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Hi guys! This is Vivek again. I know I bored you last time. But this story gonna be hot enough to cum. People who didn’t read my previous st...

My Little Sister Vinoothna Part – 2

Hi guys! This is Vivek again. I know I bored you last time. But this story gonna be hot enough to cum. People who didn’t read my previous story read the story for completeness.

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Just a simple description.
I’m not too handsome but also not too ugly. 16cm long tool.
My sis is white in colour. Super ass and awesome boobs.

Now let’s get into the story.

After the day of my sex proposal, everyone left for their respective works and I was home alone. I just simply masturbated by imagining that my sis accepted my proposal and we were enjoying like hell. That day my mom has to come by afternoon before my sis return home.(at that time schools work only half days. Who are in AP and Telangana will know that.) So, I cannot talk with my sis till I find a perfect time. In that depression, I masturbated for four times. And the other thing is I know she won’t tell about my sex proposal to anyone. We have mutual understanding in hiding secrets from parents.

Time has arrived. My mom has to come. But she did not. I am not much cared about that. I just lied on the bed and keep massaging my tool. Time just flew away. After sometime, I heard a door knock. I adjusted myself and went to open the door. I was expecting mom and shocked to see my sis after opening the door. I looked at the clock. My sis came at the right time but I didn’t return. I just left the door open and went to master bedroom along with my phone before my sis entered the home to avoid eye contact with her. She bolted the door and went to our room. I phoned my mom. She said that train was late for 3 hours. This will be the perfect time to talk. But will she agree? I was preparing my speech to convince her and I heard her voice calling me loudly. That scared me. Is she going to give me a lecture? Anyway, I lazily went to our room. She was laying on her bed.

Me: What?
She: Take this.
She handed me a book.
I took that.
M: What’s this?
S: Open it and read.

Opened the book and found her name.
S: Not from the front. Open it from the back side.
I did as she instructed.
“Will you do sex with me? I thought about it and felt safe with you. I’m so excited. Will you do that with me?” Those words are presented there.

I cannot believe my eyes. After reading that twice I looked at my sis. Her eyes are welcoming me. She was blushing. And my tool is already hard.

M: Are you sure?
For that, she just reacted with accepting smile and head nod.
M: Just a sec, I’ll pee and come.
I cannot pee totally due to horniness. But somehow managed to pee and went to my sis.

She was lying on the bed. Oh my god! What a view. I am going to enjoy my sister’s body. Excitement grew with every step towards my sis. When I reached bed she adjusted giving me space in the bed. I lied beside my sis. I don’t know how to start. She was calm giving me full rights. I slowly placed my hand on her flat belly. She let out a soft moan aah. Omg! That drove me crazy. I slowly moved my hand towards her boobs. Her breathing was heavy. Her boobs are going up and down due to her breathing. What an amazing view. I slowly slid my hands above her boobs putting no pressure on them. She was looking at the ceiling. She was in no hurry. She was just enjoying every inch of my hand on her body. I slowly pressed her right boob. She closed her eyes in pleasure. I slid my hand onto left boob and gently pressed that. Her lips shivered a bit. I was rolling my hands on her boobs and watching her face. How beautiful she is! Her lips are welcoming me to kiss. I slowly raised my head and placed my lips on her lips. She was totally in trance and cannot respond to my kiss. I slowly kissed all her face. She was just closing her eyes and enjoying every second.

I slowly came down and gave a peck on her boobs. I came further down and lift her salwar top till boobs. Her flat belly was whiter than her face. After seeing her belly button, I cannot stop myself from kissing that. She jerked a bit due to my lips touch her belly. I touched all her belly with my hand and squeezed her belly gently. Now I cannot wait to see her boobs. So, lifted her top till her neck. Her boobs were tightly packed in her bra. I touched her cleavage and unbuttoned her bra. Now those melons are free. I lifted her bra up and beautiful boobs with pinkish nipples eye feasted me. I was just staring at those precious things. Since no action from me, she opened her eyes and found me staring at her boobs. Even I didn’t notice that she was seeing me. Then she took my hands with her hands and placed them on her beautiful melons. I touched them as they are most delicate things in the world. Those were very soft. I slowly pressed them. They are tight and not like a sponge. She again closed her eyes and went into her heaven. After pressing them for some time, I put them in my mouth. Sucked her nipples. She was letting soft moans out. I sucked both her boobs and then wanted to see her bottom.

Then we both got up and removed all our clothes. She lied on the bed and I was top on her. Touching from top to bottom. Then I saw a bush in between her legs. I slightly separated her legs and touched her pussy. She jerked a bit and moaned. I made a way to her pussy by separating her pussy hairs and saw pink pussy lips. I smelled her pussy. Not only her pussy smell but also hotness of her pussy can be sensible through my nose. Her breathing was heavy again. I never saw a girl nude before. In that excitement, I kissed her pussy. She just jumped up and let out a loud moan. By that, I pushed my head further into her pussy. Omg! She is moaning heavily. I don’t know how to lick a pussy. I just kept kissing her pussy and she cummed. Later I sat on her masturbated myself and cummed on her belly. And we both got up and dressed. After half an hour my mom arrived.

The twist is my sis didn’t agree for our journey after some sessions. The reason for that will be explained in next part.

Hope you like the story.

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