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First of all, I am very sorry for posting next part after such a long time and keeping all of you waiting. It was summer of 2016 and I got a...

Brutal Brothers Part – 9

First of all, I am very sorry for posting next part after such a long time and keeping all of you waiting.

It was summer of 2016 and I got a 2 and a half month summer vacation from my college and finally some rest from being a college slut for some time. I was planning to de an internship in the first month of my holidays….So I told my dad about it and asked him to help me in getting an internship. 2-3 days later dad called me and told me that he had got an internship for me I was very happy about it I asked him where he told me the name of the company in which sameer worked, my heart sank, I felt so stupid asking dad to make an arrangement for my internship. I was ruined.

Next day I was at Sameer’s place ready to start my internship. When I reached Sameer’s place, it was a big 3bhk flat where he lived with 2 other guys one of them worked in his company. They were avi, Mohit, and sameer himself. Sameer called me to Gurgaon a week before my internship was due to start so that he can have a good time with me…..!! We all get acquainted with each other and then came the night .. Sameer told me that I can sleep in his room while the other guys will sleep in their rooms only……sameer gestured me to go to the room…I knew it was time.

a few minutes later sameer came to the room I was waiting for him on the bed as soon as he entered the room he locked the room and started to undress himself his 9 inch monster was ready to ram my throat for the next whole month, he climbed the bed and without saying anything he just grabbed my head and shoved his dick in my mouth…. Gghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gaga agggghghhhhhhhhggghhgghgggh…… Gghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gaga agggghghhhhhhhhggghhgghgggh……I gagged and gagged like anything.
“now u r hear little sister I’ll make u a real slut u belong to me u will do whatever I will tell you to do… u r my salve” sameer said while ramming my throat. After around half hour of gagging fun my face was filled with saliva sameer had a big satisfactory look in his eyes after gagging me like that….Then he came down on my boobs and he stared slapping them and chewing them assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plzzzzzz easy sameer but he didn’t listen he was biting my nipples like animals…while he sucked my nipples his his hand slide in my shorts and his fingers stared exploiting my pussy he was rigorously fingering me while torturing my boobs….

Few minutes of finger fucking and I had an orgasm and my pussy was gushing water like anything….He continued finger fucking me and making me more wet…he ripped of my shorts and shoved them in my mouth so that I can’t scream when he fucks me. And as his favorite part he took of my t-shirt and tied my hands at my back leaving me completely helpless to do anything….He picked me up and shoved his 9 in monster in my pussy in one push..Tears came down my eyes I screamed at my full voice but that panty in my mouth didn’t let me scream…he gradually gained speed and was not fucking me like a machine ….Few minutes later he changed his position and now he was lying on the bed and asked me to jump on his dick… I did as I was told …I was even enjoying the way the fucked me but was still very painful and brutal. His dick was completely wet by my pussy juice which kept flowing from my pussy.

I was jumping on his dick as fast as possible and he kept smacking my ass in the middle….He was no done yet my brothers have a very great stamina when it comes to fuck me…they never get tired now sameer asked me to stand on my knees and from back he held my hands and shoved his dick in my ass and started ramming my asshole…from the back he kept saying in my ear how he and his other friends here and at the office were going to fuck me like a slut. This all went till late night when finally he cummed in my throat while my head was hanging on the edge of the bed. I had seen my future in this internship I was going to get fucked and humiliated like anything by many people but I was ready for it. After one more throat fucking session we slept naked with sameer’s dick perfectly fitted in my ass checks but he kept playing with my nipples until he went to sleep…before sleeping he told me to wake him up with a morning blowjob…and I did as I was told to do as I woke up in sameer was still asleep by I grabbed his semi hard dick and stated to suck it few miniutes later he was awake and watching me sucking his dick he said “that’s like a read slut bitch” and we continued the morning blowjob session.

