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This isn’t my story but submitted to me by one of my readers, she mailed me the whole story and I’m submitting it on behalf of her, you can ...

Whoring Around In Restaurant Job

This isn’t my story but submitted to me by one of my readers, she mailed me the whole story and I’m submitting it on behalf of her, you can mail me on or contact her directly at her mail address. So her story goes in her word……..

Please read the first part “DEFILED VICTIM IN STRANGE LOVE” @, would help to get the plot of this story.

And second part “TURNING INTO HUSBANDS WHORE” @, would help to get the plot of this story.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Roopa Ghosh, age 20, fitted body, slender legs, especially curved thighs especially thicker than normal, firm and straight boobs as especially noticed by everyone, fair skin, height 5 feet 5 inch. I myself was amazed at the fact that 32 sized boobs could stand so straight without an even bra. I was amazed to see that even boobs could stand so straight even without bras. My face has an innocent look and lips were magnificent. Being ready, to get laid with my three husbands made up one thing clear to me. They didn’t love me, and I was just a flesh for them. I was like a slut an entertainment for them and their friends.

Though I still had an emotional attachment to three of them but I also realized the fact that their attention won’t last long. So I decided to see alternatives, previously I was fucking them with an attention and attraction towards them. But now I was fucking those peoples also who had nothing to do with attraction and attention. Few months of crude fucking developed so much confidence in me that I could get nude in front of anyone and let laid with anyone. I proposed an idea to Akbar, I said that they had already visited their native’s places and it has been months that I have visited mine.

So I asked him permission to see my village. He thought for a while and asked about the duration. I said that two month’s time would be fine but if they were not comfortable than 1 month or 15 days will also do. He talked with rest of them and gave me a green signal for two months. Though the friends of all three were eagerly interested in crushing my body but these three weren’t that much interested now. The reason was a daily routine type fucking sessions and lack of love towards me. I told them that I’ll leave in two days.

Next day, as they left to college, I got ready to visit the same restaurant I was serving in previously. I went to the restaurant as a guest and my team was delighted to see me. The manager and the owner were having the same response. As I had told earlier that response I got in this restaurant were more than other girl’s waiters, so as I quit the job the response of the hotel decreased a lot. The business was on loss, so for a chance, the owner and manager asked me whether I needed a job still or not. That was the question I was waiting for.

I told them that I needed a job and my old position was still empty or not. The manager told me that it was empty and I can join anytime.

I showed my delight and so deal was final. I told them I’ll join in a day or two. For accommodation the old flat, the old transport was ready. I went back, packed my luggage, took leave from them and rushed to the flat. My roommates were delighted to see me and after a day rest, I was back on my old job. I was little healthier than before, which caused to fit the dress I wore on my body even tighter. The curves showed more than before and the response was awesome. Within three days the restaurant was back to life. The restaurant got the same rush of customer again, and I was getting the same type of response which I got earlier. Everyone was happy, my colleagues were jealous but as I started to share the tip I got, they were back on my side. I had something in my mind and needed a little time to implement it. The late afternoon and early evening time were a slack time for the business. We hardly got any customer at that time and so most of us were free at that time. So usually I and the manager sat in his cabin for some chit chat. The manager was in the late thirties or early forties.

He was a nice guy by nature but womanish by nature. He always tried to hit on me previously but I never paid head to it. This time he didn’t hit on me directly but though passed some dual meaning comments. I wanted him to be part of my plan so instead of getting uncomfortable I started to pass him smiles. On one such afternoon, he asked me about my activities in my absence. I told him a fake story, not what I actually did but a bogus story which I had in my mind. I told him that I was working in a posh restaurant in Kolkata. As we were completely free he asked me to elaborate about the place more. In a secret manner, I asked him to come closer. Pretending as I was telling him some very secret thing. He came closer; I told him that the manager in that restaurant was a cunning man. He was having a partition in the hotel. It was on the first floor, which was previously been used as storage purpose. The stairs to it went from the ground floor itself. So that manager cleared the area & built temporary partitions in the area. This area was used to serve alcohol to special customers.

My manager interrupted that this happens in lots of cities. I smiled and said that the alcohols were been served by girls in that floor. He exclaimed that where that guy got girls for that, serving as the waiter was fine but serving nude need separate girls and how he brought them in. I told him that the regular waitress in the restaurant did that. I told him that all girls usually worked there as a normal waitress, but few were being convinced for a special purpose. So as those customers came, those girls go to the 1st floor in uniform and then get rid of their clothes in a secret room. Then they served drinks and if customers were interested that they could have those girls too.

Few amounts were a commission of the manager and rest the girls could keep with them. He looked convinced but barked a question for me. I was expecting it so responded comfortably. He asked how I knew those things in so details. Before I could answer he barked another question that I was been involved in such act. I responded lightly that yes I was. He exclaimed that he can’t believe it. This was because of my previous reputation; I wasn’t involved in such things and had denied his previous approaches too. I asked him that how’s going to believe it. He passed the ball to my court, saying me to prove it. I looked outside the floor was empty. Though the cabin was made up of glass but it had curtains inside. I closed the curtain and sat on the chair again. He was little confused with this, still, I smiled at him and he smiled back. I had already come with enough preparation so was wearing a top without a bra. As the top was of thick fabric and dark color it wasn’t easy to recognize that I wasn’t wearing any bra inside.

