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Hi,  friends, this is a continuation of my previous stories in which I share my further experience with my gorgeous chubby neighbour mansi w...

My Virgin Neighbour Mansi – Part 3

Hi,  friends, this is a continuation of my previous stories in which I share my further experience with my gorgeous chubby neighbour mansi with whom I am deeply in love so as she,u people already know her age, figure, and our sessions.If don’t know please read previous two parts for more enjoyment and excitement.

Guys this is a hottest session and I want to share every moment so please read fully you all will enjoy after reading full

Please read whole

As we all know that after defloration and after two three sex there is always a glow on girls face this is the glow of love, glow of beauty also a glow of maturity this same glow now seen on mansi’s face .She now became more gorgeous more charming more attractive and her figure become more sexy now I always admire this change on her in a naughty way and she blushed like a sweet doll and thanks me for that change because I am the one haha with the help of which this change shows in mansi.After last session we both got busy in our hectic schedule still we talk regularly as a lover in night sometime we do phonesex for temporary satisfaction and it passed around 25 days since we not come closer which we both miss alot.Then another opportunity comes in our way after 5 days their was a marriage in our colony and both families ie my &mansi family were invited ,eventually their is also an another marriage in mansi’s family relation on the same date in agra

So her family had to attend both the marriages so her father suggest that he and mansi mother attend family wedding while nandi attend wedding in colony. I was happy that once again I will get time with mansi, but my happiness increases when my mother’ long distance uncle expired (rip) as he was aged so my father and mother had to attend his funeral in bhopal.

So finally I and mansi had a full day to spent with and this time no one is my home, we both were happy as we got this time after 1 month so the day came finally till noon we both got busy in our daily work.Her parents left town for marriage in noon and my parents already out of town and scheduled to come next day and her parents scheduled to come late night depend on function and train so we both have time from 3 ‘o clock noon to 11 pm night.

I called her around 2 pm asked the program of the evening which she smiled in a naughty way, I asked what she was wearing for the that night party, she was confused but I suggested saree which she initially refused but accepted finally.I told her that I am coming to her home to spent time with her we both were excited and within 5 min I reached her home, as I entered she closed the door and we both hugged tightly and kissed each other

I said I missed you janu she also replied the same by hugging me more tightly. I kissed her cheeks caressing her hairs kissed her forehead and feel her presence that I am in arms of my love, then we move to her bedroom which was well maintained as usual and tidy, I jumped on her bed and gesturing her to come to me.She was teasing me

“No janu me nahi aungi ”

I- please sweetheart come na

She-no baby in a naughty manner

I- janu I want to see you in saree

She- why?

I- janu you looks more adorable in saree and I want to see you before any one see in the party.

She blushed and ready for wearing saree by opening her almirah I suggested the purple semi transparent saree which she also likes very much. I told her janu please wear in front of me so that I can enjoy my lifetime memory she smiled and said janu you are really crazy.

I said I love you baby

She replied the same and open another. Cupboard to take out blouse and petticoat.

We both were in her bedroom and started removing her top as she removed her top I feel a sudden jerk in my penis, she then removed her track pants and in a minute she was in bra and panty. I unable to control as she was shinning like angel I come near her and kissed her neck her bare breast her lips we kissed passionately then I sat on my knees in front of her to kiss her stomach, I licked her bare stomach kissed her navel and she was moaning

Janu aaaaaa madhosh ho rahi hu

And caressing her hand on my hairs

I told her janu I am your  navel addict your  navel really charged me.

She- it’s for you baby and I am your s

I licked her deep navel hole with my tongue fingering her navel stomach

And she was moaning in excitement

Bas baby gudgudi ho rahi..Then I opened her bra strips and licked her boobs she was also helping me in licking by pressing and brought her boobs near my lips I was licking her areola nipple madly.Then I stopped so that she could wear saree so I again sat on the bed and she started wearing bra and blouse then she wore a petticoat.

Till then I was also only in brief because I already removed my clothes and I am caressing my hand on my penis nipples and she was smiling on me.She then started wrapping saree and within a minute she wore saree and opened her hairs.Now she was in saree and saree is my weakness guys.

I hold her hand and pulled her towards me on bed then she was on me and her hairs were on my face I was hugging her and kissing her all over her body and she also kissing me butting my neck she was excited and kissing my nipples my chest my lips and I felt like I am in heaven

I then turned her onto bed then I removed her pallu and started opening her blouse hooks after removing her blouse I again reached her waist pressing her belly licking her navel and start writing I love you with my finger on her stomach

She – janu gudgudi ho rahi

I- janu muje bhi and insert my finger

In her navel.

She was biting her lips and closed her eyes.Then I started unwrapping her saree and as I t unwrapped I opened the knot of her petticoat and she was again in bra and panty in front of me she was looking like a ripen fruit then I put my hands in her panty which was already wet and massaged her vagina which she was enjoying

Aaaaaaa janu bahut acha lag raha h

Pagal ho rahi hu -were her words

I inserted my middle finger into her vagina and fingering deeply and in excitement, I suddenly put my lips on her vagina and start eating licking her vagina like a hungry man.I inserted tongue in her vagina pushing her vagina with my hands and she was holding bedsheet tightly by saying

Janu love me please janu love me aaaaaa

Control nahi ho raha

I was also unable to control but want to enjoy complete moment

Then I sat on her stomach and adjust my penis between her boobs and told her to hold and she hold her boobs and I massaging my penis between her boobs

Then she told me janu love me in a little angry tone

I- janu I don’t have condom today

She- whatever just love me

I then put my penis tip on her vagina hole and hold her hands and locked her in my arms she also put both her legs on my bumps and her hands on my back.Then I inserted

Aaaaa aaaaaa janu bahut garam h vagina

She closed her eyes by moaning ohhhhhhhh I love you baabbyyyy then I start jerking deeply and within a minute I started stroking her hardly

I with my full energy stroking her

And she was crying like aaaaaaa love me more

More aaaaàaaa janu bahut acha lag raha hai aaaaàaaa dard ho raha h aaaaa and after hardcore fucking of 20 min we both were got orgasm together this time she orgasm more than previous sessions. I told her janu now you become pregnant and she kissed me on my lips told me to bring I pill, I consent yes and we both laid in each other arms for 5 min .

The time was then 7 o clock

The best thing about sex is that time vanishes like jenny of Aladdin.

We both hugged again and said

“Tyar ho ja milte h party mein ,me bhi tyar ho leta hu”

She smiled and said ok

Then I comeback to my home and after half n hour we met in party pretending like we are only neighbours so that no one doubt. In party, she was looking more gorgeous more glowy because this time she prepared for party by makeup lipstick etc

We spent time there dinner together and enjoyed coffee

Everyone watching her as she looks fabulous in low waist saree and her navel was visible in it and we all know the girl in low waist saree is a nymph.

I was feeling like a lucky man to have gf like mansi and we enjoyed party then moved to our home after 1 hour.

Then we talked on the phone till then her parents return from the family wedding.

So, guys, this was my another experience with mini

Hope you all like it

Guys please like and comment so that I can share my further experiences.

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