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Hello Aunty lovers. This is my first story in Indian Sex Stories. Your comments and feedback is really appreciated. My email is pkumar6085@g...

Riding Purna Aunty In Village

Hello Aunty lovers. This is my first story in Indian Sex Stories. Your comments and feedback is really appreciated. My email is Let get right into the story. Places and Name have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved in this story.

My name is Raj. I live in a small village in Andhra. I just completed my 10th standard exams and enjoying the summer holidays. My family is a middle-class family, which contains my parents, my sister and me.For some reason, our parents decided to build a home on our farm near the end of the village. We only have one more house near use. This house is not next to us, but it is near. Then we get to know our neighbors Sandy and Purna. Sandy runs a business in town and Purna is a housewife. Let me describe Purna here before we deep dive into the story. I still feel vibrations in my cock whenever I think about her. Purna is about 35 years old with fair skin, big breasts, and a great ass. I remembered the first time I saw her.I didn’t see her face that much, I kept staring at her big breasts poking through her green saree. Being a rookie I don’t know much about female bodies those days. The only part I am attracted to are tits. We don’t have privilege in those days to search for tits online as this generation kids do.

I have to tell my family got super attached to Purna\’s family super fast. They are exchanging food every day and they have been playing games (my mother, sister, and Purna). So I get to watch Purna\’s tits and ass every day. Being new in the area I don’t have any friend near our new home. So I used to spend a lot of time watching tv. One day Purna came to our home terrified, I overheard her saying yo my mom there is a snake near their house. Sandy was out of town for a week due to a business trip. Currently, she was alone in their home when she found the snake near the house. So she don’t knows what to do and came to our house. By that time my father wasn\’t home. I am the only man present there at that particular situation. I am pretty afraid of snakes myself. So I took my sister with me to scare the snake away from Pura\’s house. We three (Me, My sister and Purna) went to aunties home but didn\’t notice anything. Suddenly Purna jumped on me by mistaking to the lizard as a snake. She said sorry, but I kind of like the experience of her body on me. It is already evening time I said, ok aunty we will leave. Purna said she was too afraid to be at home all alone for this week. So she asked me to sleep in her house until her hubby returns and got confirmation from my mother.

This is the first time I got a chance to spend some time with her. Purna has a beautiful house with one bedroom. She said she will prepare food for us. I asked her If she needs any help. She said no, but I insisted on helping so she said ok. As long as we have been cooking aunty was asking about my studies and school. And I asked her about her studies. She said she completed MA and used to work as an English teacher, but Sandy don’t want her to work anymore. After that she was silent. We had our dinner and aunt said she will have a shower.After 20 minutes she came back from the shower with a black nighty. I can see her cleavage through the black nighty since she is so white.I can see her wearing no bra. And I also observed her tits looks a little larger without bra. She is preparing the bed for me in the hall. I have been staring at her ever since she got out of the shower.

I can’t take my eyes of her ass. I can see her ass cheeks clearly since her nighty is stuck in her ass crack. It is wonderful. My cock is hard in my night pants, but I am trying to cover it up while staring at aunty without getting caught. Finally we went to sleep at that night. She went to her bedroom to sleep and I was in the hall. I fell asleep. I think after an hour aunty woke me up and said she is afraid to sleep in the bedroom alone and asked me to sleep on the same bed in the room. I said I am not really sure that is a good idea, but as I can see she is afraid, so I finally agreed. This is like a dream come true for me. I am sleeping next to my dream lady. I am super excited and my cock is excited too. To cover it up I am using Blanket. After an hour I couldn\’t fell asleep. Not because of excitement, It is because of her snoring, it is really loud. But it is a good thing, so now we know she is really sleeping.I have so many thoughts how I am going to approach and what if I get caught.