As we were done he asked me to get ready for breakfast as I was started to wear my top he stopped me and instead he gave a short spaghetti top from which my boobs were coming out and the shortest skirt possible and took me out in front of his friends to humiliate me in front of strangers. His friends were not able to take there eyes of my breast I could even see a erection in avi’s shorts. And the next thing was avi was enjoying to the fullest was sitting on floor on my knees and giving blowjob to them one by one and this continued until there 3rd roommate mohit didn’t joined. There was a knock at the door it was mohit in order to surprise mohit, sameer pulled down my top and revealed my boobs and them ordered me to open the door…. I was bit reluctant in doing that but then suddenly I got slapped on my face by sameer for not doing what he said…

I had no option but to open the door like that only, I went to the door and slowly opened it mohit was as shocked as avi to see me in that position “what is this sameer…I thought she is your sister” mohit exclaimed. “she is more than a sister…. She is my little slut trained to pleasure us in every way we want…..We can use her all day all night bro”. Mohit slowly moved his hands towards my exposed boobs and grabbed them, he looked extremely happy as he did that by now he was caressing my boobs sucking my boobs….Few minutes is was surrender by 3 huge dicks trying to make way in my mouth, I was sitting on the floor on my knees with three dicks around my face ready to fuck face me like anything. Fuck face session went for a hour and it was time for changing the positions….Now avi was sitting in the couch and he took me on his lap and forced his dick deep in me and mohit being an ass lover took my ass and shoved in my ass…while sameer was ready to fuck my mouth again. They fucked me in a very rhythmic way and changed position one by one everyone fucked my each hole….After little pause they took a break and continued I was 10 at night.

After some time they ordered some food and had their dinner while I was sucking there dicks from under the table. For that night I was given to mohit and avi for the whole night they took me to there room and fucked me like it was last fuck of there life..They fucked me like that till 4 in the morning.

The next day was my first day of internship and in morning I got up and stated to dress but as usual sameer had a dress already decided for me , he gave me a packet in that there was a formal dress with a white lining shirt and a black short skirt which was really short I wore that white shirt it was looking quite sexy but to make me look like a real slut avi came to me and opened top 3 buttons of my shirt and revealed half of my breast making me look like a complete office slut. Avi and smaeer worked in the same office so, I got in the car with them while mohit gave me a goodbye spank on my ass “see u later slut”. As we reached office….It was a very big nice building and every department was giving a particular floor and sameer’s was on the 10th floor….As we reached office I was introduced to all the people there were around 30 people in that department out of the 20 were men….As I was getting introduced I was getting a lot of attention from everyone but I was evey embarrassed and happy due to the attention I was getting. Finally sameer introduced me to there boss mr.Paul he was a well built 30-35 year old guy and kind of cute but all the time I was talking to him he was continuously ogling at my boobs and it was quite obvious as there was no other employee who was dressed like me in that office.

After all the introduction was done I was allotted a desk in the office where I was supposed to sit and do my work sameer told me that every new intern is allotted to any one of the employee in the office which was decided by mr. Paul only. After some time I came know that mr.Paul has allotted me to himself only I was quite surprised at it because I was told that this does not happen but my boobs were a good reason that why someone would do that. A few minutes later I received a call from mr. Paul he wanted to see me in his office , I was quite nervous as I entered his office…as I talked to his he told me about the the kind of work I will have to do which mostly was some paper work and I was fine with it….But while he explained me all that he was scanning my whole body and raping me with his eyes.

First 3-4 days went fine without any banging in the office the only place I was fucked was at home by all three of them by every passing day my dress was getting more and more revealing on the 5th day of work I was sitting on my desk doing some work suddenly I felt two hands caressing my shoulders I got surprised and looked back and it was none other than avi he was standing behind me caressing my shoulder with an evil smile on his face but within few seconds his hands moved from my shoulder to my boobs and he stared playing with my boobs over my skimpy top I tried to remove his hand as I was afraid someone might see what was happening but it didn’t worked then he moved to nipples and started rubbing my nipples with his thumb and finger ahhhhh plzzzzz not here plzzzzzzz ahhhhh I was moaning slowly few minutes later after making my nipples erect and red he whispered in my ear “follow me slut” saying that he stated going somewhere gestured with his finger to follow him…I didn’t wanted to go with him but I knew that if I didn’t do it now all three of them will punish me at home for not following there orders as I am there slut I got up and embarrassingly with my erect nipples clearly visible through my top few people noticed it while I passed through…we passed through some desks then I was a board of washrooms written and realized that today I am gonna be fucked in a bathroom as followed he entered into the mens toilet and before that he handed over some money to the maintenance guys standing at the gate as avi went in he called me in I was to afraid to go in but I had no other option as I walked in that maintenance guy grabbed my ass and gave a tight spank on my ass “see you later madam” saying that he pushed me inside the toilet and closed the door.

