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Am aryan; I’m into role-plays and some other things. Check my blog ( dom-aryan69.Tumblr.Com ) for more and give me your feedback at dom.arya...

Rhea My Best-friend’s Sister

Am aryan; I’m into role-plays and some other things. Check my blog ( dom-aryan69.Tumblr.Com ) for more and give me your feedback at . This is my first story so please bear with me and send me feedback since there are more to come. Now without much further ado, I’ll jump right into the story.

When this story happened I was 20years old. I am medium build, straight black hair, black eyes with a hint of brown, a mustache and goatee often accompanied by the scurfy beard, skin is a mix of fair yellow and natural tan. I am not ‘some macho guy who can make girls panties drop with just a look’, but a guy who would be called cute and nice, a guy with a smile that can make girls giggle, the good looking smart guy who would have few crushes.

Having nothing to do, I took a little stroll my friend Rakesh’s house. His parents were out, attending a marriage in the next town. When I went in and checked in his room, he wasn’t there. I roamed in the house looking for him. I don’t remember why I went into the bathroom. But boy, am I glad that I did!

I heard the shower running, as turn my head I saw the silhouette of a naked girl with the petite body through the blurry glass door. My breathing became heavy and my heart started pounding like crazy. I could feel the bulge forming in my pants. I became paralyzed, as I watched the petite 18-year-old girl showered. The foam and water were brushing against her perfect fair skin. ’rhea’ was the only a gasp escaped my mouth as I stood still like a statue. For a moment I wondered if she’s really the medusa (from greek mythology).

Rhea is Rakesh’s younger sister who was pursuing her college. She has a giggle that can mesmerize you away. She used to smile at me with her perfect teeth whenever I was with her brother. That somehow made me think that she likes me, maybe it was just a delusion. I didn’t know. So with that thought, I took a step towards the glass door testing my luck.

People say ‘when someone is watching you, you can feel their gaze’. In the same way, rhea felt someone watching her, she opened the shower door to check if it was real, only to find me staring at her naked body with a bulge in my pants. I could see the strands of wet black hair and the drops of water dripping down her milky white skin. All my blood rushed to the dick making it even harder. Rhea stared at me for few seconds before covering her body with the hands looking away from me. But my gaze still stayed her petite milky breasts with nipples hidden away behind her palms. Having all the blood rushing to my dick, the brain became idle and my body kind of moved on its own to pull away rhea’s hands which were covering her tits. (maybe I was thinking with my dick!?) I felt her soft wrists in my fists as I held them trying to have a good look at the perfect body.

The beautiful rhea then yanked hear hands off my fists and moved away from me till towards the wall of the shower as I was blocking the way out unintentionally. I felt she wasn’t resisting much, I thought maybe she too desires the same. I felt the urge. I need her… I need to fuck her. There is no other way. I should do it. (in my defense, I was thinking with my dick). I took few steps and kissed her lips, I could taste the water on her lips, smell the fragrance of shampoo and scent of her skin. I sucked on those juicy lips as I kissed, while she didn’t kiss back. She pulled away breaking the kiss and questioned “why are you here? What the hell are you doing in the bathroom, Aryan?” with an angry gaze that made me feel like ‘she would really turn me into stone if she could’. If I had been in my right mood I would have apologized and left right away, but fortunately, I wasn’t.

The lust reached all over my body and it was even showing up in my eyes. For my lust filled eyes, she looked even sexier in anger. I replied “doesn’t matter” as I pinned her against the wall and kissed her sexy neck. Her scent was making my mind go blank, maybe it was already blank. “my brother’s not here” she protested, pushing her hands against my chest. “I know ” I pulled her hands up and pinned them both with one hand while the other squeezed her right breast. Oh boy, they are sooo softtttt. “then you can leave” she struggled to try to get away from my grip like prey caught in a trap. The primal urge took over me. I grabbed a fistful of her and nibbled her ear like a predator going for the kill. To my surprise, there was a moan. Not too loud but significant enough. Then she pushed her body against me, still struggling to get me off.

I tightened my left fist gripping on her hair and lowered the right to cup her ass which is as soft as her breasts but only bigger. I pushed my lips against hers and kissed on aggressively. In a few seconds, she bit my lip gently and gave in, kissing me back. The pride of victory took over my body made my dick even harder and sent mad lust all over. With the acceptance signal, I dared more and placed both my hands against her small waist and lower my mouth a bit to suck on her petite bouncing breasts. Rhea ran her fingers through my hair, moaning in between as I suck. Being a mad predator full of lust, I bit her nipple leaving a mark. The hard bite brought rhea back to her senses. She whimpered and pushed me away gently saying ‘it hurts…’ not wanting it to go any further.

She was in her senses but I was not. I ignored her push and brushed my hand around her belly then went on to circle her belly button with my index finger. She resisted and moved away from me pressing against the other wall. I wasn’t taking the hints anymore, I was hard and horny and I wasn’t gonna stop until I am done. My fingers traveled down, stroking against her waist and reached her crotch. It was smoothly shaved letting my fingers feels the soft flesh. The fingers rubbed her pussy that was wet with all her slimy love juices. Rhea wasn’t gonna take it anymore and nor she’s gonna be subtle about it. She pushed my hand away and slid down the wall sitting on the floor so that I can’t touch her womanhood anymore. I was way beyond reasoning. I unzipped my trousers, took out my hard dick that was as hot as molten steel and stuffed it in rhea’s mouth. She stayed idle and looked up to me with a strong gaze, refusing to obey.