Within a flash I raised my top up, giving him a full view to my boobs. He was shocked with that and took 30 seconds to adjust with it. He smiled and asked whether he could touch and feel them. I rose up, went to him and sat on the table just in front of him. He asked him to go ahead and do whatever he likes. He grabbed my both boobs and started to squeeze them hard. He looked at me, sitting holding my tops and placed my nipple on his lips. He started to take turns pressing and sucking my nipples. While he was busy in his deed, I opened my jeans button and opened the zip of it. He looked shocked and asked what I was doing. I smiled and asked whether he’s going to leave me without doing the real thing. He left me so I dropped my pants. I pulled my pants off my body, followed by my hanging tops. As he was about to attack me again I requested him to go to the sofa. He nodded his head and within few seconds I was on the sofa, and he was above me all naked.

He was kissing me, licking me, sucking my nipples and pressing my boobs hard. I spread my legs wide and asked him to get inside. He hiccupped and said that he wasn’t having condoms. I smiled at him and said that I didn’t need one. He smiled and said that he’s shooting outside at climax. I said him to shoot inside it as I was having pills regularly. He looked at me and said that I had changed dramatically. I smiled but didn’t answer anything. He adjusted himself and was inside my pussy in a fraction of a second. He grunted in pleasure and started to hit me with full speed. Though he wasn’t as expect as my lovers but still he was good in fucking. So as soon as he was building his orgasm mine was building too. He shot his entire load inside me and my orgasm as well. As soon as he was finished, he hurried up and dressed. I cleaned myself and dressed up too.

After it, I asked again, whether he was interested in starting this here too. He looked at me and said that he will but in a proper way. I smiled and left for my daily work. In the evening after the restaurant was getting closed he asked me to stay back. He said that he’ll drop me back after a small meeting. I nodded my head and asked my colleague to go ahead. The entire restaurant was empty so we headed to his cabin. I was sure he wanted to fuck me again so as soon as we entered his cabin I got rid of all my clothes and sat on the sofa. He turned around and saw me like that and smiled. I smiled at him but instead of coming towards me he went to his chair. Before I could understand the door opened and Ahmad came inside. Ahmad was the son of the owner of the restaurant. I was little shocked about it but there was no way to hide my modesty at all. No way could I dress up now as clothes were too far. He went to the chair in front of manager’s desk, turned it to my direction and sat on it. He was sitting facing me, so the manager said to him. He said that he was talking about me only and he can decide it I. Ahmad stared at me and said to the manager that he was right about me. He asked me to stand and show him my body. I got up and exposed my body from all directions.

I even spread my legs wide to show my pussy and asshole. Ahmad asked that how my guys I can handle in a day. I whispered four; he nodded his head and said that he was thinking about when I said to the manager in afternoon. He liked what I offered but as I could handle only four guys won’t get so much income. I looked at him confused so he said that the restaurant was having eight female staff. If I could convince three more or if possible all of them then it could be a better deal. This way they could have bunches of customers and profit could be high. I said that I’ll try to convince them but it will be great if we start and they would be able to see that. In that case, they could be convinced more easily.

Ahmad too agreed with my suggestion and the meeting was over. I was about to go to my clothes when Ahmad stopped my way. He looked at me and smiled, understanding his intentions I went to the table. The manager table wasn’t wide enough, just three and a half feet’s wide. I kept my chest on the table so that my legs were on the floor and my head was on the other side of the table. The manager dropped his pants and came to my face. Without asking I gulped his dick in my mouth and started to suck him. Just then I felt a broad dick entering my pussy. It was Ahmad and he was thick enough to stuff my pussy well. He grunted and said that the bitch was tight enough for him. He kept his entire weight on my back and grabbed my boobs with his both palms. He said to the manager that I was tight and up to the mark and he thanked him for discovering me up. The manager was taking the whole credit but the fact was that it was my plan.

Still, I kept my mouth shut and let them finish. The manager was terrified with my sucking skills and exploded immediately. Ahmad looked at him while the manager himself was shocked. He asked him what happened and the manager told him that I sucked wonderfully and so he couldn’t hold long. Ahmad continued to ram me until he flooded me inside. He took nearly 30 minutes and I was about to go towards my clothes when he stopped me again. I looked at him so he asked whether I had some important work to do at the flat. I nodded in negative and he asked me to come along with him to his flat. I moved to my clothes and he swiftly came to the clothes. He picked my clothes and kept it in a carry bag. He said that he’ll take the clothes and asked me whether I was in need of getting in clothes. I nodded my head in negative and he asked me to come along. He asked the manager to get the restaurant closed. We moved to the ground floor and as soon as I exit the gate the guard had a view on me. I was naked and he was shocked to see me like that. But he didn’t show any sign of discomfort and I reached near Ahmad car.

