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My women’s group consists mainly of middle-aged women from our colony. It is a homogenous group comprising of about 50 women. Some are highl...

Pleasures Of The Posterior In The Kitchen!

My women’s group consists mainly of middle-aged women from our colony. It is a homogenous group comprising of about 50 women. Some are highly qualified ladies like Doctors, Lawyers & even CAs while most of us like myself come from middle-income households.

During one of our casual chatter, some of us sat in a corner started discussing our private issues like drunkard husbands, issues about our children & other female health subjects. I was shocked when the subject turned to illicit relationships, fleeting erotic encounters & male attention. I was squirming in my seat & started perspiring with the knowledge that I had committed the same mistake a month ago. Seeing that the ladies were having no qualms about discussing such illicit affairs made me bold enough to write on my own experience here.

I am Prabha, 40 yrs old housewife from Baroda totally involved in looking after my household & children. I still don’t know how my senses got overpowered that fateful day and sometimes I get mixed feelings of guilt & pleasure whenever I remember that moment.

I am a fair Brahmin South Indian woman, I have 36D breasts & some fat accumulated on my waist & behind which makes me more round & fuller. Even at the age of 40, except my husband, men find me tantalizing due to my black hair & sharp eyes & nose. Apart from my husband Ravi, I have never been in bed with anyone else.

I am troubled by the same problem many Indian women have & that is drunkard husbands. Almost every day, my husband Ravi goes to the bar with his loud friends & then returns late at night. By the time he reaches home, he is so heavily drunk that he simply drops to the bed & goes off to sleep with his clothes on. Day after day, he does the same thing and although I am fed up with the same, I feel helpless & curse my destiny. I have forgotten the days, when guys used to hit on me.

Thus I was spending my days in boredom till one day I succumbed to the pleasures of the flesh. Although those moments of intimacy were just sudden & lasted few minutes, it still brings shivers of pleasure thru my body, whenever I recount that incident.

Subhash, my husband’s nephew is very close to me, as his mother stayed with us in our house for a couple of years when he was between 1-4 yrs old as a toddler. I have fond memories of him innocently scampering naked around in our 1 BHK flat with his hands full of toys, his tiny penis & scrotum dangling from his waist. This same kid from the yesteryears has now grown up to be a handsome man& sensually please his aunt.

Subhash was all of 20yrs old and come to our house for his holidays before going for his Post-Graduate studies. He had grown up to a fine young man.

I had gotten from my bed very early & already taken my bath & was hurriedly preparing my husband’s breakfast when Subhash came into the kitchen. Like in most Indian households, that day in the morning, I was normally dressed only in my maxi with nothing underneath and my hair tied into a loose bun to prevent strands of hair falling into the food. Even the top buttons of my gown normally remain open.

Subhash walked groggy-eyed into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes while I was working on the kitchen top in the flimsy nightgown.He was in a T-Shirt on top of a pair of pajamas. He simply asked me in a sleepy guttural voice “What are doing Kaki?” To which I replied “Breakfast for Ravi (My husband) & Prachi (My daughter)”

Subhash let out a huge yawn “AaWWwww” & went to the washbasin to wash his face. He came close to me & then asked “”Kaki, Can I help you in something?” His offer pleased me, but still, I replied “No, it’s OK, Won’t take much time.You go back to sleep”.

Instead of going back to bed, he walked closer to me & enquired, this time his voice was clear after washing his face “BTW, What are you preparing, Kaki?” watching me knead the flour dough & the few potatoes & beans that I had spread on the kitchen top. In a casual tone, I replied “Ravi doesn’t like beans, but beans are healthy, so I am making simple Potato & Bean mix veggie””

Subhash “So, Can I help you slice the potatoes & beans while you make the chapatis?”

Since he was persisting, I said “All right, but don’t hurt yourself. Is the knife pretty sharp”?

He took the knife & began slicing the potatoes on the counter-top quite close to me, while I was kneading the dough, readying the pan amongst other things. Due to the constant movements, our bodies had come quite closer to each other, which I didn’t realize until our waists & arms began brushing against each other.

