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I am Vinod, now married for over 7 years with a lady, not beautiful but certainly having an attractive figure. 5 ft 5 inches tall, fair to v...

One Massage Made Me A Cuckold

I am Vinod, now married for over 7 years with a lady, not beautiful but certainly having an attractive figure. 5 ft 5 inches tall, fair to very fair having statistics of 34-inch breast, 24-inch waist, and 34-inch hip. Her hairs were dense, dark brown and grown long coming below her waist. But she did not have which any lady should have for being called as beautiful. She has a stony face, no smile. The smile was very hard to come on her face.

On bed also, though she was agreeable for sex every night any time but she was not aggressive in the matter of sex. Though we wanted , we were not blessed with any child. It was our fifth year of marriage. I was nominated for a two weeks training programme at Mumbai. It was non residential so I decided to take my wife Roma with me.

We checked on in a good hotel near to Juhu beach, which was also quite near to my training centre. Out training time was 9 to 5. I was leaving hotel at 8.30 and returning back at 5.30. Thereafter for about 6 hours we were roaming around, doing marketing, watching movie etc. She did not complain being alone during day time. She said that she is passing time by watching movies & sleeping. I had no reason to doubt that she would be cheating me behind my back.

Monday to thursday passed without any incident worth mentioning. On friday, our training session was extended to be followed by snacks. I called Roma and she said that she will wait. After snacks got over, one of the trainees invited me to come to the beach with him. He has to meet a girl there. We both went to the beach, her girlfriend came. We got introduced. I left them and strolled alone on the beach. Then I sat at an isolated place. During 20 minutes or so 6-7 persons, including 3 young ladies asking me to get a massage there at the beach. I looked around and saw many, both males and females getting massaged, mostly foot massage. I also thought of getting foot massaged. I waited for the right person.

Then one man, not real an matured man but a boy in late teens stopped near me and enquired whether I need a massage. I liked this boy. He was about 5’ 6” height, not fair but not dark also, he was of normal structure, may be weighing 60-62 kgs. He has small beard and mustache, seems not shaved for a week or so. I asked rate. It was same what others said. I told him to do my foot massage.

He sat down and started untying my shoe lace. Suddenly I asked whether he does full body massage. He nodded but wondered that how he can do massage here. He suggested me to come to a hut nearby where he give such massage to needy ones in the day time. He said that for that his charge would be double. I enquired whether he can come to my hotel and massage me there. He readily agreed. He said that he visits many hotels near by. We agreed for a price for full body massage.

Somehow I liked this boy. I told him to come to my hotel few minutes after me. We walked together. I gave him my room number and told him to approach reception after about 10 minutes. I entered room at about 7.30. Roma was in room and we hugged each other. I asked her and then ordered for tea for 3 persons.

“ why three? Who is coming. ?

I told her that have I called a boy to give massage to me. She charged me that why should I waste money she can give better massage. I looked at her and said that you are not to give massage to me.

“ darling I am there to massage your lovely body not you .”

I said and removed my all clothes and wrapped a towel around. As instructed that massage boy came to room after 10 minutes. I told him to wait.

“ we will start our work after having tea. “

He felt delighted. We two talked, I enquired about his family, his life at Mumbai etc. Waiter came with tea and he served to we all. My wife did not speak a word. She kept watching TV. After tea got over I laid on the bed. Boy told me to lie on belly. I turned on my belly.

He poured drops of oil on my feet, calves and back.

“ if you want full body massage remove that towel also, it will get dirty and we will have to pay for it. “

Roma commented.

Being laid on bell I pulled off towel and became nude. Starting from feet boy started giving massage. I must say , he was good. Not only his massage was soothing to me, my body he was applying right amount of pressure. After about 20 minutes he told me to turn on my back. I turned and looked at wife. She winked back at me.

Like back, he massaged my front feet to head. While doing body massage he did not touch my cock. But after about 45-50 minutes of massage, he poured few drops of oil on cock and gave both hand massage on cock. Initially, i felt embarrassed and looked shyly at the wife. But she did not comment anything. After some time he began caressing cock taking it into between two palms very fast. I tried to control but I could not, I moaned and moaned and discharged. He wiped cum in an old & torn napkin which he carried.

Boy commented ,

“ saab your cock is very nice and it has good stamina. Most of the people discharge only after 4-5 minutes of such fast massage but you took more than 10 minutes. “

He looked at my wife and commented ,

“ madam is lucky to have husband with such a nice cock. “

Boy went to bathroom to wash his hands . I told wife that massage was very nice.