Ahmad came immediately and opened the front door. I slipped into the car and we moved towards his home. In the way, he stopped his car in front of a cigarette shop. He pulled out few hundred bugs and gave it to me. He asked me to go and get few cigarette packets for him. I exclaimed about my state. He looked at me and said to be bold, after all, I will be presenting myself to lots of guys in near future. He continued that if I can’t manage a guy then how I can go for bunch then. I didn’t say anything and got out of the car and rushed to the shop. I asked for cigarette packets and the guy sitting there didn’t even looked at me and gave me the packet. I passed him the notes and he returned me the change. While handing me the change he looked at me for the first time and was shocked immediately. He kept on staring me for a while and then asked whether I take money for this.

I nodded my head with a smile and he asked me my rate. I said that it was 5000 and he made an ugly face, he said that it was too costly. But he asked whether he could touch my boobs. I nodded my head and he grabbed my both boobs and started to squeeze them hard. He even preceded his hand downwards to push his finger in my pussy. He managed two fingers in my pussy and was fingering me up. He was trying to warm me up so that I surrender myself. Just then Ahmad honked the horn; I swiftly got out of his grip and smiled at him, and said some other time. I quickly came back to the car and sat inside.

We drove to the home and as no one was at the gate, we slipped directly into the bedroom. Immediately I was bowed down and Ahmad started to fuck in my ass with gel. He was in the middle of the fucking when his Dad and the main owner of the restaurant entered the room. He looked at me and asked his son whether I worked at the restaurant. Ahmad confirmed it and told about his future plans with me. His dad was delighted and asked to send me to his room when he’s finished. Ahmad pulled his dick out immediately and asked his dad to take me with him. He said that he’ll finish later and his dad can continue now. His dad smiled and asked me to follow him. We moved to his room and he got nude. As soon as he was naked he asked me to kneel down and give him a suck. I got on my knees and took his dick in my mouth. As soon as I started to suck him with my style, his face expression changed.

He was pretending like his dick was been stuck in some grinding machine and his dick was been ground. Within a minute he exploded in my mouth and as soon as his dick was free, he slapped me hard. He said that I was too much expert in that and he never was so washed up so easily. He asked me to go back to Ahmad room. As soon as I was back to Ahmad room he resumed fucking my ass. He took a whole 30 minutes to flood me inside and then we slept on his bed. Next morning started with a morning fuck with Ahmad. He fucked me in my pussy and flooded me inside. I got up and had a bath, after the bath I asked for clothes but he asked me to pay a visit to his dad.

I went to his room knocked the gate and his dad opened the gate. He welcomed me inside, turned me on my four and started to fuck my recently fucked pussy. After few strokes, he pulled his dick out and rammed me in my ass. He kept on fucking me in my ass until he flooded me inside. Then I used his bathroom and cleaned myself. I got back to Ahmad room and he passed me my clothes. He handed me few hundred notes and asked me to get myself groomed first. I went to parlor immediately and get myself, groom. In evening I was back at the restaurant, it was getting constructed so the manager called me to his cabin.

As soon as I was his cabin, I was summoned to be naked. As soon as I went naked he started to fuck my ass this time. It didn’t take him long to flood me inside. After the session, he instructed me not to come to the restaurant for two more days and I could join back after that with new responsibilities. I nodded my head and exited the place. I had rest for two days at home and reached restaurant on my normal time. The entire setup was changed, rest of my colleagues were astonished too but didn’t have any clue about it. The stair to the first floor was just beside the counter now. It was made up of wooden slabs and was open from all direction.

The counter was just beside the main gate. The ground floor had nice seating arrangement with a sofa instead of chairs. There were nearly 24 tables now on the ground floor. The first floors had cabins and there were 8 cabins on the floor. All side of cabins were made up of wooden ply. But the side which opened in the gallery was made of glass. It had hooks and curtains but were kept opened all the time. The cabins had two long sofas on 90 degrees and with a decorative table. Just above the stairs were a bar counter and were nicely furnished. The kitchen was been moved to the last of the restaurant.

Means someone from the first floor has to step down from the stairs and cross all the 24 tables which were kept in 3 parts with 8 tables in a row. Between each row of 8 tables, it was a gap for walking. So we have to cross from there only to reach the kitchen. The opened the menu and it had only 8 items in main course and rest were alcohol items. In 8 items the rate was been mentioned but there was option as available and not available, menu looked like below

1. Goat Roast – 5000 per plate – Available
2. Goat Soup – 4000 per plate – Not Available
3. Goat Chop – 3500 per plate – Not Available
4. Goat Normal – 3000 per plate – Not Available
5. Chicken Roast – 2500 per plate – Not Available
6. Chicken Soup – 2000 per plate – Not Available
7. Chicken Chop – 1500 per plate – Not Available
8. Chicken Normal – 1000 per plate – Not Available

Just the manager was passing by and saw me. He came to me and so I asked about the menu. He said that Goat Roast was me, if someone ordered Goat Roast, I will be called. Likewise, rest girls were named like that. I nodded my head and he called me to his cabin. While moving to the cabin I read a board mentioned as 1 pm to 6 pm Boys Zone only. That means there will be only guys at this time on both floors. As soon as we entered his cabin, I started to get rid of my clothes. The manager named Vikram stopped me from doing that, he said later. I fixed my clothes back and we sat on the chair. He said that they are preparing some mobile application from which anyone could confirm booking for me and others. For this purpose, a photographer will come now and I have to pose for him. I nodded my head and he continued.

