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Hi, guys, this is Nayeem again and I am with my third story now! :) Those who know me can skip this part and for those who don’t know me! I’...

Hot Sexting With My Iss Reader Led To Real Sex

Hi, guys, this is Nayeem again and I am with my third story now! :)
Those who know me can skip this part and for those who don’t know me!

I’m Nayeem! I have a 7′ dick and am handsome(not kidding) :P and I maintain good fitness as I workout!

Any girls/aunties/divorced want to have secret fun with me can mail me anytime!(anywhere in India! ;))
My mail id is:

I guarantee you Full privacy and you must also guarantee me the same!
Guess what!! This story is about a reader who emailed me after the first story! (Not the one whom I mentioned in the previous story)
This is another one!

Her name is Kavya(name changed for her privacy! :) )
She was a regular reader of ISS but she had not mailed any authors before that! But she read my story and she emailed me!!
I was so excited!

She’s 32, married and has one kid.
We just started talking and she was so conservative! And after some weeks we exchanged our numbers and we started talking through the phone! I wanted to see her picture! and one fine day, she sent me her picture!

Oh good!! She was really sexy!
Her size was around 34-28-30

By talking to her I found that she is not enjoying sex with her husband!
And then we started Sexting and exchanging nudes!!
She told me she wanted to meet me! I was waiting for this for a long time! I also agreed for that!

She told that her husband is leaving to foreign for a business trip and her kid is off to her father’s home! I was so excited and asked whether I would come to her home! She told that we could book a room! I agreed and I went to her city! She pinged me the address of the hotel and I showed it to the autowala and he dropped me there! She was standing near a car there wearing a green saree!! Oh my gosh! She was even sexier in real life!

We talked to each other and I started staring her milky boobs!
She noticed it and said “It’s all for u my boy! Let’s check in ;) ”
I brought mankind condom packs…She told she’ll go get some flower for her! I was waiting for her inside the room… I asked to come in… I closed the door… And came towards her… She asked me not to say, anyone… If it comes to know about her husband… That’s it. She said…I promised her and said not to worry about….She said I looked handsome… Wanted to have fun with me very badly… I kissed her forehead and cheeks first… While giving, she hugged me… Tightly.. She asked to give a kiss on lip… She started smoothly… I kissed her in Indian style and Then changed our style, went to french it happened for 10 min… She asked me to lick her inside her tongue in her mouth… We did tongue fight and exchanged our saliva…. I moved her saree pallu left to right completely. I kept my face and rolled on her belly. I felt hotness… And kissed her navel and started to lick with tongue…She pushed me towards her belly… I removed her dirt from navel…. I licked her salt dirt…

I started licking her full body and kissing it so badly and fastly!!
She was like
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………………”I asked her usually whether she would wear her saree below the navel… She said yes and because she liked to expose her navel to others… I went to her breast… And started to kiss on blouse… And had to bite her nipple… She gave sounds like ahhhhhhhh…. Then she wanted to blow my penis badly…. I unzipped my pant and put down my pant… Penis size is 7-inch rod… She kissed on the head of the penis… She took it in her mouth…Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! A traditional woman was talking my dick in her mouth…. She started blowing badly like porn star… She was blowing for 5 min…I said to her about to cum… She refused and kept on blowing and cum on mouth…. I and she went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves.

I dressed off and she too…. I asked to lie on bed… I slept on her and started kissing on the neck and her boobs… She went down and kept my face on pussy. She did not shave pussy… I kissed her pussy and started to lick her pussy for 5 minutes… She asked me to fuck her… I took the condom from pant and asked her to help to put the condom on my dick… I hugged her and lift her up 2 my waist and started to fuck in standing position…While fucking she was hugging and kissed on forehead. After the 15 min, i was again about to cum… I did… She asked me to fuck without stopping. But I could not… I asked her to show ass hole… I smelled it was stringing… I put the tongue on her asshole…I started to lick ass and while doing that I often beat her ass… That kept my penis and fucked her in doggy style… we again fucked in 69 position and she took the whole dick of mine in her mouth and gave an awesome blowjob!We enjoyed and I started fucking vigorously

She cried to cum!!

But I fucked her so harddddd! And finally, I cummed on her!
She was so happy and told that we could do that often!
I was also happy and told ok!

We laid in the bed for another half an hour kissing and we dressed up!
And after lunch, we returned to the room and watched TV. There was a romantic song when I couldn’t control myself and I pounced on her again!!

I again started soft biting on her shoulder muscles she was going mad and said she was about to cum. I then moved further and unbuttoned her jeans and ripped it off. There she was in a white panty wet from her vaginal juices. I then put my hand inside her panty her pussy was dripping with her juices. At first, she blocked my fingers going into her pussy with her thighs but later started enjoying the touch. I just kept rubbing my finger between her pussy lips vibrating her clit. She was in 7th heaven catching her breath. She was lying on my left hand smooching and I was rubbing her clit with my right hand. I then inserted my middle finger into her Love hole she just grasped her breath and started moaning. I put my leg between both of her legs and increased the speed of my finger. She started moaning loud and she let out a load of her lovely juices splashing my fingers. For next few minutes, she held me tight and kept kissing my cheek and forehead. I then got on her and started kissing her cheeks.

Slowly I moved down and started biting her hip. She then contracted her legs and I pleaded her to let me kiss her vertical lips. She opened up her legs shyly giving me access to treasure. I just liked her pussy with a broad tongue and then tried pushing my tongue tip into her pussy lips. I then sucked her entire pussy lips into my mouth and she was going wild. She caught my hair and was pushing my head towards her pussy. I then started sucking her clit and fiddling it with my tongue tip. She started soft moaning while I was busy eating her pussy and squeezing her boobs at the same time. I even tried tongue fucking her but that wasn’t so great.

I then removed my Jeans, laid straight and asked her to get on me. She just gave a lick to my hard cock and just shoved it into her love hole. Hey, the hole was tight as a Virgin, I could sense the tight vaginal walls touching my cock. With few stroked she was able to take my cock into her pussy. I kept fondling her boobs while she was riding on my cock. I could see the happiness on her face. I just caught her by her hair and brought her close to me for a smooch. She kept stroking her pussy on my cock while our lips were locked for a tongue fight. I could now sense the heat that she was going to cum again. This feeling also brought me to the final phase. I told her that I was about to come, and I flipped her down and got into missionary position and finally cummed!!!
Then we parted ways waving goodbye! And I reached my city!
And we still do sex chat whenever we are free!

That’s all guys. :)
Any women/girl wanna have secret fun/Sexting can ping me anytime!!
Complete privacy assured!!

You can either mail me or ping me on hangouts! :)
Bye folks! Will meet you again with another great story!