“ darling, he knows his work very well, it was much better than massage we had in parlour, why dont you give a try with him. “

I did not intend it earlier but after seeing her watching me getting cock massaged I thought of her getting massaged by the boy. I told wife to get massaged by him. She shook head and shyly refused.

“ I like massage but only by female, no I don’t want any man to touch me. “

I insisted , she kept refusing and boy heard us.

Boy said,

“ madam, we have met for first time, I am a stranger for you and nobody will ever know that I have seen and touched your figure. “

Still ‘ no’ from my wife. But boy wanted to touch flesh of an young attractive lady. He tried to convince her. I just heard.

“ madam, I heard that you both visit massage parlor so you must be knowing that every massage parlor has employed few males to give massage to ladies only. Anyway as you wish but I guarantee you that you will like my massage much more than you had in parlours beside I will earn extra 200/-. “

Boy said and started putting his things inside his bag.

He added,

“ I will not lie, though I am called to the hotel like this to give massage but so far I have never massage to any lady like you, but …”

He paused

“ but what “

“ but I am very popular among ladies of my family and neighborhood. I give massage to my mother, aunties and others. Please let me get the experience of beautiful , attractive lady like you. “

Roma kept shaking head in ‘ no’ .

I made a last effort.

“ it is not a big issue, beside I am here in the room , he will not take any advantage. Come, be sporting . “

I did not saw any movement in her. I took out his charge 200/- from wallet and pushed it towards him. He took money and said sadly,

“ madam, I am not fortunate enough to cherish your lovely & attractive figure. Very few would be having so proportionate and attractive figure like you. My bad luck. “

He took steps to go out.

“ hold on, I will also get “

I smiled. A woman is a woman. She can’t resist her appreciation. Since boy appreciated her beauty and figure that also in presence of husband she fell for him. I enjoyed cock massage by a male in presence of wife. Thought of watching wife squeezed and fondled by someone else aroused me. I was still nude and cock started getting an erection.

Roma got up, went to the bathroom and after few minutes she returned. She had a towel wrapped around her waist over panty. She had bra over that. I got a tremendous kick seeing her standing semi-nude in presence of a stranger, a boy of age 17-18 only, 7-8 years younger than her. The boy kept staring at her.

“ thank you, madam, you are much more attractive than I thought. you will certainly enjoy it. “

He said and took out napkins and oil bottle from his bag. Roma threw away the towel and laid on her belly on the bed in bra & panty. He put hand on her back and said,

“ madam you have a very very lovely figure. There are people here in Mumbai who will pay lakhs for spending few hours with you. The boy was opening a new avenue for her.

He sat on his knees beside her waist. He sat with back towards me. I moved to other side and sat on a chair pulling it close to bed. I watched. Without pouring any oil drops on her body anywhere he started caressing her back with his both hands. But it suddenly was a hand of a trained masseurs. I saw his fingers moving over shoulders and waist. He was just caressing, he was applying pressure and moving fingers in a particular direction. Some time passed and we heard,

“ mmmmmmm, it’s nice….”

Boy was wearing a trouser and dirty looking t-shirt. He continued with his work. After about 10-12 minutes since his hand touched skin of Roma, his fingers moved under bra strap on the back.

She gave soft moans repeatedly. Then I watched, fingers of both his hands were under bra straps and slowly slowly it moved towards her sides. I thought that he will push fingers on boobs but no, he suddenly pulled out all fingers and unhooked bra. He pushed loosened bra straps off her back. Her back was bare. She did not resist or complained. Then he poured drops of oil on the back and for about 10 minutes he gave massage on her back from waist to neck. He rubbed neck and shoulder.

“ you are doing nice, it is very good. “

She uttered again. He looked at me, wiped his fingers and to my surprise without taking permission from her or me he pulled panty down. I saw her raising her torso little bit. The boy pulled panty out of legs. Like me she was nude.

“ sir, I very often give massage to my younger sisters, women younger than madam but I never touched such a butter like smooth skin and it is so hot as well.

Then for about 20 minutes, I watched him oiling and massaging feet till waist. He fondled hips aggressively. She moaned regularly. I saw her hips getting up very often. He parted hip cheeks and poured oil drops on asshole and beween hips. He has not fingered my asshole but I saw his fingers , first one and then two fingers digging her ass hole. Her moans have become loud.

“ sir, it seemed you never pushed cock in this hole ( ass) , it is so so tight and hot. I have seen my mother , sisters and aunties getting ass fucked regularly. “

He massaged me both side in 40 minutes where as took that much time on her back only. He did not tell her but by pulling her from the side, he turned her on the back. He straight way took hold of pubic hairs. It was long , might not be trimmed for months.