In the heat of the moment I slapped and grabbed a fistful of hairs pulling her head closer, but she still refused, pushed my hips away and turned her head away. The mad lust turned into anger, ‘she can’t do this!! Not to me!! Not before I’m done!’ in the rage and lust I slapped her with my dick. This new development scared her. She stood up and tried opening the bathroom door to run away. Not missing the opportunity, I held her from her back and pinned her against the wall with hands holding her shoulders. I did not think… the words just came out. “you can’t go now … you slut!” I smacked the ass making it sting a bit. “why are you here if my brother’s not home?” she asked as she shoves her body back into mine trying to slip away.

“coz you are here” I pinned her there with one hand and inserted two fingers into her shaven pussy. She left out a moan quietly and tried to turn around. But I wasn’t giving her any chance to slip away. I slipped the third finger in her pussy and start fingering her rapidly ignoring her pleas, while kissing her sexy neck taking whatever I want. “ just ..Umm… let..M-me turnaround…aahhh pleaaaseeee~” she continued pleading moaning softly. “not yet!” I circled my pinky on her tiny asshole and started teasing her more. “ahh… nooo… ummm please” she let out struggling screams mixed with moans of ecstasy and went on pleading as she felt the pain and the pleasure “please… I w-will sit on the counter ..Ahhmmm and open my l-legs for youuu~” she moaned louder shaking a bit.

After making sure that she really did come around, I let my hand go and helped her turn around. She leaned up and kissed before pushing herself up onto the counter and opening her legs for me. I held her hair with one hand used other to position the tip of my dick in her pussy. Then I gave a hard thrust putting all my weight behind it burying it deep in rhea’s teen pussy. “aghhhmmm~” a hard moan escaped from both our mouths as my dick hit her womb. I continued the rhythmic thrusts gradually picking up speed. The sound of periodic *thapakk thupakk * echoed in the bathroom along with our hard moans and heavy breathing. I felt her tight slimy pussy tighten even more, around my hard dick. I thrust harder and harder, my balls slapping her ass with each thrust. Rhea wrapped her legs around my waist and held on tight as if a storm gonna come and push her away. Then she bit my neck a little holding me tight. “you really are my little bitch… aren’t you?” I continued ramming her tightening pussy biting on her juicy lower lip. The next thing I heard is a loud “ahhhhhhhhghhhmmmmmm” sound which sounded like both moan and scream. With the fingering and the hard ramming, her pussy had enough. It pulsated around my dick cumming hard, she kept shaking and her tits were bouncing like crazy. The orgasm lasted for a while.

Then she panted for a while, once she got her breath back she leaned onto me loosening the grip and whispered “again! And don’t ignore the ass” in her husky voice full of lust and nibbled my ear. I couldn’t believe my luck. Without further delay, I resumed the thrusts.

I started out with feathery strokes in her oversensitive cunt. I lubricated my fingers in her cum that was dripping out of her pussy and I put the pinky in the tiny asshole. ‘aghhhmmhh’ she moaned. With a grunt I thrust my dick in her sloppy cunt and moved my finger in her ass. I synched both the thrusting and fingering as I picked up pace. She closed her eyes and moaned loud, instinctively moving her hips to match my strokes after a couple of hard thrusts I slipped another finger in her tiny ass. “oh goddd” she gasped. I tried to move my fingers in the hole but it was too tight, so I left them in like a plug and went on fucking her teen pussy. In between the hard thrusts, I alternately pinched her clit and bit her nipples. Instead of crying or screaming, rhea was moaning to my surprise. She leaned back giving me access to her holes to fuck enjoying the pain. Seeing her like ‘a bitch in heat brought out more primal instincts out of me. I grabbed her throat with the free hand and continued ramming her cunt, with her ass plugged and twisting her clit… haaarddderrrr and fasterrrrr.

She let out series of moans matching my thrusts and held onto to the counter. I started pounding her dripping hole grunting as the sexy pink hole gripped my fat dick so tight as if it’s going to rip it off and swallow it in. I kept pounding her while sucking on her tits and biting them at times. “fuck ahhhmmm me haaardddderrrr… you ufff are the b-best …fucker… ahhhmmm~” she went on moaning and blabbering giving in to the lust. These moans made me go the extra mile and I started fucking her even harder pounding her instinctively. I released her throat and grabbed the hair that was dry by then, may be because of all the heat of fuck. Then I forced her to look into my eyes pounding her harder than ever. “who is my little bitch?” I asked.

“I a-am… I ammm your l-little bitchhh” she replied looking back into my eyes. Her eyes, her voice, her flooding pussy and the tight little hole… I couldn’t hold it any more. “ughhhhhhhaaaaaaa” I came in her lusty little pussy flooding it with my thick sticky seed, with her ass plugged tight. The next moment she too came moving on my dick, moaning through the roof. We both went on cumming and shaking for a while. Then I helped her onto her bed before we both passed out, fully exhausted.