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his is the real incident. It happened when I was in Bangalore. Her name was Divya and she just came to Bangalore after completing her studie...

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his is the real incident. It happened when I was in Bangalore. Her name was Divya and she just came to Bangalore after completing her studies in computer science in the search of Job. She was staying with her cousin. She joined a coaching cum placement Institute, the same in which I was studying. We became normal friends in few days and I came to know that she had a boyfriend who was in the US and he is studying. She also told me she will eventually join her boyfriend once his Studies are completed. I had no bad intentions for her, as she was very sweet and caring. Also, she would share her feelings with me, so I became a little close to her in few weeks only. We used to roam around the city together. As she was new I was the one who old accompanying her every where.

She also introduced me to her cousins. It was all going very normal until one day. One day me and her were travelling on my bike. I picked her up from her place while going to the Institute. On the way, we met with an accident. My bike skid and we fell. Though we didn’t sustain any major injuries, Divya’s hand and legs had bruises. Also her denims got torn. I took her to a nearby hospital where she was given necessary medical treatment and we left the hospital after half an hour. She told me to drop her to her place as her pants was torn and she didn’t felt like going to the Institute. I obliged and took her to her cousin’s flat. We found out that her cousin went out and will not come back for couple of hours. I insisted that she must come with me and I’ll drop her back once her cousin is back. We went to my flat. My roommate wasn’t there so I told Divya to go in my room and take rest or watch TV.

She said that she is not comfortable in the the denim and need to change the torn out pant. I took out one of my denims and told her to change. She said she want a three forth or shorts as it will be difficult to wear pant due to her injury. I brought my short and gave it to her. After she wore my short, she came back to hall. Seeing her like that aroused me. We sat on the couch and started watching GOT. Few scenes in the show made me hornier. She was very comfortable watching the show with me. I naughtily asked her if she have ever watched porn. She laughed and replied that she has just seen it once, that too because her bf insisted and she didn’t liked it at all. After a while she asked me the same question. I admitted to her that I do watch porn often as I don’t have GF, and whenever I want a release, I watch it. She was a little shocked at my confession. I don’t know what happened to me and I asked her to watch porn with me. I told her its my fantasy to watch porn with a girl and as we are very comfortable, it would be not very awkward. She readily agreed, and for a moment I was in a state of disbelief. I brought my lappy and opened a porn site.

I started with a bondage scene, I was not looking at porn, I was watching Divya and her reaction. She seem very calm, she was not looking at me at all. After a while I told her that I need to ho washroom. To that her reply was I don’t need to use washroom to ejaculate and I could do it in front of her. I asked her if she can help me out. She said she won’t do anything, just watch. I started masturbation. I wasn’t able to have a proper erection as she is watching. After few mins, she started laughing. I tod he don’t want to do it right now. She stood up and came to me, took my penis in her right hand and started stroking, after few mins she changed hand and started doing it with left hand. She did for like 15 mins after that she got tired and we started laughing again. I told her its OK and I will do it alone sometime later. She told me we can try something else to give me a quick release. She stood up and removed her tee. I was on cloud nine.

She unhooked her bra and told me to rub my penis in between her boobies just it was happening in porn. I obliged and rubbed my penis between her boobs. Although it made me more excited, still I didn’t got the release. It was after half an hour of this action she became irritated and removed her shorts. She told me to fuck her. I said that I don’t have any Condoms. She said it’s OK, just insert and finish. I inserted my penis and started Fucking her. It was just 10 mins into sex and I came into her. She was strangely happy. Then we kissed like crazy and took shower together. We went to my room and slept for half an hour till my penis was again hungry for her. I woke her up and stared licking her pussy. Suddenly it struck me that this could be my only chance with her and I should fully utilise this opportunity. I asked her if I cloud use her other hole. She was very hesitant and told me that she has never done anal. It took me a while till she agreed. I brought coconut oil and applied it well around her hole. It took me several attempts before I could insert inside her. I fucked her like animal. She even cried a little in between. I dropped her to her place in the evening. We carried this action for few more months till she went back to Gujarat. It was really nice Fucking her.