He told me that this special service, which I suggested, will be active from 1 pm to 6 pm only and on few occasion from 10 pm to 12 pm. The special service will go on 1st floor only and that too for limited numbers of guests. I will be required to go bare and serve those snacks and alcohol in the nude state. The guests could grope me as much as they like. After the drinks and snacks will be over the guests will fuck me as many times they like in the cabin itself. The only limitation was time and they have to finish both drinking and fucking in that limited time. If they exceed that time limit then Vikram will interfere to either extend the time or stop them what they are doing. I didn’t say anything, just kept on nodding my head, like a tutor was dictating me some lesson. He stopped for a while and then started again.

He said at 1 pm sharp, I will have to get nude in the last cabin on 1st floor; there is an intercom over there by which I’ll be instructed things. I’ll be told about cabin number and requirement. If the customer will ask for drinks only then I’ll be required to rush to the bar counter, collect the drinks and then serve them. Until they order something else, I will be required to stay in the cabin itself. If they order snacks, I will have to use the intercom in the room to order it directly in the kitchen. Then I will have to stay there until the cooks tell that the snack is ready. Then I was required to go to the kitchen and collect the snacks. After collecting the snacks, I’ll have to return back to the cabin to serve them and then stay in the cabin itself. I was about to ask a question when he answered himself. He said that he knows that there will be 24 tables on the ground floor carrying 72 guest’s maximum.

As he said that this facility was only for 1st floor only, but ground floor guests could view the show. They can grope me also but only groping if they try to do more than Vikram will interfere. I still had a question so asked. I asked what about my colleagues. Vikram smiled and said that I’ll be an inspiration to female staff as they wanted all of them to get involved in this act. For male staff, I’ll be a good show. I asked him what if my male colleagues want to do with me. He said that is my personal decision, they won’t stop me from doing that if I’m interested and won’t pay me for that too. As soon as I heard the word pay I immediately asked that what I will be paid for that. Vikram smiled cunningly and said that I’ll get 60% of that in cash. He said that Ahmad said to pay me 20% only but he convinced him to pay 60% of 20% will reduce the interest of rest of the female staff’s to get involved. He said that for rest of females getting involved later will get between 40% and 60%, but I will keep on getting 60% of share. I nodded my head in yes.

Just then there was a knock on the gate and Vikram asked the person to come in. He was a photographer so Vikram asked me to pose for him. We went to a corner and he started to instruct me to pose and he started to click. After few clicks, he asked me to shred my top and pose in just bra. I looked at Vikram who smiled and nodded his head. It was too much but still, I didn’t object. I got rid of my top and posed for him in bra & jeans. After few clicks, he asked to get rid of the bra and pose in jeans only. I looked again to Vikram who nodded his head again.

I understood that Ahmad and Vikram wanted to get me clicked without a single thread. I got rid of my bra and then posed. As soon as the photographer was about to say something I myself dragged off my jeans and started to pose in panty only. He smiled and said that’s great to me. After few clicks as he stopped the camera I removed my panty too. Few clicks followed and then he asked me to sit on the table. As I sat he asked me to fold my knees and spread my thighs. I did as directed and he clicked me like that, later he turned me on fours and clicked from front and back sides. Then he wrapped his stuff and passed the disk to Vikram. He asked whether Vikram needed him to edit them too. Vikram rejected that and said that he’ll be told if required.

I was getting dressed while they were talking. Vikram asked him to collect the payment from the counter before he leaves. The photographer whose name was Rajesh said that he wanted something else instead of the payment. Vikram asked him about it and he said that he want me for one night from 10 pm to 6 pm. He said that I was quite sexy and mind blowing girl he had ever seen. So his desire was to fuck me with his 3 friends for the whole night. Vikram laughed at him and said that his payout was just 5000 bugs and fucking me with 3 more guys will cost him 20000 bugs for just 3 hours. For eight hours Vikram said that it will cost him 50000 bugs. I was astonished by my rate, for months I was getting fucked like that only without getting a single penny in my pocket.

The photographer made an ugly face and was about to go when Vikram stopped him. He said to get me booked at the counter for him and his two more buddies, and he’ll give him 30% discount for that, which means he could book me in 5000 bugs only leaving his 5000 bugs with Vikram. He nodded his head and went off. I looked at Vikram and he said, don’t worry dear your percentage won’t change; you’ll get your full amount.

