I squeezed her ass so hard while I reached my limit. But the issue is both my gentiles and hers were wet. So the only option is to finish it all I stead wasting it. So as we did she gave me a blowjob which I would describe it as you all should experience at least once in a lifetime since its not expressible.

Both of us were tired by our action up to and down, to and forth. But then she told me one thing, you are not good as your wife would like you to be. So why not I take a tutorial for you. That is when I realized my series is never going to end with her.

Hope you liked it. Please provide me feedback.
Especially the ladies who are interested in me.