Finally, after one more hour, I sacrificed all those thoughts to get some piece of that ass. Aunty was sleeping in the shape of \’S\’ facing her back towards me (Still snoring). I move a little bit towards her. Suddenly she turned towards me with her arm around me and still sleeping. I am terrified at first but started enjoying her touch. Her hand is so white and so soft.And I can feel her soft deodorant aroma on her. It is so tempting. Because of her sleeping position, I can see her cleavage a little bit. Now finally I put my arm around her while acting asleep. She didn\’t move an inch. Now I am squeezing her back gently, still no response. I get some courage now.I started touching her breast with same hand. I ca feel her soft, squishy breast in my hand. I can’t grab on to one breast with my hand. They are so big than I thought they were. I used both hands to feel her entire boob. Now I can feel nipple erection. I am a little bit afraid at that point, but aunty is still snoring so I continued to grab the second boob. Now I have both her tits in my hand and I started squeezing her gently.

Now she moved to the normal sleeping position again. Looks like still in deep sleep. I took my hands off her. After some time I slid down on the bed till my face is near her hips. I gently woke up and started smelling pussy. The smell of her pussy is fantastic. Suddenly I heard aunty voice \”What are you doing\”. Ironically I don’t sense any anger in her voice, but I am ashamed. She is still laying on the bed in the same position and I tried to explain. And she said \”Shut up!! and finish what you are started\” lifting her nighty up to her hips. I am the happiest boy alive at that moment and I removed my underwear and try to shove my cock into her pussy. Then she said \” No Raj, you don’t get to be fucked, you have to lick it first\”. So I started obeying her orders.

I started licking her pussy by spreading it and inserting my tongue into it. I have been circling around it in a clockwise and anti clock wise. Aunty has been moaning in pleasure yesssssssssssssssssssssss Raj……………… Right there……………….ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… fuck me with your tongue you bastard ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……yessssssssssssssssssssss , I wanted to have this experience all my life. I am really excited and happy to see aunty scream like that.

Now I started to undress aunty. All she had on her body is a nighty. At this point, my dick was rock hard. We moved into 69 position.I never had my dick suck before. It is an amazing feeling. She is gagging on my dick while I am eating her pussy raw. At this point, she started moaning a little bit louder and came in my mouth. It was so sweet I grabbed all her pussy juices into my mouth. Now I moved up onto her tits. I grabbed on of her boobs into my hand squeezing while chewing the other one in my mouth. I have been chewing both boobs one by one. It is really hard to hold on to those tits in my mouth. While I am playing with her tits she is been stroking my cock with her hand. Her hand is so soft I came on her because of her stroking.

Aunty was surprised and asked me to stand up and started sucking my dick again. I can feel my dick getting hard in her mouth again. At this point, I said \”Aunty I thought you afraid of snakes\” referring to my dick ;). She said she is not afraid of snakes. In fact there is no snake at her home, it was all part of the plan to get me into her house in nights and ride me. And she also said \” she wasn’t happy with her hubby nailing her in pussy once or twice in a month\”. So while she was looking for alternative ways, she found me attractive. I am out of my mind for one minute. But I am really proud of my athletic body because of this opportunity with Aunty.

My dick is rock hard again.It is already 3 O clock in the morning, So we both move on to the final stand of the day. Aunty laid down on the bed facing her back towards me, I lifted on of her legs and rubbing my cock on her clit. I can see the feeling in aunties face. So without further due, I shoved my 8-inch black cock into her pussy. I can sense the surprise and pain in aunties face while saying slow down to me. But I kept fucking her pussy fast while gadding her tits with one hand and kissing her. Now I am under aunty while she mounted my dick. Her moaning became very loud at this point. She is shaking her hips to fuck my dick while I am grabbing her tits with my mouth. She already came twice at that night. Now she stopped moving, so I stepped into action by ramming her cunt from below. The sounds coming from my balls hitting her ass are loud with her moaning. And finally, we both came at the same time leaving a puddle to juices on her bed.

That night was one of the amazing nights I ever had. We continued to fuck for next few days until her hubby back in town. After two I heard the news from her husband that she is pregnant. He was so happy giving sweets to everybody while me and Purna riding each other again.