Soon, our bodies were rubbing against each other. This didn’t quite alarm me because it was only a natural thing to happen in a limited space like the kitchen. I became aware only when I felt his hands occasionally touching the side of my breasts & sometimes just fleeting touches over my behind. He was so close to me that I was feeling his breath on me. Instead of moving away from him, I remained there at the same spot doing my work. His breath was now quite noticeable &appeared deliberate and I could quite feel it on my neck.

Shivers ran thru my body when all of a sudden, when his elbow dash against my breasts. Shaken by this unexpected obtrusion to my private parts, the quick reflex action of crossing my right arm over my heaving chest caused a couple of spoons & plates to fall to the floor with a clang. I was trying to control my increased pace of breathing.

Subhash immediately bent down on the floor to retrieve the fallen items. Instead of collecting them all at a time, he started collecting the fallen items one by one from the floor & keeping them on the top. I was still standing at the same spotlighting the gas & doing other things. While I was busy checking the stove & putting the pan on the stove, I felt as if Subhash had put his cold lips on my ass.

Indeed, When I carefully stole a glance from the corner of eye, I saw him putting his lips on my ass still sitting on the floor &and at the same time also trying to put the fallen items on the top. He was acting as if he was picking up the items from the floor, but actually he was stealing kisses from my ass. Unused to a stranger’s touch there, the feeling of a man’s lips on my cold ass my fingers tightly gripped the edge of the kitchen top.

It seemed that he was a little encouraged by the lack of any objection from me&he now had begun kissing desperately all over my ass, but taking in between a few moments to pick a fallen item from the floor. Inadvertently, I had pushed my ass behind towards his face and had balanced myself by placing my hands on the kitchen top. I had slowed down the pace of my kitchen chores& also acted as if I was unaware of what was going on.

Finally, Subhash had retrieved all the items from the floor & stood up to continue the unfinished task of slicing the veggies. I was swaying my ass inviting Subhash to go on further while preparing the chapatis.

After doing his chores he came near me & inquired “”Have you finished the Chapatis?”. I said “Few more left to make”

ÖK he said, Let me learn how to make fluffy chapatis” I didn’t utter anything in reply.

Now he came close, very close, in fact, our bodies were touching each other sideways. He was watching me prepare the chapatis one by one & keep them in the basket. Chapatis finished, I got down to prepare the side dish. Subhash moved back slightly while I moved sideways to get the frying pan & Oil. This way, I got sandwiched exactly between the kitchen top & his front. I could have wriggled out of the tiny space between the counter & Subhash, but surprisingly decided to continue the work standing in the same position.

Minutes later, Subhash gently blew his breath on the nape of my neck & licked my earlobe with his lips. I finished cleaning the potatoes & beans in water & as I stepped a little backward to move to the other side, I felt distinctly felt his hard-on touch my ass.

I reached out to the other end of the counter from where I was & brought the far away items near to me. In between the slight movements, the pressure of his hardened penis gradually increased on my fat ass. I could literally feel his urging dick through his pants.

Almost thunderous silence broke out in the kitchen as if we both realized that our bodies had come too close for comfort. Subhash inched closer to me, his front covering my back. My resistance melted as I felt his penile head poking my ass. A sharp gnawing pain began from somewhere inside my legs. The pain was so mysteriously sweet that I curled my toes in pleasure. I touched my pubes over the nightie to discover my juices had already begun to flow from between my legs.

I waited with silent desperation for the next step. Subhash pulled back a little & tugged at the string of the nightgown. The nightgown was tied only by a back string. I made no efforts to stop his motions.

Seconds later the string loosened & the gown broke open & fell to the floor at my feet with a swish. I was nude with my pubic hair grazing the kitchen counter& my bare back towards Subhash.

Subhash kneeled down &patted and grabbed my smooth butt cheeks which were glistening with sweat. His nose nudged between my thighs& edged slowly up between my parted legs to nestle deep in the dark pubic woods of my butt cheeks. He released a whiff of a cool breath of appreciation into my legs which parted my legs further.

