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I am kumar – software engineer – from hyderabad, staying at madhapur. Any girl or women looking to have a secret friendly relationship with ...

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I am kumar – software engineer – from hyderabad, staying at madhapur. Any girl or women looking to have a secret friendly relationship with me, feel free to mail me ( or can snapchat me on ( nehaj0365) I would love to take care of you and your privacy. Read my story and if you like me mail me I am boy mail id is for privacy sake..

Hi everyone today am sharing my recent fun with gmail friend renu. We met in adult online site and continued to chat. In chat we discussed about over day-to-day life and our sexual feelings and we both were interested to have a secret relation and we want this to be in very secret.

So all the chat went good and in the night chats we use to share our feelings and had fun. We both work in software companies at hitech city. We are free at only weekends.

Though we shared all the feelings and had sex chats we didn’t see the faces and didn’t share the phone numbers.

Finally we decided to meet for the very first time for a coffee. Shared the numbers and we met in the same week at hitech city karachi bakery that was friday. She said she will be in black dress and even I said ill be in black dress (just to identify).

I reached the place by 6 pm and I saw a person with black dress standing at the bakery. She is already waiting for me.

I saw her and parked the car in the next side lane and she was good looking girl with 34-28-32 , average color – not white not black medium color, but her boobs are good to her personality one man can have a good handy fun with her boobs. And back is close like an indian girl.

We started conversation with hi and we are exchanging our smiles and then I brought cool drinks and we were having it.

My eyes are on her boobs while talking :-) she saw that couple of time and smiled and asked me to stop scanning my boobs we are in public place. I laughed and said ok. She was full open in chat but in live she is feeling bit shy and smiling while talking.

So we were there for 30 mints and we said bye and I droped her at near bus stop left from there.

At evening 8:45 I got a message from her saying

Hi hero what doing ?

I replied – just thinking of your hot boobs

She asked – you liked them ?

I said – yes, eagerly waiting to eat them :-)

Even am waiting for it baby – she said she is already bit wet at her pussy.

Then next day she asked me to meet and she shared her address.

I asked her to come in t shirt and jeans if possible as the dress will be easy to carry while having fun. She agreed to that. And morning I went to her place. It is at bachupally – hmt colony.

I prepared fresh and started to her place. I picked her in my vehicle and we didn’t decide where to go. We were just moving from the way bachupally to some outside of city.

And after some drive we were out of city place and only lorry and heavy trucks are passing on the road I think the road is taking us to some high way.. Not even single you turn is there on road.

After some time we were only car on the road and in the mean time we were just talking and am complimenting her body , exchanging our smiles and my hand was already on her laps. She said am getting mood please don’t touch ra…am getting wet.

So took this is best time to step ahead and moved the car to small gap in the trees left side and moved half km inside the trees. Everything was green as this was rainy season.

I kept all mats to the windows so that no one can see us by any chance.. I thoroughly verified if any one there by any chance but no one was there as this is highway inside trees.

I asked her to let’s start the play but she is still feeling shy but I forced her to come to back seat. She moved to the back seat and now I also went back and closed the door and locked.

Now starts the actual play, soon I got back I started to kiss her and giving long kiss, am already in good mood and started topress her boob for the first time but I didn’t leave her as am in good mood. She is breathing heavily and me too…

Then from lip kiss I came to neck and moving to towards the left and right of the neck. Slowly I lifted her t-shirt up and I could see her white bra. Pushed her bra to up and saw beautiful boos pushed out of her bra. White boobs are really looking fresh and very handy.

I am sucking both the boobs like monster and she is out of control now she closed her eyes and just enjoying she gave a loud moan with ahhh … hmm … ssshhhh …. Hhhmm .. Sounds then my play continued … am kissing and sucking her boobs

Now I removed her t-shirt and kept it a side and removing the bra also but she restricted. I also removed my t-shirt and then I came to her tummy and started smooching her body and nonstop pressing her boobs.

Now pushed her to lay on the seat then I slowly rubbing my hand on to the direction of her pussy from the pants itself. I think she is already wet down I can feel it from her face expressions.

I removed her jeans button and opened the jip she wore a cream color panty. Inserted my hand to her pussy and I could feel wetness in her pussy. Now I moved her pant bit down and she immediately came got up and stopped me not to do it.

But after some kisses and smooching she slowly agreed to remove her pant, removed her pant and now she is on bra and panty only. She had beautiful thighs and I was eating her thighs and kissing her pussy form top of her panty. She is making … ahhh huuu … hmm shhh …. Hmm sounds in the mean time.

I pulled her panty with force and I could see white came out of her pussy and she is smiling at my face. I cleaned with tissues that were in my car and now it’s clean with little wet.

Now I removed my pant very quick and showed my cock to her and she is happy to see that and handling it with her hand and giving push up’s I was already some wet and she playing with it. Cleaned the wetness of my cock with tissues and asked her to take it in to mouth. She said she is scared for that and said strong no to it… so I didn’t force her to do.

Now am in full mood and my cock become very strong and I again laid her to sleep on seat and stretched her pussy.

Initially inserted my finger but she is giving loud sounds to it. So I was rubbing my finger from top of her pussy to down deep… she is again getting hornier. Her thighs and boobs are awesome parts of her body. Then I moved my position to her pussy and tried to insert from side direction.

We struggled to insert for some time and she is also in high mood and finally it moved inside.. Her pussy was damn tight and I could feel her warn inside her pussy.. I gave slow pushups and she is enjoying it like crazy….

Giving heavy breaths and she is also giving me smiley reactions giving haaa …. Hufff …. Hmmm …. Cheyy raa.A.. Plsss aappaaku (do it ra.. Please don’t stop it…) slowly….

Now after couple of minutes I lied on to her to increase the speed. As the pussy was tight am sure that if I increase the speed she need tight to control the pain so I hugged her and in missionary position am giving the push-up’s

She is enjoying it to the maximum… she just closed her eyes and leaking little drops also… on her I am giving lip kissed and pressing her boobs and pushing my cock more deeper …. In the meantime she release her white drops to drops … that drops are helping me to smooth fuck …..

After 10 minutes of solid fucking I was a about to cum.. Told her and she asked to cum on her pussy not inside.

Then I understood her intension and did so. The cum erection was much and it all fell down on pussy and some on her tummy to.

Then we were full relaxed and cleaned it with tissues. My car was full of cleaned tissues. By looking at that we were laughing and teasing her.

After some time on my request she played some time with my cock and gave some kissed to it.

We got our pants and I laid her on my lap and she was with only bra and jeans. I am with only jeans.

She playedwith my hairy chest and I again started to suck her boobs and giving long lip kissed.

While kissing I used to press her boobs and exchanged and enjoyed. That’s how we finished our sessions she was looking bit tired and we both decided to have lunch together and moved back to city road.

This is my sex story friends. Please share me your feedback. My email id is
If using snapchat my id is nehaj0365