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Hello guys I am Rohit again . This is gonna be my 3rd story on ISS . I got a tremendous amount of responses from ISS readers and I really ap...

Fucked Spanish Girl Emily In Goa

Hello guys I am Rohit again . This is gonna be my 3rd story on ISS . I got a tremendous amount of responses from ISS readers and I really appreciate your feedback . Also got to meet an ISS member and what happened ahead can be well guessed by you

I live in Mumbai and I am open to have any kind of relationship with a women Be it just friendship, or emotional support , Private massage or even an intimate casual affair . I Guarantee full satisfaction and discretion .

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Moving on to the main story, I love traveling and I travel to several places quite often. The incident took place when I along with my friends had planned for a Goa trip. It was the month of December, 2015 and the atmosphere in Goa was truly amazing. A tourist from everywhere in India and also around the world. We rented bikes there and would go ride and travel everywhere in goa and have alcohol all time, we were high most of the time.

One day we decided to go to a famous Pub in Goa.

We dressed up like hollywood actors . We had put on really expensive suits with cufflinks and unique boots that would make anyone look back at us. We entered the casino and found a lot of hot girls dancing to the beat and everyone was equally drunk and had lost all of control on themselves. We soon joined the group and started grooving to the beats and there we could see a lot of Russian, Slovakian , British chicks who looked too sexy and irresistible to look away from.

After a while, I sat down at the bar counter and a girl came and sat besides me. She was a foreigner precisely Spanish and had chestnut colored eyes and really perfectly shaped figure. She was wearing a dark red one piece and-and her push up bra made her boobs look all the way fuller I kept staring at her and she noticed me staring at her and gave me a wicked smile and kept looking back at me for a while. As she stood up I could see her perfectly shaped thighs and her calfs were too perfectly shaped to resist.

She started checking me out and I couldn’t get my eyes away from her cleavage that we deeply visible .” Seems Like someone is looking for raw Indian meat “ I said. “ how raw is your meat” she replied smiling and looking down on me. I held her hand and said, “ let me show you how raw it is “.

I took her to the dance floor and wrapped her hands around my neck and our hips now started grooving to the steps in synchronization. My hand was caressing her back while she played with my hairs I would hold her hips and gently press her ass when no one would be noticing. I whispered in her ears she got tickled “ Whats your name beautiful”. my breath made her ears tickle and she shook her head away. “ I am Emily she replied “. There was too much music in the room I went close to her ears and said: “ I am Rohit”.

She spanked me lightly on my bums and said: “ Nice to meet you Rohit”. I was amazed by her act and we had enough signals to understand what we both wanted from each other. Our dance started getting too bolder and too closer we had become by now.

Slowly I decided to make the move, I slightly kissed her ears and then slowly placed a kiss on her cheeks. She stared at me and left a light moan I understood her signs and I held her by her back and planted a kiss on her lips, She said “ Don’t you wanna taste my lips for a longer time. I just looked into her eyes and without a second thought my lips were sucking her lips locked up into each other my lips started sucking her lips vigourously and we started smooching and making out before everyone, My friends were all drunk and least bothered. She held my hand and said, “ let’s go “. I asked her “ where “ to that she said, “ To my place “. I had my bike in the parking she said her hotel was nearby. She sat pillion and just held me tight. Her hands were reaching inside my suit and were teasing my chest. She pinched my nipples with her fingers while riding. Finally, we reached her hotel. Her room was located on the last floor of the hotel and while we were in life we made out for a lot of time, we were totally into each other and were waiting just to reach her room. As soon as we reached her room I closed the door and pushed her against the wall and held her hand’s in the air and started smooching her deeply. She wrapped her legs around me and my penis had now become erect and was hitting her pussy over her panty. ( as she was wearing one piece ) .

I held her neck and pressed it gently while I was kissing her wildly. We were making wild love.

I grabbed her by her ass and took her to the bed she was still wrapped around me and then I put her on the bed, freed her hands from me and I kissed her neck gave love bites to her on her ears.

Then my hands slowly reached her boobs, I groped her boobs and squeezed them real hard.

She left a loud moan “ AAAAhhHH . “ Rohit please go slow. “ I got rid of her One piece and she was in only her bra and panty. And man this was for the first time I was seeing white women naked. Her skin was buttery in color and too fair from inside and her bra just made her boobs look more voluptuous .

She had 36 c cups, I got off her bra and her light pink nipples had now become red and erect with blood. I held her one boob and sucked another I squeezed one while I sucked another, I pulled her nipples with my mouth and see her boobs bounce back to normal form as I left her nipple,

I bit her boobs to which she cried very heavily, I bit her shoulders and left my teeth to mark everywhere on her upper body. Her boobs had become blue red with my teeth marks, I kissed her on her stomach then slowly moving downwards I took off her panty in one stretch and kissed her bare pussy. Guys, you won’t believe her pussy was totally pink and her pussy lips looked so sexy I just instantly started licking her pussy. My tongue went all deep inside and then fro, I put my one finger inside while my tongue sucked her clits, my one hand was caressing her boobs. After a while her body arched and she cummed all on my face. I drank all her cum and kissed her on her lips and we smooched for a while.

She held my penis and took it deep into her mouth. My huge cock filled her mouth completely and she instantly choked as she gave me a blowjob. she used her tongue to lick my glans penis. I got my penis out from her mouth and put it straight into her pussy.
She left a very loud moan “ aaaaaahhhhhhh , Rohit please spare me !!”. I said I am gonna show you how what Indian meat is. I could not insert my penis completely into her pussy, I started pumping my penis into her pussy. she started moaning louder and louder “ ooooooohhh , aaaahhhh , ouchhhhh aaaaaummmmmmm , mmmmmmmm go deep “. I put my entire penis into her pussy now, I could feel her the warmth of her pussy walls, I also realized my penis was reaching the end of her pussy and struggling her to hold the pain. I increased my pace and going faster and deeper with every move.

I made her go in doggy style and started pumping from behind. I could see her ass vibrate as my penis was hitting her pussy. I fucked her for around 20 mins in that position . then I lifted her and we sat on a chair she wrapped her legs around me and I started fucking her while facing her I kissed her while I was fucking her hard. Our tongues were fighting all the time. Her hairs were all messed up and then we went to the shower and I fucked her in standing position and we also fucked in her hotel balcony at midnight when no one was watching. I kept fucking her continuously for an hour and finally cummed into her while were fucking in the balcony.

Emily had become totally red all over her body.

She came over me and slept like a baby on me. I woke her up at 2 am and we again kept fucking for a long time . In that day we fucked for almost 5 hours at night and I got up and we exchanged some nude massage on each other and left.

She now lives in Scotland, I am still in touch with her and we also talk online but didn’t meet after that, She is gonna come to India soon and we will be having some sex sessions again like before. This how I fucked Emily, and had the sexiest time ever,

I hope you guys loved my real story. I would love to have your feedback and comments to

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