Then, he replaced his nose with his tongue and wonderfully lathered the inside of my buttocks with his snaky tongue which put my inner nerves on fire. I bit my tongue as this sent my body into the first wave of an intense orgasm. “”AAaahh..ah” I pulled a deep sigh. Accidentally, I put my hand between my legs & hit Subhash’s face which was busy licking the soft folds between my thighs.

Subhash probed the inside of my butt cheeks with his hand cupping my pubic triangle from below, fingers going in & out of the posterior hole thoroughly and lubricating it skilfully with his deft fingers thus increasing the flow of my own secretions. I stood up on my toes in intense pleasure.

Subhash stood up and wiped his slippery pre-cum leaking penis on my butt cheeks to signal my rear hole to be ready for the penetration. By this time, he had untied his pajamas. A whiff of sexual mirth filled the kitchen air.

I had lost my sanity. Despite being in my bare skin with an equally nude fellow other than my husband, I was trying to make things appear as if they were happening in their normal course. My melons were hanging down from my bossom & the buttocks stared invitingly at Subhash, waiting for him to fill me with this sausage.

Subhash took charge & held me steady by the shoulders.His face nudged my ears & he blew his morning breath on my face, panting hard. He cupped & slapped my buttocks with his hand. He put a little pressure on my shoulders as if indicating me to bend forward. I obeyed & bent down to allow Subhash to probe me further.

He rubbed & patted my buttocks lovingly with his palm and came from behind to give three or four hard pushes to my jiggling rear. Finally, he managed to wriggle his cock into my ass-hole. Shortly thereafter, He pulled back his cock out of the hole & again rammed my rear with force.

Subhash & I were two adults bodily fused together at the waist, mating stealthily in the deathly silence of the early morning hours.

He faced some difficulty in continuing his strokes as my bottom was lower half was heavily shaking. My hanging breasts were being also being savagely massaged by Subhash’s mighty hands. Fucking in the doggy style was new to me &Just after three or four strokes of his penis, another mighty orgasm tore thru my cunt.I moaned in pleasure.
Ugly noises of “fuck..fuck..” started emanating as his lower half began slapping my round cheeks in rhythm. I bent down further towards the floor giving him more access to my swollen anus.

The imminent possibility that my husband may wake up any moment & catch his seemingly devoted wife in the act was giving me solid jitters. Subhash was meanwhile plowing his cock in & out of my reddened anus.As he increased the tempo of his penetration, alternate sounds of Ahh..ahh..ahh..ahh started coming out of mouth & Subhash forcibly shut my mouth with his hand to stop the sound, lest it awoke my sleeping husband & catch us in the nude.

All of a sudden a sound of “”Ooh!!” escaped his mouth & I felt him get rigid. Within seconds I felt his rigid bone rapidly quiver in my anal hole& felt my stretched hole get sprayed with cum. Seconds later, a thick white stream trickled out of my hole& made its way to my knees.The unholy union between two consenting adults was now complete.

Subhash was still tightly stuck to my rear heavily panting on my neck & with his hands still around by belly from my back.

His fully spent penis plopped out of my anal hole, with a string of cum still clinging to its head. I turned around& without looking at him in the eye, couldn’t resist cupping his saggy testicles with my hand. With his testicles cupped in my arm, I wondered how the warm testicles had held the thick cum, which his rod had furiously spewed in my glory hole.

The bulge of his manhood now looked like a harmless little chewy stuff making me wonder as if this was the one which had violently pulsated in my thighs. I pulled back the head of his foreskin making a string of cum plop to the floor.

I turned back to complete the remaining chores, forgetting that I was naked. Without speaking a word, Subhash swiftly collected his clothes & left the room.He left for his village in the morning.

No sooner had my husband Ravi left for his work leaving me alone in the house, I hit the bed for frigging my vagina. Since no one was in the house to intrude my privacy, I sprawled out on the bed fully naked & twisted my fingers in & out of my clit. With loud moans I let out my sexual desperation