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Hi, guys. This is raja..I’m 24 & from Chennai. This incident happens with my cousin sister her name is Riya. She has such a beautiful li...

Sex With My Cousin Sister Part – 1

Hi, guys. This is raja..I’m 24 & from Chennai. This incident happens with my cousin sister her name is Riya. She has such a beautiful lips & butt. Her fig is 32-30-36.She is 27 and mother of one daughter.

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Coming to the story and it all started when I was doing my 10th. My thoughts towards her changed from 9th. I used to pee her while she is bathing. And in nights I used to go near her and feel her pussy heat. Then I also kissed her necks. It’s all gone routine till my aunt find some change in my attitude.

Some years passed and she got married and lived happily. I was waiting to taste her anytime but haven’t got a chance. One fine noon I went to her house. Her husband is doing some business. And he has more workers with him. Even 10 years old guys work for him.

When I reach her house I knocked the door but no one came to open. I thought she is bathing and we can get some chance to pee her..So I slowly opened the door with the help of open window which is next to her door. I slowly went to her room, but her daughter is sleeping.

 Then I went to another room and slowly opened that door. To my surprise, I saw my cousin hugging that 10years old boy. I got shocked and began to stroke my cock. She has kept her hand inside that boy shorts. Poor guy doesn’t know anything and thought she is playing some game. She asked him to suck her nipple and he obeyed. After seeing her boobs my cock went peak. I suddenly opened the door and shouted what is this Riya?????? She got shocked and had tears.That boy reacted innocent since he is just playing with her. She then told him to leave and said we can stop our play from today.

She came to me begged not to tell her husband. From the beginning of this conversation, she forgot to zip her nighty.I was seeing her boobs and she noticed then zipped it. She also said I’ll do anything you say I’m not happy with him that’s why I ve done like this. Then I took her hand and said it’s ok to leave it. Forget about him and tat boy. But don’t do it again. And you can try for me. By saying this I kept her hand on my cock. She suddenly removed her hand and went to the kitchen. I followed her and hugged from the back. Slowly I started to squeeze her boobs and unzipped her nighty. She was in tears but I dint bother. Then I started kissing her earlobes. She gave slow moan. Now she came to my control and pressed her boobs with my hand. I kissed her neck. Suddenly she told yes does it well like you did on that day night. I stopped and looked at her. She told that she knows well when I kissed her neck pussy boobs during my childhood but she acted like sleeping.

I came to full mood and started sucking her neck hard from her behind. She moaned hmmm mmm yesses…I slowly raised her nighty. And she dint wears any inners. Not even bra. Slowly went down from the same position I.E from behind and reached her butt. Which is in whitish color and made me mad. I sucked it hard… And lifted one leg and placed in kitchen slab. Guys, I am doing all this from behind and she is facing kitchen wall.I licked her butt till things and reached her love hole (pussy hole) and kissed. She got vibrated and moaned loudly uhhhhhhhhh….. Slowly I started to lick it … Inserted my tongue inside for which she gave a deep breath and pushed my head back..I’m started sucking her pussy madly. I was enjoying this since I love to suck the pussy ;). Then she gave some hard moan and released her thick cum inside my mouth which I drank with full love…And I stood up… Now I only I made her turn and face me. For which she gave me deep lip lock and tasted her own cum…Then she pushed me to the slab and made me sit. Removed my jean and panty. With no words, she took my balls and sucked like a pro… I thought she will take my cock but she started from below..Slowly she kept her hand on my cock and stroked. I was in seven heavens. From balls, she licked and came to my cock tip… She teased me by licking my tip for 2 mins. I was so much excited by her act..Then slowly she kept my cock inside her mouth and gave me a great blowjob. My cock is 5.7 and easy to handle which made girls to give a great blowjob. I got this comment from my mami, gf, and aunty ;) (which I’ll share in upcoming stories).

She gave me a nice blowjob. She took my cock out splits her saliva on it. That scene itself made me heaven. And she sucked hard… After getting a blowjob for half an hr, I feel like cumin… For which I told her, after that she dint take her mouth out from my cock… That was so hot and great feel of her saliva and tongue… With zero moments I came inside her mouth… I cummed for so long and filled her mouth. Some of my cum was coming outside but she managed to drink all. And gave me a very tight hug. Suddenly we heard calling bell sound. We arranged ourselves and went. My uncle is back from his work for lunch.He shouted her for not giving lunch to that small boy. She said I dint complete fully just a beginning and came…And she saw me and winked ;)… Now I came to know about the matter..Tat boy daily comes to get lunch for my uncle. And she uses him for her desire. And now she spoke in double meaning which means I have the main event later ;)

That happened very well which I share with you people in next story.

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