The photographer went off and it was around 12:45 pm them. Vikram took me to the last cabin and asked me to get inside. It was a big cabin with 8 chairs in it and the side wall had an intercom as told by Vikram earlier. Vikram showed me an Elmira where I can keep my stuff and a side bathroom to get ready. I asked him how many batches I needed to entertain daily. He said that for the beginning I’ll have to entertain one batch only. But later on, as I get habitual to it I will have to entertain two batches. But one batch will be in afternoon and another batch will be at night so that I get proper rest in between. He said that there is an advance booking for me today and I should get ready for that. He continued that there will be full pack on the ground floor as 72 guests are invited today for the show, so I have to use one line to go and another line to return.

I was required not to show any discomfort if anyone gropes me and keep a smile always on. Even if my colleagues showed or made ugly faces still I need to smile back. I nodded my head and he continued. He said that the batch will finish at 3 pm and then I will be required to collect my money from the counter and all the staffs will be present there. He also instructed me to influence the rest of the female staff and every staff involved in this, I’ll get extra 20% on each of their earnings. I nodded my head and he went off. I got nude and then had a little freshened up. I sat on the chair and was waiting for the intercom to ring. Exactly at 1 pm, the intercom ringed and a voice announced: “Cabin 3 Roopa with three glass of Whiskey.” I hurriedly got up and rushed to the counter. The bartender looked at me casually; I was hearing laughter and humming sound from below the floor. He poured what I asked and then I collected everything in the tray. While I was collecting everything the bartender advanced his hands towards me and grabbed my both boobs. He pressed my boobs few times and then let me go. I moved towards the said cabin, which was after two cabins from there.

At the gate, I stopped, pulled the gate and got inside. As soon as I was inside I developed a fake smile and looked upwards. To my shock, it was Ahmad his father Sabbir and one more partner of them called Samsuddin. Ahmad said that it was my first day so they thought they could train. He said that they will tell her what to do and how to do and she’ll be all independent from tomorrow. I nodded my head and served them drinks. As the drinks were served they had few sips and then Samsuddin asked “Roasted Fish.” Rest of them nodded their head and I called from intercom for the fish. Samsuddin asked me to stand beside her and as I got in the place, he grabbed my ass and started to play with my ass. He was taking a sip in between and sometimes advanced his hand to my boobs and pressed them few times. He even played with my nipples and pinched them sometimes. Just the intercom ringed and the cook announced that the fish was ready.

I swiftly tried to move outside when Ahmad stopped me. He said before leaving I will have to take permission from the guest. I nodded my head and asked their permission. Sabbir nodded his head and I moved outside. I descended from the stairs and the counter guy was constantly staring at me and was trying to adjust his hard on. I reached down and moved towards the kitchen. The entire floor was full and as soon as the guest saw me they started to hoot. My 7 colleagues were serving them looked at my direction and immediately their jaw dropped. They looked at me in horror and disrespect.

But I gave them a smiled and ignored their gestures. I moved towards the kitchen and while crossing the tables, several guys groped my ass, pussy, and boobs but I didn’t object and kept smiling. I collected the fish in the tray from the kitchen and then came back from another line. This time also I was been groped everywhere. It was like an introduction offer to the guests so three more times Ahmad sent me to the kitchen for something. I was been groped nicely all the time. The lunch was over and so the drinks, I was sure that fucking will continue from here. I collected all the utensils and glasses and dropped it in the side trolley and ringed the bell. The trolley moved to the kitchen by a rope. When I returned back I could see that everyone was getting nude.

They pulled a side drawer which had condoms. Ahmad instructed me with that and said every cabin has full stock and not to let anyone enter me without condoms. But if anyone insists then I could ask Vikram about it on intercom and go as he directs. I nodded my head and so I was been pulled and deposited on the table. Samsuddin went to enter my mouth but Sabbir stopped him. He said that if you don’t want to finish soon then fuck her pussy or ass. I smiled at Sabbir and he asked Ahmad to try my mouth. Samsuddin was in my pussy and Ahmad was in my mouth. Though Ahmad was big yet I managed to explode him in just a few minutes. He had the same expression what Sabbir had the other day. He was impressed with my techniques and told me to make use of it as much as possible.

Samsuddin was a bull fucking my pussy mercilessly and flooded in a condom in 30 minutes. Sabbir took his place as soon as he was over and 20 minutes he was washed out too. I looked at the clock which ticked 3 pm and Ahmad came to me for round two. I stopped him and said that the time was over now, either talk with Vikram or they can leave. Ahmad kissed me passionately and said that he was impressed with what I said and to be true I learned quickly. They started to get dressed and left. I went to the last cabin cleaned myself and came to the counter all naked. All staffs were present there and I was till naked. The counter guy passed me 9000 bugs in 1000 Rupees note. I took it with a smile and came to the cabin to get dressed. The evening was normal routine and then with my 7 colleagues, I came back to flat around 11 pm. In the cab, we didn’t have a talk but at home, few barked at me and three started to inquire about it.