As I walked in avi grabbed my hairs and dragged me to one of the cubical it was not so big but even then he shut the door and made me sit next to the toilet seat and unzipped his monster cock “now slut suck off this dick real hard or I will shove your face into this and flush it down” he said while hitting his dick on my face and without wasting any second I wrapped my soft lips around his big hard cock and stared trying to take in as much as possible I was trying to use all my neck power to swallow as much cock as possible without using my hands as none of the guys who have fucked me let me use my hands while sucking them and if I do they punish me very hard for that….Few minutes later he grabbed my head and stared forcing his cock deeper down my throat making me gag like a real slut gghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gaga agggghghhhhhhhhggghhgghgggh gghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gaga agggghghhhhhhhhggghhgghgggh then finally he shoved his full cock in my mouth his balls were touching my chin I chocked like hell and he repeated that several times making my face fully red I was gagging so hard that I was sure everyone in toilet were able to listen to it after several minutes of gagging and chocking me grabbed my boobs and picked me up he turned me around and forced my face to the wall and ordered me to pick up my skirt I did as I was told I picked up my skirt…
he pulled my ass out and started running his slippery cock on my asshole and within few seconds his whole dick was in my asshole ramming my asshole to he was giving me very hard thrusts I wanted to scream but couldn’t do it he was holding my head with one hand and torturing my boobs with the other after several minutes of ass banging when he was about to cum he brought me back on my knees and sprayed all his cum on my face his hot cum was all over my eyes nose and every place of my face then again he pulled me up and turned around and asked me to hold my skirt up and stay in the same position giving me that order he went out of the cubical and I waited there with my skirt up ….

Few minutes later sameer entered the cubicle and fucked me in the same way and sparyed all his cum on my face then asked me to clean up my face so I slowly slowly poured all the cum on face into my mouth using my fingers “ that’s like a good slut” saying that sameer took out something from his pocket I was taken aback by seeing that I was a huge metallic butt plug he first shoved it into my mouth making it sloopy and the shoved it in my asshole “ now for every second you are in this office this will stay in your asshole and if your try to remove it you know what will happen” saying this he lowered my skirt and dragged my out of the cubicle where some men were already there and they saw what was happening. After all the fucking ended I went to the ladies wash room and cleaned myself and moved back to my desk but as I walked the huge butt plug in my ass was making it very hard for me to walk and I walked like a slut whose ass has been fucked a lot it still pain full it became more painful as I sat on the chair and the butt plug was forced even deeper in my asshole.

Same thing continued for 2-3 days every day I was taken to that toilet and fucked like anything and that butt plug was never out of my asshole unless someone was fucking my asshole. The news of my being a slut was known to the whole office.

The next day in the evening time when I thought I was done for the day as I was already fucked in the toilet sameer came to me and kept a file in front of me “read it” saying that he left from there I opened that file and found a note in it which read as “slut today u r going to do some over time as there I a lot of pending work left to be done” I was quite surprised as I knew that there was no work pending and it was something other than just work I just sat there doing nothing.
It was around 7 when everyone started to leave then avi came to me and said “have fun slut I’ll see u at night” saying this he went away I was quite suspicious that something is going to happen but wasn’t fully sure what was that. After half an hour almost all the people left except few 7-8 people they all were mostly some managers or higher post people. As I was sitting there one of them whose name was kamal came to me and sat next to me and started chatting with me after few casual talks which he did while ogling at my boobs he suddenly changed the topic to my fucking in the toilet and he started asking me questions about that incident, to save myself from embarrassment I tried to avoid his questions but suddenly two other guys came and sat next to and one of them kept his hand on my thighs and other on my shoulder and started caressing my parts I tried to resist but the one if them held my hairs from the back “your brother has given you to us for the whole night now you be a good slut like you are for him or we’ll fuck your brains out like a bitch” listening to this I got bit scared and tried to get up I saw there were 3 other men were standing there to stop me suddenly as I was standing someone from by back grabbed my shirt and tore it off in one pull revealing my 36 boobs in front of everyone then kamal came from front and tore of my bra as well and I wasn’t able to do anything as they were too many of them..

Someone from the back put his elbow around my neck and lowered me while all the people in front stayred to slap my boobs and pinching my nipples one after other they were showering hard slaps on my boobs aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz no stop stop I was crying like hell but one was there to save me my boobs were red hot and were paining like hell this much pain fuck was too much for a 21 year old girl after several minutes of boobs slapping they stopped but I was still crying and was not in position to stop them in whatever they were about to do to me.