“ what madam, women like you should keep cunt neatly shaved.neatly clean shave not only increases your value, it increases sexual pleasure also.”

He kept caressing pubic hairs and took out few more things from his bag.

“ sir, will you please bring a mug of hot water.”

He said and then poured drops of oil on both boobs, shoulder, belly, thighs & calves

I heard him but remain seated.

“ please get him hot water. “ Roma said.

She wanted boy to shave cunt. I walked to the bathroom and when returned after few minutes carrying hot water in a mug, I saw him seated between her legs and massaging one thigh keeping that on his shoulders. Her body was shining due to oil. He was giving twisting to thighs muscle with his both hands.

You are really doing very nice. I am really feeling very nice and relaxed. “

Roma again appreciated him. Boy took the mug from me, he kept it on bed . Then he pulled out his t-shirt. He became top less. Though it was not visible over t- shirt but he has a nice wide & muscular manly chest.

“ madam, your body needs more oil than sir, my clothes will get oily, dirty. Will you mind if I put off trouser. “

He said and Roma nodded.

“ no problem. “

He got up and pulled out trouser. Thanks, he had an underpant but bulge was prominent. He sat on his knees again and gave same message to other thighs. Then he pushed her thighs wide apart by pushing his knees. Her feets were now touching bed edge. He drenched pubic area with hot water. Then he applied a cream, hair remover thickly on pubic area, he pushed thighs up and applied cream area under cunt.

Keeping her thighs wide apart he raised his hips and for about 15 minutes he massaged, fondled, squeezed ,boobs . Some time he pushed boobs very fast and some time in slow motion.

Her moans were continuing.

“ thanks, it was too good..”

She pushed his hands away from boobs. Still he kept pressing both nipples for couple of minutes and then moved hands away from boobs. He took out a clean napkin from his bag and wiped pubic area and area around it. When he removed that napkin I saw a shining hairless cunt. I could not resist and caressed cunt. But he pushed my hand away and massaged inside cunt and around it for about ten minutes. Her moans were now loudest. He fingered her and simultaneously fondled clit.

“ fuck me, fuck me hard…”

She screamed loudly. I thought of fucking her but boy pushed himself back, held her boobs in two hands and dipped mouth on her cunt. He did which I never did in five years. He sucked, licked , chewed ins and out of cunt….he certainly was good in oral , Roma kept on moaning and screaming .

Then I saw , he pulled his hands away from boobs. Without raising his head he pushed his underwear down and I saw his cock entering cunt. I could not say a word. She took him tightly in arms and began kissing him. He banged and banged…

“ uff darling you are so good, go deep deeper, hard, faster, yes like that….keep fucking, you are good, very good …”

That massage boy fucked, banged my wife and I watched her getting fucked with cock in my hand. I watched and had to agree that boy was not only pumping hard he was pumping faster.

Some time passed and Roma said,

“ please order for meal for we three…he is exhausting me, order some drinks, whiskey also…”

While getting pumped she said. It was passed 10, he was with her for about two hours. I was also hungry. I odered for nonveg items with whiskey and soda. I developed an inferiority complex. Where as I never remained tight in her cunt for more than 15 minutes he pumped her for 25 minutes. Both grunted together and I saw thick white fluid oozing out of cunt.

Both of them had ejaculated together and suddenly I saw her over him, resting her head on his wide chest. He was caressing her back and hips.

“ uff madam, you are my first woman, it was my first fuck…”

Boy said and Roma replied ,

“ and you are my darling , I love you….”

I remain seated dumb. Boy 10-11 years younger to me not only fucked my wife in my presence he satisfied her fully.

Call bell rang, I told both to go to bathroom. Boy lifted her on lap, she crossed her legs around his waist, he took him to bathroom. I wrapped towel. Waiter came in. He went out after putting plates on tables. I bolted the door and knocked at the bathroom. Both came out nude and I saw his cock. His cock was 1.50 to 2 inch longer and also thicker than me. Both sat together on three seater sofa,I sat opposite to them. I served drinks, arranged plates and we ate. All along we ate she kept fisting his cock.

We finished the meal. She told him to stood up and to my surprise, she gave him a nice, long blow job and let her cum fall upon her boobs. When the boy left room, it was mid night.

I bolted door behind me and Roma charged me,

, “ why you did not try to stop him when he let his cock touch cunt. “

I had no answer, she was right I did not make an effort to stop him. But he was in our room again on saturday evening. He stayed the whole night. I fucked her only once but he had her three times, first straight, then in doggy pose and finally she being on top on him.

In morning when he was leaving Roma told him that she wants massage in morning