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The story which I am going to write is about me Yash and my friend Priya.A few months back we meet each other at a party through a mutual fr...

Sex Fun Over A Trip To Sariska

The story which I am going to write is about me Yash and my friend Priya.A few months back we meet each other at a party through a mutual friend and our bonding grew strong. I myself work with an MNC into Hr Profile and my age is 28 Priya is working as an Account manager with PR Company she will be also of same age. We both live in Gurgaon on M.g Road.

Without wasting much time, I will narrate my story Still, I remember it was Thursday and I took a week off on Friday and planned a long weekend. I was looking for some friend who can accompany me on the trip which I have planned for the Weekend I posted the same on WhatsApp group and checked with people. Surprisingly Priya pinged me on the private window and we planned a trip to Sariska National park.

On Friday early in the Morning, I called her when I was about to reach her apartment on DLF Phase 2 to pick her up.As I reached she was waiting at her gate in khaki shorts which were only covering half of her thighs and army printed T-shirt.her sports bra was clearly visible from the deep neck. I helped her to settle down with her luggage in my Thar and headed towards. On the way, we picked our Breakfast from the Mac Donalds and loaded a cartoon of Miller. As we crossed Gurgaon we opened our beer and grabbed our food. As we took cut from the Highway it was 11:00 Am and beer started showing its effect and we started to open up. Priya pushed her seat to back and put her leg over dashboard. My eyes were continuously gazing her toned leg and she noticed it and gave me a winking smile.

By seeing this I gained some confident and moved my hand over the gear box to get something and touched it she looked at me and moved back to my seat after a while she came close to me and kept her shoulders over my chest and I was feeling her smell.I looked at her and kissed her lips slowly the kiss turned into smooch and then we started eating each other lips.

By now I took my vehicle off the road in the middle of the field and parked it beside the pond in the middle of the bush. She moved to the back seat and took me into my arms and placed a kiss on her lips and neck. Then started eating her ears and back of the neck. I asked her to do her hand up and started licking her underarms.Her chic grew pink and nipples got firm. I pushed my hands under T-Shirt and felt the boobs.They where warm and moist.I pulled out her T-shirt and Unbuttoned her Khaki shorts and managed to push my hands in her maroon sports style panty. She started breathing heavily I kissed on her cleavage and took the maroon bra out I was amazed to see Her Boobs they were firm and tight Her nipples were dark like chocolate.

I grabbed them and started biting them. She Moaned Haaa haaa. I pushed her to the seat and started kissing her cleavage, boobs stomach and then naval. The fragrance of her Ck was making a complete atmosphere very exotic. I pushed her down started kissing her waist line she pulled me towards her face and started smooching me. After a smooch, she murmurs I my ears baby Fuck me hard. By hearing this I took her shorts out along with the panty and parted her legs and imparted wet kiss over her pussy. She was so horny that she came all inside my mouth and I licked every bit with my tongue. It acted as an energy booster to me.

I slapped her ass and told her baby now it’s your turn.By hearing this she got mad and pushed me over the back seat and pulled t my T-Shirt out and started licking my neck chest and with a slutty smile over her face she gave me love bite and told the first bite to our lusty friendship.She unhooked my jeans below and took my dick in her hand. It was erect like 22mm hot iron Rod.She rubbed my dick over her cleavage and nipples then gave me a blow job for 10 mins.I got excited and took her boobs in my mouth and started licking it and biting it her pink nipples got erect we both were moaning loudly and sounding ohhh yehaaa !!!! Oh yehhaa !!!! I As I put my face again between her legs and licked her pussy for 5 mins after that she started shouting fuck me yash Fuck me. I took my dick and inserted in her pussy she moaned loudly and bit my shoulders. She was having a Quite tight pussy and it took a lot of effort to push my disk inside in a single short.

I paused and my dick was still inside we smooched for some time.Once I realized that she has relief I started giving her small pushes slowly frequency of pushes increased.

I asked her should we come inside each other she said no and suggested to taste each other love juice as it was our first time we took the 69 position as it was very difficult to do it in Jeep but we managed. We both were moaning very loudly and sweating heavily in sometimes both of us came out with full force in each other mouth licked each other love juice and cleaned each other with our tongue.Once we were done I hugged her and helped her to get dressed and headed toward our camp.

I will post about our second session in next story how we had fun besides the Pond and under open sky beside a bonfire.

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