.One of the guy picked me up and made me lye on my desk with my head hanging from the desk and then kamal came to me kept his balls in my mouth and I without saying anything opened my mouth and took his sweaty balls in and started licking them after tea bagging me he held my neck and shoved his mega cock in my mouth and stared ramming my throat for the first thrust itself his cock was hitting the way of the throat and his bugle of cock was completely visible in in throat and then one by one each of them came and gagged my throat for hours without any gap in between and some of there dicks were big as hell which tore my lips and my throat to its limits the only sound which came out of me was of gagging like gghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gaga agggghghhhhhhhhggghhgghgggh gghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gaga agggghghhhhhhhhggghhgghgggh gghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gagagghagg gahhaaggaha gaga agggghghhhhhhhhggghhgghgggh gghagg gahhaaggaha after another hour or so of throat banging I was picked up from my desk and was taken to the outside reception area and was thrown on the reception couch everyone took there place with seconds and started the fuck session with full pace kalam was on my pussy and I was above him and one guy as at my ass while two others were busy with my mouth they all were fucking me with great rhythm and with full pace those ..

They changed their position every 15-20 min they four guys fucked my every single hole for around 2 hour and finally cummed in my mouth I drank each and every single drop of their cum and now before I could say anything these 4 guys were replaced by the other four guys and they started fucking me one of the guy sat on the couch and asked me sit over him while he took my ass and other came from front and took my pussy while other two face fucked me this went for hours as one group was finished the other was recharged and ready to fuck me and finally when they stopped it was around 2at night I was lying on the couch without any power to move. After resting there for I saw someone them started to take off and within minutes there only three guys left kamal and two other guys later kamal came to me and started caressing my boobs playing with my nipple “time to go home slut” saying this he forced me to stand up all I was finally relieved that I will go home now so I went and picked up my panty and started wearing it but suddenly there were two tight spanks on my ass it was kamal he took my panty and tore it off and without saying anything he grabbed me by my ass and started moving out of the office.

I tried to stop him but he was deaf to my pleadings I was taken out of the office completely naked we entered the lift two of the guys were fingering me in the lift the lift door got open in the parking lot and as the gate opened two guards saw what was happening in the lift I was so embarrassed and was trying to hide my face.. They took me to their car and while in the car I was giving a blowjob to all of them one by one after another round of blowjob for half an hour we finally reached sameer’s house as we reached there they just kicked me out of the car and didn’t even dropped me at the gate as soon as they kicked me out I ran towards the house in between few guards saw me running naked but they didn’t stop me as this was pretty usual in sameer’s houses as I reached he house I knocked at the door when mohit finally opened it and let me in. As I reached in manish was so happy to see me naked there he came to me grabbed my ass and took me to his room where he made me sit on his dick and made me jump on it for another whole hour while he played with my nipples and boobs….After one more fucking I slept with him naked.

Next day I got ready for the office I was given a black semi-transparent shirt and a short white skirt my boobs were clearly visible from that shirt and that skirt revealed a bit of my ass…as we reached office every one of the guys who fucked me last night was looking at me and giving me a sexy evil smile few of them even came and grabbed my ass. Few minutes later as I settled down and started doing my work few minutes later sameer came to me and said “news of your last night gangbang has reached everyone in this office and mr paul has taken special interest in your and want to see you…now I want you to do anything he says as it will be affecting my job and u better be good in front of him” saying this he opened top 3 buttons of my shirt and then he reached for my water bottle and poured that water over my boobs making my shirt fully wet. Now my nipples were clearly visible form the top of my shirt I was looking so sexy that any men would like to have a taste of me. Now Sameer grabbed me and took me to mr. Paul’s office as I entered the office he was sitting in his chair and as he saw me he was taken aback seeing a sexy girl in wet clothes. He glanced me from top to bottom and called me towards him.

Without any distracting he directly came to the main topic.
“I have heard that you have been doing a lot of indecent things in this office, what happened in this office last night” he asked.
I was too embarrassed to tell his how I was gangbanged last night so didn’t said anything and stayed quite.

He asked again this time with little more force “what the hell happened last night in this office” this time I was quite scared then I remembered what sameer said to do whatever he says so I decided to tell them the truth “sir, I was gangbanged in the office by 8 of your employees for the whole night.”

“you are a real slut miss Neha” he exclaimed.
I remained quiet… “what happened to this shirt of yours,” he asked with an evil smile on his face.

