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Hey, I am just a bored doctor from Mangalore writing after quite long. Do email me on to tell me if you liked the stor...

The Student’s Lust , The Doctor’s Helplessness

Hey, I am just a bored doctor from Mangalore writing after quite long. Do email me on to tell me if you liked the story.

Dr. Saxena was having a quiet day. Done with his afternoon rounds he had to take a class for the undergraduate students. Most of his colleagues rued teaching undergraduates for they had to dumb down a lot to teach them. However, Dr . Saxena was different. He loved nothing more than sharing his knowledge with these nubile minds that was uncluttered with the perverseness of the medical field. Bereft of all the layers of materialism and callousness that had seeped into the profession, here he could get back to his idealistic days and remind himself why he took up medicine in the first place. As he entered class today though things were different from what he had expected.

Sitting right in the first row was this girl dressed in black with gray eyes and he was dumbstruck for just a second before he started his class. In trying not to get absorbed into her eyes he ended up staring at them more. Full lips and soft features, something about her was extremely disturbing. He wrapped up the class and made a note of her name as he took the attendance. Kusum.He went back home to his wife and continued his day as if nothing happened.

She noticed him feeling uncomfortable. But then she was more impressed with the class he managed to take. The way he carried himself. 5 foot 9 and dark he wasn’t much of a looker but the way he could communicate with people and make them understand what he was trying to say impressed her. She knew there were not many men who could resist her and she had decided she was done with the boys in the college. It was time for real men and who better than Dr. Navin saxena. The next day she did knew she was posted in his unit.

She prepared well. She wore the red top that she knew revealed just enough and went to class. Dr. Saxena was in his element but so was she. A little flutter of the eyelashes, a little pout here and there, she did just enough for him not to realize that he was getting turned on because she wanted him to. She boldly asked his number at the end of the class so she could schedule the next class with him as the class representative.

The next day she texted him that she could not come to class as she was unwell. Dr Saxena was disappointed. He was surprised how he was looking forward to spending the class ogling at Kusum. He sent her a text after class. And before he knew it they were exchanging texts quite often. Not too much but every query seemed to end up in a conversation. He was enjoying her company. It was January and his wife had gone home for vacations. Kusum asked for extra classes and he invited her home. He was quite confident that she was interested in him too.

As he lay waiting she came wearing a top and skirt that stopped mid-thigh. Those flowing white legs got him aroused and he got a boner instantaneously. She sat next to him and as he taught her she kept the book on his lap and started pointing at certain points. As he was explaining her hand was on his thighs. His boner was not helping things and she slowly stroked on his penis over his shorts saying “Sir, looks like you need some help too in here. Don’t you?” she pulled down his pants and started sucking his cock slowly licking the base of his cock with her luscious lips, taking just enough of a breather before taking it deep inside again. He was staring at her full breasts and started pressing them over her top. “Remove it, sir, ” she whimpered in between her rhythmic pleasure giving exercises and he promptly did so. Her breasts were popping out of her black bra and he started playing with them. He removed her bra too and started pressing her breasts moving around her nipples before pinching them slowly and then pulling her closer to him. He made her sit on his lap. His dick was saluting her and he starting sucking her nipples. She kissed his forehead and went down to his mouth and they shared a kiss that was delayed too long. He closed his eyes and felt all the emotions running inside of him. As his tongue wrestled with hers, he felt he belonged there in that time in that place with Kusum and nothing else mattered. He removed his shirt and carried her to his bedroom.

Sir, was better than she expected. He slowly lay her down and started kissing her body right from her neck and he went all the way down to her nipples and below laying a trail with his kisses he reached her belly button and then went lower to her skirt. He bit it and pulled it down with his mouth as he reached lower he removed the skirt. He went back up and removed the panties with his mouth too and she felt his lips brush her love hole. She wanted more and pulled him back there ordering him cajoling him begging him to suck her in between her joyful exasperations. He kissed her there and she felt oh so heavenly before he started letting his tongue deep inside of her. She felt the softness of his tongue inside of her and loved every sensation that she felt. He did know how to please a woman. She wanted more and begged for his penis all 5 and a half inches of it. It may not have been impressive to look at but he entered her and she did feel every millimetre of it go in. It was fat and she could feel it enter into her and it gave her joy she had not known before. As she scratched his back and pulled him closer he suddenly changed position carrying her with his muscular arms and putting her above him.

There she was above him riding him and he was pushing upwards letting his powerful thrusts do the work. She was pushed upwards in the air with every thrust and she landed safely with his cock inside her. She loved it he was getting wild and so was she. Every inch of her body wanted him and she hugged him tight so very tight and kissed him full on the lips as she wanted to be his for that night. She could feel her muscles weaken she was going to cum. She moaned loudly and so did he as they came together and smiled for this was not the pure lustful relationship they had imagined it would be. This made sense and she loved it and loved that moment. As she hugged him and went to sleep she knew she wasn’t gonna let go too soon. Least worried about the future she hugged him and went to sleep for the night.