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Hi, I am rony from Bangalore working in one of the reputed MNCs here. I am not making you all bored at all.Let me come to the story what hap...

Unexpected Pleasure With Terrace Neighbour

Hi, I am rony from Bangalore working in one of the reputed MNCs here. I am not making you all bored at all.Let me come to the story what happen a month ago. As I stay alone in a rented apartment that to on the terrace floor, I have all the beautiful view I want to.
To which I love my room a lot.

Once in a weekend to which I don’t have work, I heard someone washing clothes on the opposite terrace floor(in Bangalore all the house are build very close by to which we can go to the other terrace) I just normally took it and went off as usual.At that moment I couldn’t see her face properly nor her body structure. It just went on normal. I went outside with my friends.

The next day morning I woke up from my sleep and was standing on the terrace drinking tea. She came to take the dried clothes which were hung out the previous day.Omg, she looked damn hot I was really stunned looking at her.

Am sorry forgot to say who she is her name is Ritu a married lady 29 years of age with a great hot figure. She saw me looking at her,as she looked at me I took my eyes from her. As she was taking the hunged clothes from terrace one of her clothes fell to my terrace as I saw its on my place I took and gave it to her. We just smiled each other and she said thank you.The day went off as usual.

I didn’t see her for the next two day there.And on one of the weekend, I was washing my clothes on my terrace that day even ritu came to wash her belongings. We smiled and said hello to each other. We just spoke normally for long.We have become good friends.As her husband is a business man he keeps on traveling always and most of the time she is alone and they don’t have kids.As I said we became friends.As days passed on every weekend I see her on her terrace and we chit chat we become closer to each other.

She sends me a request on facebook we started to chat day and night we were very much close to each other now.She also started to share her personal problems and me to started to open up little b little we enjoyed our talks.After two or three days she messaged me saying she is feeling alone as her husband is not in station went for some business purpose as he won’t be there in the house for two to three days.I just asked her if I can give her company.

She asked how,
I -come on ritu our house is just a step to jump from one terrace to another.
R-oo really does really want to give me company.
I-ya I am also free here doing nothing.
(it was already 8.15 in the night)

R-ok then come on to my flat but come after 9 I have a bit work to do.
I was so excited when she said that I was almost in heaven.That one hour was like one year for me to move on.At 9 I jumped my terrace to her terrace and reached her flat.She opened the door.My goodness, she is a sex bomb I was like my mouth is half open, she said stop staring at me and come in fast before someone sees us. I went in sat on the sofa, she asked me if I need something to drink I said nothing am fine. We started talking a lot and lot.After a couple of while we had dinner together what she prepared at home and we were watching tv.

She asked me- rony do you have a GF?
I-I had but broke up now single.
R-oo what happen?

I-she got married to a different guy.
R-ok am sorry to hear that.
I-its ok it’s all past.

R-are you not looking for another gf?
I- haha I said in joking tone(if I get a gf like you I will be happy)
R-that’s funny but I am 29 I am aged than you are.
I-its ok If we have a secret relation I will be fine and happy.
R- you are a naughty boy.

I smiled and said ya most of the time I am naughty.
She told be any way we are close to each other now, why don’t we be open and be good friends.I said sounds good am happy with that.She asked so you had sex with your ex.I said I had and it was wonderful.She said ooooh really.And how can you control your feeling now?I said I masturbate if I feel more horny.She asked me who do u dream of while masturbating.On sudden, I told after I see you I dream you and masturbate.She had a naughty smile on her face.And she asked me what all I do when I dream of her.I said it’s difficult to say.She said its ok but it will be easier for you to show me what all you do.I was like fuck didn’t now what to do and say.She told me don’t be shy we both are only in this house no one will know and it’s a secret relation.

As she said this kissed her lips OOOOOOOOO my god her lips were fucking soft and juicy and she is a good kisser.We were like wild bitches like we were starving for sex a lot.We smooched for around 10 minutes and she started to put her hands under my t-shirt to feel the warmness of my body, I was exploring her whole face and kissing and biting her lower lips and sucking them.

She removed my t-shirt and she is biting my chest hairs now and kissing my nipples and biting them softly, her breathing sound is increasing to the peak.And saying rony please fuck me hard plz plz.
By hearing his I was high and took her in my arms and took her to her bedroom. I tore her nighty completely and she was in her bra and panty.

As soon as I did that she woke up from the bed and removed my trousers and started to rub my cock with her hands and in no time my dick in her mouth.Believe me, she is too good at it.She did it for around 10 mins.I pulled her up to me, pushed her towards the wall and bend down to her pussy and asked her to put her legs on my shoulder and I started sucking her pussy to which was making sexy voice mmm mmmm rony sucking it deep I love you so much and as she was saying it she is pushing my face into her pussy harder and rubbing my face onto her pussy.

I stood up started pressing her boobs and kissing her neck and she holding my ass hard. I took her in my arms and took her to the bed. We on the bed started kissing each other hard and exploring ourself a lot.I turned her around and inserted my dick from behind and started pushing softly as her legs were around me and holding my head and kissing my lips hard.I started increasing my push it harder she started making hard noise rony rony please punish me harder hmmm fuck you asshole I am your bitch today aaaaaaaaaaa.I took my dick and we went on in 69 positions and started sucking our self really hard and wet.
Her sweet juice is flowing so much and I loved the smell and taste of it so much to which she was so wet. I am sucking her pussy like a crazy dog.

As we are done with 69 I went over her and inserted my dick in her pussy and started pushing hard,I am increasing my push harder and harder she is shouting you idiot fuck me asshole and she holding my ass and pushing my ass much harder to get more fast and hard push to her pussy.After 15 to 30 mins we cum together and all my cum in her pussy. We were tired and slept together naked.The next day morning she woke up early than me and gave me a cup of tea and kissed me and said thank you for the wonderful night. I wore my dress and went I was about to her leave her flat she said she have a friend of her she is also in the same situation as her.Can I give a company as I gave to her?I said if she is ok I will give her the best company.

She smiled and said then there will be so many married ladies who I need to give the company.From there my life changed.

Every weekend till now I have a great sex and company to 7 married ladies with a full secret relation.Among those ladies 3 ladies paid me and made me a call boy for them.

If you like my story please send me your feedbacks to to feedback I will let you know what happen to me and ritu to which we had a threesome with her friend.