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Hi, guys, this is Krishna a.K.A jaga from attack, Odisha. I don’t think many people from this state would be sharing such incest filled filt...

Savita Bhabhi, A Reality

Hi, guys, this is Krishna a.K.A jaga from attack, Odisha. I don’t think many people from this state would be sharing such incest filled filthy stories on this site.

By the way, I am a 26-year-old married man.. I have a pretty wife named pooja. She is a dumbo bimbo with huge assets. Due to her quarrelsome nature, I don’t like spending much time with her. Instead, I spend most of my time drunk, even in office.

I am not much into whore-fucking but one such slut caught my attention at the “Badnaam gali of the rajdhani” I.E. “Mali sahi” in the kharvel Nagar region of Bhubaneswar.

Cutting short of the crap, Savita was a Bengali prostitute from sonagachhi, wb, who was there for quite some time at mali sahi. I had quite good relations with many of the vendor aunties there due to the colorful attitude of my boss to hang out with different women by paying a lumpsum amount.

Savita was about 37 years, the ripe age of a milf. She was fair, tall 5′ 9″ with splendid assets that one would love to crush and crunch. Her hip size might be definitely above 40. And the most remarkable thing about her was her “Navel” which was always visible when she sat at her usual place at the cottage entrance. But above all, the feature I loved about her, was her disorder of excessive sweating. I am a sweet lover and being an Indian I love the smell of oozing body fluids.

I had an eye on her for many months and had been with her on a single shot basis once. But I mustered up courage booking her for an entire night.

I took a quart of Bacardi lemon and reached there at 9 o clock. At that time she had gone for dinner. I called her and received the reply to wait for some time. I had a pretty hard on just thinking of nailing a busty bimbo like her. After waiting for about 15 minutes my wait was finally rewarded with the hottest view of that night. Savita in a see-through silk saree, profusely sweating. But there was more to come.
On night calls she had an unusual habit of taking a bath before she spent the night with her customer.. But least did I know that the bath was personalized for the idiot customer himself.

When I heard from her that she has to take a bath now, I was a bit irritated and said that I would wait outside till she was done, but to my utter surprise, she said something that made me jump to my feet literally.

“Aapko andar baith ke dekhna hai? Aami ekla……………. Mote help karibo” was her reply

It was like itching palm receiving liquid cash at the same time. I followed her into her cottage. The stripping was spellbinding. I removed her saree pin while she waved her hand over my tummy which was already ready for a grand salute. Her pallu dropped giving a vast view of her upper figure. Her 34 d size boobies. She removed her saree completely and looked at me blushingly. Then she asked me to help her with unhooking her blouse buttons. She was wearing a black bra that barely hid her mountains. I just madly jumped on them but she said”Aaste aaste jaldi kahinki, poora raati achhe tam pakhere” these words in broken Oriya just sent me into another place on earth. I unhooked her bra and for the first time had a feel of her feather soft but firm doodoo (breasts). They were just awesome. But the best part was yet to come. She untied the lace of her petticoat and underneath was her glory hole beneath a pink panty… The smell of her sweat from the pelvic area filled the entire room and filled the ambiance with lust. She requested me to pull down her panty which was actually a jockey branded g-string thong. I felt a sense of respect for her choice of such a brand.

I pulled the shutter down and received the most breathtaking a view of the night. Her glory hole was absolutely dripping with sweat. I could not stop myself from licking that slippery cunt of her to which she moaned and just indicated a wave of index finger telling a “Wait” and “No” at the same time.

I was also sweating profusely as the Bacardi was having its effect on me. She insisted me on sharing the bath with her.. What more of a tempting offer can one have.. I knowingly showed denial but after some insistence from such an invitingly lusty woman like Savita who could decline such an offer.

I stripped down in less than a minute nearly slipping on the wet bathroom floor.. It was the month of April but the erotica of the situation sent tingles down my spine.. ???? We started to enjoy the bath, pouring mugs of cold water on each other. I tell you guys, the experience was totally of a different world. I was barely pouring any water but was sliding my hand throughout her magnificent figure and discovering almost each inch of her body. All of a sudden, with a wicked smile on her beautiful face she clutched my balls. I felt a shock wave running down my body. To compensate the element of surprise she planted a swift but impacting lip kiss. I was lost in her mouth and she enjoyed herself softly biting my tongue.

My hands clenched her bums and in return, I thrust my middle finger into her asshole. She left out a shrill cry of lusty pain and bit my tongue to which I was totally unprepared. I opened her braided hair and locked her tongue in between my lips making her face closer to mine. Her boobs were brushing against my chest. Out of nowhere, my hand moved to pinch her nipples. I bent a bit to bite her other nipple. I knew she was in pain but being a pro she pushed me back licking my neck and returning me the pain with a sensual nibble of my tiny right nipple. She knew her job absolutely well.

I felt that I would cum at that instant but the alcohol helped me in controlling the urge. She started rubbing my balls and my 6.5″ tiger ???? At the same time. I was no less a kameena for that situation. I took a mug of water and pouring over her shoulder started rubbing her clit. After rubbing sensually her vagina for a minute I finally found her g-spot. At the slightest touch, she was totally unbearable with lust. And was unable to decide whether to push me back or kiss me madly. She managed the situation starting with a slight push followed with a forcing pull when I felt the volcanic heat in her.. I licked her neck. I ran down my hands down her valley line which mad her urge unbearable. She took my hand onto her breasts indicating me to squeeze her nipples but I paid no heed. I was taking the fun to another height. I slid my hand down her breast and pushed my index finger into her navel in an erotic manner. For a moment, she danced with erotica. But after that thrusting, I moved my hand down her thighs missing her pussy. She was so hot that she gave me a love bite on the neck.

Overwhelmed at my ability and the capability of the vodka, it was a revelation to me that when I licked her pussy lips, bending down and only then did I realize that she was actually sweating while taking bath… Her level of hotness really turned me on sending huge vibes down my spine….

I will write the action anteceding this hot bath if I receive good review and positive response from the readers. Please do read and share this hot experience with your friends.

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