I didn’t convey them the pay scale but I conveyed them every detail about it. I told them what they will have to do if they want to join and how the things will work. They told me that they wanted to join in, though the four of them barked at them but still they ignored and requested me for the same. I assured them that I’ll talk with Vikram next day itself. On the next day when I reached restaurant both Ahmad and Vikram were present. They were expecting some joining and my news delighted them well. I don’t want to disclose the names of the other girls as they don’t know about this publication and I haven’t taken permission from them. I was in the manager cabin while telling them the details. The manager called the waiter and asked him to send all three of them. The waiter went off and all three girls came within 3 minutes. They looked nervous and were trying to avoid eye contact with all three of us.

Ahmad started to the conversation and asked them that would they like to join me in this special service. All of them nodded their head, looking downwards all the time. To make them anxious Vikram told them their payout, what they would get for a single customer, double customer, and triple customers. They were conveyed about 40% as per the rate which was way less than I got. But I didn’t say anything, but they all looked happy with their share. Vikram conveyed them that all amount will be provided to them in cash itself. But they didn’t ask them to convince anyone else; this scheme was limited to me only. Ahmad asked them whether they were interested in doing this or anyone wanted to back off. They all whispered that they will do that. Ahmad and Vikram both smiled and said alright to all of them. Vikram asked each one of them to get rid of their clothes. They were shocked with the order so Ahmad interfered that since today they were required to remain nude for good 5 hours. They will be entertaining customers too and still they are hesitating to get nude in front of just two guys. They all looked towards each other and started to get out of their clothes.

It took them 10 minutes to get naked. They were good, not as good as me but still, they were good. Vikram and Ahmad saw each other and smiled. Vikram started to comment about their body parts and tell them about grooming themselves. They tripped their pussy hair but none of them shaved. So Vikram pulled one of them to the table and brought a shaving kit. He himself shaved one of them, making her shiver and wet side by side. Then Ahmad asked the rest of them to shave by themselves. They took turns and shaved and showed it to Vikram. Then Vikram guided about wax and other types of grooming. It was done in whole 1 ½ hours and it was about 11:30 am then.

He passed a gift kit to all of them for shaving and other grooming items and asked them to use them closely. They nodded their head and Vikram asked whether they were virgin or not. They all announced they were not a virgin. Vikram said excellent and looked at Ahmad. Ahmad pulled one of them to the sofa and deposited her on the sofa. Vikram pulled another one to the table and deposited her over there. They got rid of their pants and underwear and were inside both of them in a fraction of a second. They started to fuck them mercilessly. The other girl was standing and looking them in horror. I went to her and tapped her shoulders; she looked at me and smiled meekly. I hugged her and she hugged me back. After 10 minutes both Ahmad and Vikram turned their girls and started to fuck them in their ass. They were experienced there too but not so much so they were screaming lightly. But they kept on fucking them and then flooded them inside. Ahmad guided them not to let anyone fuck them without condoms.

He gave all of them pills course to start immediately, so that if someone fucks them without condoms then also it isn’t a serious issue. While talking with them they both were slipping their hands on the third girl body. As the conversation finished they both were hard again. They pulled the third girl in the middle of the room and entered her from both ways. She was very uncomfortable in the starting but later she got adjusted too. They both fucked her 20 minutes and flooded inside her. After that, they asked them to clean themselves. They asked them to skip job for today and they can peep in my cabin today to get an idea. But Vikram asked them to stay nude all the time. We all moved to the designated cabin on the top floor and started to have a conversation. In the cabin I became nude too around 12:30 pm and we were waiting for the intercom to ring. Meanwhile, I was giving them some tips too. Around 12:55 PM Ahmad and Vikram entered the cabin and said to three of them that they were sitting in the last cabin, just beside this one. Vikram asked them to start for the day they should serve them food and drinks.

This way at least they will get a practice and meanwhile, they could peep in my cabin too. They all nodded their head and just then the intercom announced “Cabin 1 Roopa with three glass of Vodka.” I swiftly got up and went to the bar. I collected three glass of vodka and while lifting them the bartender again squeezed my boobs. I didn’t say anything just smiled at him and went to the cabin. As I entered the cabin I saw three cute looking guys sitting in the cabin. I placed the order on the table and stood near the table. They took the glasses and drank it in one go. They were looking at each other and were avoiding looking towards me. I know they were beginners so I said that whether they want something else or they would like to play with my body. I told them they can do whatever they like with me. One of them asked me to come near.

As I reached too close to the table they started to squeeze my boobs and ass. They even managed to push their finger in my pussy and few times in my ass. They stopped for a while and order fish. I used the intercom and ordered it. I stood there again and allowed them to play with me more. They were getting bolder every second. But just then the intercom announced that the fish was ready. I asked them whether I should bring the fish or wait. They asked me to bring the fish. I went outside then to the down floor. The floor was packed like yesterday, and I was been groped all the time but I didn’t minded at all.

