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Hello Indian sex stories, I am a big fan of you. And hi readers, I Pravin from TN, staying in Bangalore. I am interested in female dominatio...

Sister And Her Friends Part – 3

Hello Indian sex stories,

I am a big fan of you. And hi readers,

I Pravin from TN, staying in Bangalore. I am interested in female domination, slave to couples, cuckold things etc. And I am basically a submissive character. Here my sex story is based on these things. And sorry for the grammatical mistakes. This sex story is full fiction, I repeat this story is not real. But I badly need it to be real.

I am teasing adi’s dick from my sister saliva. She took his dick into my face and order me to sniff it and I did that. She used his cock in my face and start to laugh. And she put that in my mouth is very tough to suck the first time. I start to moan. My sister starts to suck his balls. I am using me and to masturbate that cock and sucking it. My sister said, “look at this slut, born for suck dick.” and she split on my face. I was terrified but I liked that. Her saliva flows from my face into his dick. My sister also joined me.

Adi pulled my sister using her hairs, and start to kiss her. She responds very well. And he pressed her boobs and sucked it. Pressed it. She moaned very seductive manner.

They removed their dresses of others, now we are all nude. And he put his hand on her pussy and start to the rim with his finger. He pushed her into bed, and opened her leg wide and start to lick it. I was seeing these all like kneeled position.

The moved it 69 positions and they continue their oral sex almost 20 mins. My sister squirts in his mouth but he didn’t. I am amazed at his stamina. Now he told her to doggy style, she moves her face near me, he going to put his cock into my sister’s pussy.

She starts to scream, but like moaning. She pulled my and start to kiss me. Now adi starts to fuck her slowly. Within a minute he starts to fuck her maximum speed. She starts to moan loudly, “hooo god…. Fuck me… faster…. Deeper…….” she saws me “look you the pathetic cuckold, this how a man fucks a girl. You fucking loser. Look at you someone fucks your own sister you are pleasing them go and beg him to fuck me harder.”

Seeing this he start to laugh, I want to him and start to beg him “please fuck my sister, please fuck her, she needs big dick in her pussy please fuck her…” hearing this he split on my face and said “you bitch, how pathetic you are, now go and lick my dick and her pussy. I want under them, I and my sister were in 69, she is in doggy style, and he fucking her from behind, and I start to lick his balls and moved to his stick, it moves in and out from her pussy, it mixed with her flavor I liked it.

Suddenly my dick got pulled my sister’s mouth, she split on it and said ”look at this pathetic cock my last finger is bigger than this, I wish this should be a pussy”, saying this she start licking it. After 10 minutes, adi pulled her using her stomach, and he order to me kneel in the wall.

I moved to the wall and kneel down, he drop her down and order her to sit on my face, she came and shit on my face, her whole weight on my face, it was very difficult to hold her leg in same time in my hands, but it is not over, her ass on my nose and she opened her leg, adi order me to open my mouth and put my tongue and lick it, I start to like it, it is very hard to breath. Now he going to put his dick on her pussy again, and start fucking her. She moaned very loudly, after 10 minutes she shouted it is coming, it is coming, he also shouted I am cumming too. They both cummed in the same time, both of them didn’t move for sometimes, their juice flow from her pussy to my mouth. Then he removed his dick from her pussy and put into to my mouth and said clean it bitch. Then I sucked his dick and clean it sticky cum. He moves to bed, my sister now get away from me and pulled my head to her pussy, I start to lick it, a lot of cum from it, when I finished it, she said “open your mouth” I opened she again split in my mouth don’t waste a single drop of it. I gulped it with her saliva, now that’s my bitch. She also felt in bed they kissed each other.

I felt down on the floor taking a deep breath. They talking about something and laugh, I didn’t give attention to that. After 15 minutes, adi called me “hey sissy, come and suck me” I slowly moved to bed, his dick was fully shrunk. I kissed it first, and start to lick it, it slowly got erotic, he asked: “where you learn to suck dick?” me “in porn movies, my sister saw this and kissed me, and went somewhere, and came back with two handkerchiefs she tied my eyes, still, I am sucking his dick. My sister moved to bed and pulled me to her pussy now I am sucking her pussy now, she made us 69 she start to lick my ass it was amazing feeling, and she try to put her finger I sought “ no please” she said “shut up bitch enjoy the lesbianism(“but I am boy”).

She insert 2 fingers, it was terrible pain, but I like it now, and licking her pussy, she stopped it suddenly afte10 minutes, I am still licking her pussy, she put her legs around my neck and hold it strongly, someone tough my ass hole and spit on it, and I realize it was adi, I try to speak, but she hold me very tightly, I only sound I make “mmmmm.. Mmmm” but no hear, he pushed his dick in my ass I felt like I am dead. My eyes are doomed he suddenly pushed it shouted “oh mmmmm mmmm” he started to fuck me, he fucked me 20 minutes now I am feeling pain and pleasure. He shouted “I am cumming I am cumming” he exploded in my ass, can feel his hot cum in ass. He then put his dick in my sister’s mouth. She cleaned him. And my sister also explodes in my face.

She pulled me to her face, and said “where you going, clean your mess from my face bitch”, she removed her kerchief her face full of cum, she said, “she what you did?” I “me?”

She: “yes you are, you cum 5 times in my face”.

Me: I don’t know

She: you did. Now come and clean me. I licked her face and cleaned my cum and eat it. And fall on the bed, I don’t know when I slept. When I heard a sound I woke up I saw they are fucking again at 7 o’clock. I slept again, and when I woke up at 9.30, I didn’t see anyone I was fully nude, I can’t find any dresses of me but I found a set of dress, money and a note on the table.


“hey sister, try these clothes, it is for you, don’t try to search your clothes. It is already gone. And take the money for food” – by your lovely sister Nisha

Me “how can I wear girl dress and go outside”

See you, friends, will you meet on next episode. If any girls or couple needs me ping me in “”