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Hey there readers, this is the first story I’ve published to iss. It’s about a girl I dated early on in college, towards the end of the firs...

Stealing Away With Radhika : Chapter – 1

Hey there readers, this is the first story I’ve published to iss. It’s about a girl I dated early on in college, towards the end of the first year, I’ll call her Radhika (I’ve changed her name out of respect). We broke up a long time back but we had some pretty interesting experiences together, and I’ll try and put each one out to you guys as a series of episodes. Maybe if I get a good response I can write a few stories about the other girls I’ve been with or other nice experiences I’ve had.

Everything I post is a true story, and you can be sure of that and the story itself will definitely prove it. I’ve started the story with a little bit of background, and then gone into the first incident, I hope you guys like it, enjoy!
Radhika was one of the first friends I made in college, mostly because I decided she was the best looking girl in class. Being in an engineering college in Bangalore, most of the girls were too shy and closeted to talk to the guys, but not Radhika. She and I became friends quickly and began sharing everything. I told her about a girl I was getting over and she told me about her boyfriend back home, at first, it didn’t bother me because I’d realized she wasn’t my type.

However, we were young, and like any young hormone filled boy and girl together we would text a lot, and soon we’d talk about past experiences, she was surprisingly open and even when I spoke of all the things I’d done with girls, she’d never even flinch. We were both virgins at the time and had both only gone as far as third base, but I remember her telling me she wasn’t too fond of giving blowjobs, I don’t know why but when I imagined her on her knees with a cock in her mouth, it drove me wild. I was attracted to her from that point on, and when I found out that a guy had never gone down on her, I made it my mission to give it to her, and have her return the favour.

Six months into our friendship, she started developing feelings for me, she’d been fighting with her boyfriend a lot, and I was always there to console her. If I’m honest I did care for her as a friend a lot, but I was also interested in getting physical with her. I really wanted to kiss her and pleasure her.

As this went on we got closer and closer, we would hold hands, hug each other very closely, more than friends should, and spend a lot of time alone together. Sometimes we’d go shopping and I would suggest very naughty clothes for her to wear, she would blush and hit me playfully, but I could tell she liked the attention.

One day when she was really upset I texted her and told her to meet me in the library, she didn’t know why. Now since we both lived in hostels, we never got too much time together, but the college library being very large and having several floors, was always empty. I called her to the library and asked her to come to a particular section on the top floor and to the back, and when she asked why I said, “Radhika I know you’ve been going through tough times with your guy, and I know college is really hard on all of us, I just want you to know I’m here for you.” I then pulled her in close and gave her a hug, I hugged her tightly and for a good ten minutes, it was like we were the only ones in the world.

I wanted to do so much more with her, being alone, but I didn’t want to push it, she was my friend after all, and no matter what lewd desires I had, I didn’t want to risk anything. However, Radhika clearly had other thoughts in mind, she pulled me in really close and whispered, “Krish, you’re my best friend, and I really love you.” I wasn’t surprised, we were very close and often exchanged this phrase. “I love you too Radhika,” I whispered back almost instantly.

It was then that she did something I didn’t expect, she pulled away, and then closing her eyes, got on her toes (since she was considerably shorter) and kissed my lips. It was a soft, innocent and slightly unsure kiss. She then looked at me after pulling back as if wondering what I would do next, I simply smiled and pulled her in close and kissed her back, but this time it was deep and loving, passionate. After a few breaks I moved my hand down to the base of her back and pulled her in closer as I inserted my tongue in her mouth, kissing her deep and hungrily, she responded by giving out a low moan. The solitude of the library was really our friend. We continued making out until we eventually heard the bell ring and rushed out, both of us too flushed.
That evening I texted her and we talked a little about what happened, at first she was worried that I might have felt like she forced herself, but I assured her that I loved every minute of what happened. We promised each other we’d do it again.

After that day, every chance we got, we would steal away together to the library, bunking classes, or coming early to college or even skipping lunch. Just so we could have more time with each other. It turned out that Radhika had quite a naughty streak in her, she loved the thrill of being intimate in a public place, and I loved being with such a wild thing.

One particular day we went away to the library and had about an hour together, the most time we’d had ever. She was wearing one of my favorite clothes on her, a tight black kurta with tight leggings on below, she’d teased me earlier showing me a light blue bra strap in class I’d never seen before, and I was hard since then.Once in the library at our spot, I grabbed and pushed her against a wall and started kissing her, first superficially and then I pushed my tongue through so that it was wrestling with hers, she loved when my tongue overpowered hers and I loved doing it. Then I started biting her lips then kissing and biting down her neck and then pulling her kurta to the side I found the sexy bra strap and started kissing and licking it, something I knew she loved. As I did it I moved a hand up the back of her kurta over her naked back and quickly unhooked the bra.

Then I moved both my hands up to her breasts and squeezed them gently at first, and then harder after that. She moaned deeply and gasped as I did it. I smiled at how she was putty in my hands. I moved my lips up to her ears and nibbled on them. I asked, “unzip my pants, take my cock out and rub it.” she just nodded her head mildly and said, “yes Vikram.” as she reached out for my pants, following my instructions she took out my cock and felt it in her tiny hands for the first time. She gasped looking at it before starting to stroke it lightly, I groaned and it wasn’t long before I came all over her tiny hands. She pulled her cum splattered hands away after I was done and I kissed her and said, “lick them up Radhika.” she looked down a little hesitant at first but then I kissed her once more lightly, and she brought her hands to her mouth and licked them clean, swallowing every drop of my seed. I smiled as I buttoned up and helped her do the same. We walked out together, me feeling very satisfied, and her feeling quite embarrassed, but also on her face I saw something else, it was excitement at what was to come.

Hey there readers once again, that’s the end of chapter 1 for you. I know it may be a bit tame as compared to the site but it’s my first story and I don’t like to rush them, I will send in more chapters after this which would be progressively naughtier, let me know if you liked this, and if any ladies want to get in touch to talk more about the stories or something else, my email is :