I returned to the cabin and served them fish and they ordered one more round of Vodka. While coming back to the cabin with Vodka I saw one of the girls going towards the down floor. She was little nerves and was sweating too. I waited a minute and heard hooting downstairs. I came in my cabin and served them drinks. While they were finishing their drinks I saw the same girl returning with a blush on her face. She was carrying water bottles and she moved to the cabin. The drinks were over and so the fish. I asked them whether they needed something else or not. They nodded their head in negative. So I collected the utensils and glasses and dumped it in the designated place. I was back in a cabin in 2 minutes and I climbed on the table. I deposited myself on the table and asked them to have me as they like. They immediately got up and started to undress. One of them attacked my boobs sucking and biting my nipples. The other one attacked my pussy and got inside me immediately, fucking me with immerses pleasure. The third one got to my face and pushed his dick in mouth. I grabbed his dick immediately and within 1 minute, he realized his mistake.

He was feeling like he pushed his dick in the furnace. While they were fucking me I saw all three of them moving from the gallery to both directions. As soon as they went downstairs I heard a little hooting sound and when they returned they peeped inside for few moments before leaving. They were getting trained and getting the menu now. The guy inside my mouth exploded immediately inside my mouth. He was looking disheartened but I said to look at the time, he can refill me as he has much time for that. The guy fucking my pussy exploded now and got aside. The third guy was about to take place in my pussy when he asked whether he can fuck me in ass. I asked him to pull the drawer. As he did I pulled a lube and turned on my fours. I filled my asshole myself and asked him to get going. He filled my ass immediately and started to fuck my asshole with full pleasure.

But as I said earlier they were beginners so he exploded soon. It was now only 15 minutes left and the first guy was hard again. I looked at him and smiled and asked him ass or pussy. He said pussy so I turned on my back again and he was inside me immediately fucking me with full pleasure. He didn’t take long and filled me just in time. As all were finished they wore their clothes and departed immediately. I cleaned myself and went to the last cabin. Ahmad told that for a beginner experience he had called his 9 friends. They have already reached here and sitting in cabin 2, 4 and 6. He assigned each one of them a cabin and asked to move immediately. They rushed to the cabin and I got dressed up and moved downstairs. The crowd was still there so I went to the bartender and sat there on his side.

While I was sitting there all the three girls came three times to the bartender for getting drinks. Bartender as usual behavior, groped their boobs and ass while they were preparing the drinks. As I didn’t object so did them. They just gave them a naughty smiled and went off. I sat there while all three of them went downstairs three times each to get some food stuff within 40 minutes. Then they neither came for drinks nor did they come for food stuff. As the show was over the ground crowd started to leave. The front door was shut down as no guests were left. The bartender sitting by my side kept his hand over my thighs and started to press them lightly. I looked at him and he said that he was keen to see me bare and I was sitting there full covered. I smiled at him and said him to wait for a while. I walked towards the cabin. It wasn’t compulsory for me to let him fuck me but I wasn’t seeing any harm in doing that. While walking towards my cabin I stopped on the second cabin. I saw the first girl riding one fellow with a dick stuffed in her ass and a guy standing on the table, getting a blowjob.

Her face was against the door so expression wasn’t visible. On the fourth cabin, I saw the second girl who was been sandwiched between two guys, they were standing and fucking her both ways. The third guy was sitting on the sofa with eyes closed. This means he was already washed out and the other two were having fun. On the sixth cabin, the third girl was lying on the table. One guy was fucking her pussy and she was giving another guy a blowjob. The third guy also was sitting washed out. I went to my cabin and then got bare. I came back to the bartender to take advantage of my body. I sat beside him and let him play with my body. He pressed my boobs, sucked my nipples, and fingered my ass and pussy for quite sometimes. Then he asked whether he could fill me also. I smiled at him and went to the wall. I placed my both hands on the wall and bend down a little, giving him show to my ass and as I spread my legs, he was having a show of my pussy too.

He swiftly got up, got bare and was in my pussy in a second. He started to fuck me but firstly he was an aged guy, secondly being a bartender he gulped lots of alcohol, so as expected he didn’t last for long. He shot his entire load inside me and whispered in my ears, that he shot his load inside. I said that it was alright but he asked what if I get pregnant. I pulled tissues and started to clean myself and said that if that happens, then he can marry me, I will be glad to be his wife. He exclaimed immediately that I was his boss slut and even if he marries me, then also his bosses will keep on fucking me for rest of my life. He said that it would be hard for him to digest and adjust to the situation. I said that if he doesn’t want to marry me, then why he’s concern about my getting pregnant.