“a slut like you should be punished for such acts of indecency” saying this he gestured me to come to him with his two fingers and I moved toward him as I reached right before him he ordered me to get on my knees and said “are you a slut” he asked with a evil smile on his face “yes sir I am a slut” I murmured to him. As I said to he gestured me to open up his zip and suck him off without saying anything I opened up his zip and took out his huge cock in front of me and slowly started to lick the top of his dick…it was a pretty big dick few minutes of licking then as I was ordered by sameer to please him I started to show him my dick sucking skills while every single guy who has fucked me liked I started going up and down on his whole cock my mouth was touching the cloth of his zip as I sucked him his hand was no my head forcing me up and down on his dick…after some time of dick sucking he picked up his phone and called sameer 2 min later as sameer entered his office he was happy to see he in that position sucking his bosses dick. “
“mr. Sameer l would like to take your sister home for a few days and make her my slave and I hope u won’t be having a problem with that” he said to sameer with a smile.

“she is all yours sir…do whatever you want to do with her she won’t disappoint you.” sameer said.

I was again sold to someone like a cheap slut but that was nothing new to me so I wasn’t too surprised. As I finished up my blowjob session with his he told me to stand up “today I am going to take you home with me and will make u my slave and it comes with a lot of surprises slut” saying this he ordered me to meet him in the parking lot in 10 mins. As he released me I went and collected all my things and went to the parking lot few minutes later he came and took me to his home.
Being a boss his house was pretty big as we reached in he made me sit on the couch and went inside and came out with a slave collar in his hands he came close to me and tied that salve collar on my neck tightly making me a bit uncomfortable in breathing.

“it’s time for your punishment slut for the indecent acts you did in my office last night” saying this he tore off my shirt and my skirt now I was standing completely naked in front of him with a slave collar around my neck. Within a few minutes I was tied down to a table from all four sides facing downwards and paul was stand at the back and I could see him….I thought he was gonna fuck me from behind but he had some other plan in his mind, I waited there for a minute and then smmmmaaaacccckkkkkk……aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I screamed at the top of my voice ahhhh ahhhhha ahhhh ahhhh and again smmmmaaaacccckkkkkk and I screamed again ……aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee after two smacks he stopped and came in front of me he was holding a big red bull whip in his hands and was completely naked “this is how you will be punished bitch for the next few days u will be my bitch and you will take all the punishment I give you” he said “plllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t do this to me it hurts a lot I’ll do anything sir but plzzzz, not this……” I said sobbing. “I’ll do whatever I want slut” saying this he went back I was too afraid of what was going to happen next I was stilling crying and then again smmmmaaaacccckkkkkk………… smmmmaaaacccckkkkkk…………. Smmmmaaaacccckkkkkk…………… smmmmaaaacccckkkkkk…….. Smmmmaaaacccckkkkkk…., aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I screamed he was continuously smacking my ass and my back without and pause in between and my hands and legs were moving here and there trying to get away but failed after several numbers of smacks he stopped but that wasn’t the end of it aahhhhhhh ahhha ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh I was still sobbing he came to me and untied me from the table grabbed me by my hair and made me sit on a chair he took my hands back I tried to resist him but every time I tried he used the bull whip on my body he took my hands at the back and tied them back and asked me to look up he went in for a minute and came back with another thing in his hand it was a horse whip which I suppose he was going to use on my nipples and boobs….. He came to me and slowly lifted my sobbing face and started rubbing that horse whip on my nipples and boobs “don’t worry slut this is just the starting” he said and then whacccckkkk whacccckkkk whacccckkkk whacccckkkk whacccckkkk he stared whipping my boobs with that horse whip aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I cried but there was no one to listen to my misery my legs were not tied so after few whacccckkkkss I tried to stand to but he suddenly gave one whacccckkkk on my pussy and held my hairs and forced to sit back….This went for an hour or so he also used that bull whip on my boobs and pussy as well my boobs, pussy, my back and ass was all covered in whip marks and it was painful as hell but he was enjoying it too much.

After the whole punishment thing was done he took me to bed without opening up hands and legs then he lied down on the bed and told me to climb over his dick and jump on it he was still holding that whip in his hands and he didn’t forget to whacccckkkk every minute of the fucking session this continued for hours later he hanged my head from the bed and cummed directly into my throat filling my stomach with his cum……this continued for next four days he didn’t allowed me to go to office for next 3-4 days and he brutalized and punished me for next three days after that I was returned to sameer where for rest of the month my fucking continued and on the last day I had a huge gangbang as a goodbye fuck to me.

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