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This is the story of that day when I lost my virginity, it was a night which I will never forget in my life. Let’s start with the introducti...

The Magic Of Two Girls Part – 1

This is the story of that day when I lost my virginity, it was a night which I will never forget in my life.

Let’s start with the introduction of the 3 characters:
Amit:25 years old, slim, dark complexion guy. The first thing he does before going to the office and after coming back from office is masturbate.

Aritri:24 years old, she almost looks like a blonde, her assets are not that big but the way she carries herself is very well.

Shruti:25 years old, she is like a sizzler plate extremely hot, she had that extra large boobs and bumps always getting that extra attention.
So here’s the story,

It was a normal office day, me(amit) aritri and Shruti were getting bored at work. We had become very good friends in a very short time and there used to be hardly any secrets between us. We 3 were working in the same office. Shruti was working in a client location which was at a 5 minutes distance by walk.

The work burden was not much that day so I pinged aritri in our office communicator asking “What’s going on?” she said “Nothing much” so I asked her to meet me at the smoking zone.She agreed and I locked my computer screen and went to meet her in the smoking area. We were discussing normal stuff about work, life and all, after some time to change the topic of discussion I asked her “So did you ever had sex? I mean the penetration sex, not the foreplay thing .”

Aritri: bastard, suddenly where did come this from??
Amit: just felt asking it ;).
Aritri: no I haven’t.
Amit: ohhhhh. Cool.

Aritri: what about you?
Amit: nops me too.
Aritri: really still a virgin haha:d.

Amit: don’t laugh everyone can’t be as lucky as Shruti.
Aritri: yeah that’s true.You know last time I meet her she said she even tried the anal.

Amit: yeah she is now an experienced bitch, next time we meet her she will tell us she has tried double penetration too.
Just then aritris phone rang and it was Shruti.
Aritri: hi slut.

Shruti: hey pussy what r you doing?
Aritri: nothing, with amit in the smoking area.What about you?
Shruti: nothing getting bored.Hey listen I had a plan why don’t we 3 hangout today?

Amit: so what’s the plan?
Shruti: well let’s go for a movie and then we can hang out at my place.
Amit: ok, we are in.

We all logged off early that day and went to a mall near Shruti’s room.
The movie was a blunder. I wasted the cost of 2 beers on that crap movie.

The interval happened luckily there were these couples who were busy in their own show and one of them was in front of mine and I was enjoying watching them.

During the interval, both aritri and Shruti mingled something and they stood up, I asked them what happened they said they are going to pee.
The movie started and after some time they both came back and Shruti asked me “Hey amit why don’t you sit in the middle!”, without asking any question I just agreed to the proposal.

The boring movie again started and so the couple in front of me.I preferred to watch the second show.

Seeing this both aritri and Shruti winked at each other and came close to me and whisper “Someone is enjoying the show hmmm ;) ??”
I got to understand their intentions now. They put me in the middle to tease me up.

I smiled and they both started to caress my chick.I was feeling a bit uncomfortable but they both seems to enjoy it.Their seductiveness started to work and soon a bulge started to appear in my pant and noticing it Shruti put her hand on top of it and started to caress it.My breathing started to get heavier and I started to moan “Ahh hh hh mmmmm”.

I was getting more excited, seeing my condition Shruti took aritris hand and put it over there.

Aritri was feeling a bit shy but soon she overcomes it, but things were turning worse for me, my moaning was getting louder “Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm o god ddd ddd”.

Soon aritri stopped her hand and asked me “So are you all big now ;)??”
I replied her “Really do you have any doubt??”
Shruti said, “Big, he must be already leaking.”

My breath was getting heavier but the girls were in no mood to mercy me.

Aritri signaled Shruti “Someone wants to come out of this trap”, and they laughed.

Aritri:”Why don’t you take it out?”

I turned around to see if anyone is watching but found out that there were hardly some 15 people and all were busy on their own.I unzipped my pant and seeing the bulge inside my yellow brief Shruti put her hand on top of it, she could already feel the wetness created by my precum.Both the girls were enjoying the show.She slowly slid my underwear down and my dick pointed out like Eiffel tower. It was around 8 inches and was having a good thickness.The head of my dick was shining with the precum which was constantly coming out during this period.Shruti holds my dick and winked at aritri and told her “See I already told you he must have leaked by now.”

Seeing the cock aritri was quite stunned, Shruti asked her ” what, you haven’t seen his before?”

Aritri asked, ” why you have already seen his?”

Shruti: not physically but we did have few skype moments.
I was getting very impatient, seeing that Shruti said “Hold on big boy what’s the hurry ;)?

Let’s run a live show for aritri now.”Shruti put a finger on my lips and came pretty close to me, I could feel her warm breath. “Now don’t open your mouth, let us take you to a dreamy land,” she said. My body was throbbing huge amount of blood inside my dick and it was becoming thicker.She took aritris hand and put it on my dicks head.She was feeling a bit uncomfortable but soon she overcame it.They both were rubbing my genitals.The body temperature of mine was getting higher and higher just like my breathing and moaning sounds. Shruti reached my balls and started pressing the balls against each other, I ouched in pain “Aaah hh hh fuc+atc-kkkkkkk” but the girls put a finger to my lips and told me “You can’t utter a word!”I was on top of my excitement. I was going to explode now but Shruti realized that I was going to release, so she removed aritris hand and signaled something through eye contact. I was about to shout at her when she shut my lips and asked me “Just hold on, don’t speak out else you will ruin your own pleasure .” I obeyed her.

Soon I found that they both were inserting their hands inside their pants, my mind couldn’t work any further, after a minute there hand came out, Shruti asked me to close my eyes and they put their fingers around my nose.It was something new that was happening to me , they were playing with my nose , I could feel the strong aroma.One finger was giving the aroma of pussy and the other one was the anal aroma.I was really in a dreamy world.Suddenly Shruti came to my ears and said: “Be ready to shoot!”.I nodded my head.

One of the fingers which was smelling like pussy was inserted in my mouth and the other was still near my nose, it was like I was licking the pussy and sniffing the ass at the same time.Suddenly I felt a grip on my dick and the strokes got faster, my body was active in most of its senses. It was like my entire body was about to explode, I was loosing the complete control over mine, I couldn’t hold any further and was on the verge of cumming.I shot out the load.L opened out my eyes, luckily aritri pointed my dick in the right direction where no one was sitting.Still, for a few minutes, I was breathing heavily .L found Shruti’s hand was in my mouth, I was tasting her pussy juice,aritris hand was in my nose with her anal aroma and she was stroking my cock.Aritri gave her first handjob.Due to her inexperience, she loosened the grip soon and the sperm was not released completely.I was feeling very uncomfortable.I told them that I was not released fully.Shruti put her hand on the sensitive cock and started teasing the head and whispered in my ears “Hold it for some more time!”

I started yelling at her and wanted to take the control when she said that “The night is not over yet.The fun has just begun, don’t ruin your fun.”

I stopped myself!!!!
I hope you liked this story. Kindly share your feedback @ The 2nd part will be coming soon. :)