He didn’t say anything and wore his clothes. I looked at the stairs and saw two male waiters and the receptionist peeping. As I didn’t have my fucking stuff today I was restless so I decided to go down. I walked downwards and that too completely naked. They all dismissed from stairs and the waiters stood on the gate and receptionist on reception. As I crossed the reception I looked at them and they were staring at me. I crossed them and was about to move towards the kitchen when one of them stopped my way. I looked at him and he hesitated but said that I was satisfying everyone but ignoring them. I smiled at him and went below the stairs. I deposited my back on the wall and said that I wasn’t stopping anyone. All three of them got delighted and rushed to me shredding their clothes. Two of them gulped my nipples and one of them sat on his knees licking my freshly fucked pussy. I grabbed heads of both of them and started to play with their hairs.

Just then Ahmad and Vikram walked towards the main gate. They waited near the stairs for a moment, looked at me, gave me a thumbs up and smiled. I smiled back towards them and they walked off the restaurant. The guys hand enough foreplay and kissed me deeply one by one. They wanted a fuck now, a quick fuck so they decided their sequence. The receptionist was the first in the row. He got inside me, fucked me impatiently and flooded inside. As soon as he was off the next guy took his place, fucked me nicely and got aside after getting finished. The third one impatient was immediately inside my well-fucked pussy. He took sufficient amount of time to load himself off. They weren’t interested in another round so I cleaned myself with a tissue and walked towards the kitchen. They asked me where I was going, so I said to provide the equal share to the cooks.

They smiled and I walked to the kitchen. The four girls who weren’t active in the party were sitting in the corner. I walked inside nude and the cooks sitting there talking with them, were shocked. I bend on a small table keeping my stomach on it. I left my legs and face hanging from the table. I looked towards both of them and gave them a smile. They looked towards the four girls, hesitated for a while and then ignore them completely. They rushed to me, dropped their pants and one was inside me from my back and the other one was inside my mouth. They started to fuck me both ways, and I saw those girls looking elsewhere. It took them hardly 10 minutes to flood me inside. I cleaned myself and walked towards my cabin. In the way, I saw all three of them still getting fucked. But Ahmad and Vikram were just behind me who instructed them that the time was over. While I took a bath and got dressed, all three of them returned back to the cabin, fully exhausted but with a smile. They cleaned themselves and dressed up.

We all got down and saw Vikram sitting on the counter himself. He handed me my share in cash and then handed the rest of them their shares. The share was equal to total month income of theirs. They were extremely happy with that. As they went inside I was handed few more notes which were my commission for getting them involved. We went inside the kitchen to have our lunch and after finishing my lunch I went to Vikram cabin. As soon as I got inside I saw two girls who weren’t involved in today show, naked and getting fucked by Vikram and Ahmad. Vikram told me that they also will like to join. So Ahmad had already told their fare and was inaugurating their pussy and ass. I smiled and took the sofa. They both were fucked in pussy and ass one time each then they were handed over to me as an instructor to them. I guided them to the top floor and told them everything required. Now they were in the team making is 6 versus 2.

At night we all six discussed our experiences and four of us guided the rest to about the working. Though the two girls hadn’t made up their mind yet but were listening to our discussion keenly. As was expecting them to join next day itself, and as I thought, next day itself as soon as we reached the restaurant they asked me to come to a side. As I went there they told their intentions. I took them directly to Vikram cabin and as Ahmad was also there I told about it. Ahmad asked them to get naked, as we groomed the rest 5 girls, we groomed them too, and it was followed by hard fucking of their ass and pussy by Ahmad and Vikram. Now all of us were in business and so Vikram told that he had already got a booking for weeks for four cabins. But he was shifting all bookings up and will engage all 8 cabins at a time.

So he asked me to inform them and after having breakfast we can decide who will use which cabin. We went to the top floor and then my choice was the last cabin and so the rest of them took one as they liked. We informed this Vikram and then we sat there for two hours guiding the beginners about what they should do and what will happen. We helped in grooming each other and discussed styles of getting fucked openly. It was around 1 when we all got naked and waited for the intercom. The intercom roared in 3 minutes and announced everyone names, and immediately we rushed to our cabin with drinks. We took went downstairs for the food itself and were groped nicely by customers sitting there. While I went downstairs I peeped in each cabin and found few of them serving and getting groped and few already getting fucked. I too was been groped by customers but in addition to it, the staff too groped me well. The waiters, the cooks, and the receptionist also took the full fun with my body.

Around three pm we all reached back to the cabin and cleaned ourselves before getting dressed up. Then we reached to Vikram cabin this time to get out share. It is been a full month now, we come to the restaurant around 12:30 pm only, get ready for service at 1 pm and then serve our customer till 3 pm. Then we remain nude and everyday Ahmad, Vikram, waiters, bartender, receptionist and cooks who are also eight in numbers, takes one girl each and fucks them as they like till evening. Then four of us who are in heavy demand stay back for the night shift. At night from 10-12 we have to serve another set of customers and then we get back to our flat. Sometimes Sabbir or Ahmad takes one girl home to ravish her at home along with their partners. Next day this girl gets a leave and her appointments are been postponed. 70% of this session at home I only am been taken, but they take the rest of them too. Mostly our booking takes place on Online Mobile Applications and no booking takes place in a restaurant now.

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