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Hi, myself Ramya. It was a real incident happened in my life. I was 18 at that time with a size of 32 28 32. My sister Archana was married t...

My Holi In Mumbai With Sister

Hi, myself Ramya. It was a real incident happened in my life. I was 18 at that time with a size of 32 28 32. My sister Archana was married to my brother in law and both got settled in Mumbai. She gave birth to a kid and at the time he was just 4 months old. She is 36 32 38. Full of milk in her both breasts. Tight soft and rubber container she has.

Mom asked to go to visit sister house as she is little suffering with the kid. So they booked flight tickets and I reached Mumbai safely. It was Holi festival time. After two days the festival started its heat. I told my sister I don’t want to get drenched in color water.

My brother in law heard this also. He gave an idea that most guys don’t apply powder on guys. So better to wear guy dress and have a boy cut. That evening itself I had boy cut. Next day was the festival. He bought a kurta pajama for me and strictly told not to wear any inners as it will reveal that I am a girl. As I had only 32 sized breasts it was not that much visible in that yellow colored pajama. I looked like a school boy in boy cut hairstyle and in kurta pajama. I felt very happy with this idea and that day no one bothered me.

Next day was holi. And in the street there was so many people throwing colors and pouring color water on everybody. Girls were sexy enough to show their nipples in their braless tops and shirts. I was watching these things from the balcony. I was happy that I am safe.

After some time the door got knocked and when my sister opened it there were some families came inside to apply color. They just applied in the cheeks and went wishing us. Meanwhile the kid started crying and sister started feeding him. It is a remarkable view. Tight soft white breaths with cherry like nipples on the top spraying the white milk. While she was feeding again the bell rang. Sister asked me to open the door.

A bunch of guys and girls in the age of 15 to 20 came inside. There were around 10 to 15 guys and girls. I ran inside our house to save myself. But two to three caught me by my hands and some 5 to 6 guys started to apply color on my face and when one guy applied on my pyjama thinking that I am a guy felt something soft. He was thinking it is a boys chest. But the touch made him feel the breasts. I felt the shock in me and try to get out of their hold. But the guy who touched the breasts first told other guys to apply all over my body as I was without any powder on my dress.
All of them started to apply powder and whoever touched my breasts shocked to touch there. But they took their own time to apply powder in my entire body. One guy told there is no water in my body. They just lifted me and started to move out. While coming out I saw my sister drenched in color even in her bare breasts. I thought how these guys might have felt while applying color in her bare breasts.
Sister couldn’t refuse them as it is a festival and they took me to the street. There were around 5 to 6 guys always around me. They started to pour color water over me. My feminity started to reveal me outside.
Nipples started grow hard and guys ensured that no one can see me. Only those guys were around me applying colors and pouring water over me repeatedly hence touching my body. Some pressed it little hard making pain too. Some pinches nipples. I understood that they have come to know that I am girl. I tried to run out so that I can go home. I tried several times and all went in vain just getting my body pressed by the guys..
Atlast I tried for a final escape. The guys were behind me and someone caught my kurta pant. And I was about to fall but another guy holded me. The tight hold on my pant made the nada to get opened and pant came down. Thank god that the tops of pyjama used to come till thighs. But they saw the while thighs while I was walking or running. They again caught me and applied color over my thighs making it pink. I was like a pink girl. Those 6 guys have now touched almost every part of my body. And I was excited and almost in the stage of getting orgasm. Other kids and girls and family were enjoying the festival without knowing what is going on with me.
I requested them to leave me. They told in the evening they will leave me. It was about 4:30. So another one hr I have to be there controlling my orgasm. My fingers were frequently reaching the vagina as it was itching because of the liquid coming out and the powder.
By around 6 it started to get dark. And the festival was in full go. The society was totally outside enjoying color and water. And once it got dark , I asked them again to leave me. They told in one condition they can leave me. If I remove the tops then I can go home. It was not possible in that mass of people to get naked. They told they will escort me without anyone knowing that I am without dress. I didn’t accept. Then they told they won’t leave me. Finally, I didn’t have any other go. I accepted. We went little side corner and I hesitatingly removed the tops. The nipples were too hard and an orgasm was about to come. They tried to touch my body and I had no other way to run as I was naked. They surrounded me and made sure that I can’t be seen by anyone. They started to touch me everywhere and inserted the finger inside my hole. My vagina was waiting for that and it exploded the juices. They felt very happy. Then they escorted me to my home.

I was totally naked. When I entered the home I got shocked my sister getting colorful by powder on her bare breasts and she shocked seeing me naked. Then the boys went out seeing both the sisters naked and no opportunity to fuck us. They were waiting for the opportunity..
If you find this incident happened in my life hot and colorful reply me in which will give enthusiasm for my next incident happened to my lonely sister in her life when my brother in law was outside on office tours frequently.